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Pitch feedback


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Pitch feedback

  1. 1. Pitch FeedbackFrancesca Emmingham
  2. 2. From my positive feedback received fromgiving my pitch I can see that theaudience liked my name for themagazine (Amplify), when I did the pitchI had two options from names but thiswas the preferred choice so I now will beusing this name for my issue. The linkbetween the double page spread and themain image on the front cover I felt wasa good idea and I am glad that thispositive feedback agrees with this.The negative feedback I received showsthat I need to link more to my researchcollected through my questionnaire. Ihave now done this by looking at mytarget audience age range and throughdeciding on my image to writing ratiothrough the issue.
  3. 3. From looking at my negative feedbackfrom this person I have changed thetime period that the magazine will bereleased to every two weeks as Ithink that this will please my targetaudience more and they will not haveto wait so long for each issue to comeout. Also as this is a genre that isgrowing popular there will be lots ofstories to include. The price of theissue still remains at £2.50 as I believethat I need to be different from othermagazines and want to appeal tostudents that may not want to spendmuch on a magazine.My positive feedback does notinclude much from this person but Ican be confident that I know what I’mdoing from this persons assurance.