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  1. 1. QUESTION 6 what have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing these products?
  2. 2. Software I have used…• Dafont• Facebook• Blogger• Surveymonkey• Google• Photoshop• Windows Movie Maker• Adobe Bridge• Windows Powerpoint• Slideshare
  3. 3. Dafont.comI used to reach different fonts in which I wouldnot be able to access through fonts already available on thesoftware I was using. This also gave me an advantage as thefont of the magazine would not have been seen before mostlikely by my audience or anyone looking through magazines. Itgave me the option to ‘open’ the font then ‘extract files’ whichthen led me to saving the font to the font folder on mycomputer which then imported it onto the computer.Although when using the Apple Mac’s and my MacBook athome restricted me as I wasn’t able to use the Dafont websiteor save the fonts to use due to the difference in software I wasusing which did cause problems when producing themagazine as I could not adjust my font without it changing toone already stored onto the computer.
  4. 4. FacebookI used Facebook within my research for my magazine as Iposted my questionnaire in order to gain audienceresearch to then proceed with production of mymagazine and know what my audience would want tosee. This allowed me to gain a variety of good responsesfrom everyone that I know although as they are all myfriends it could have been bias in the sense that I could befriends with all the same age group and people who allprefer the same thing but ended up getting a range ofresponses that helped me know what to make mymagazine like and who I would be aiming it at.
  5. 5. BloggerThe use of blogger played a huge part in myresearch and production of my magazine. It allowedme to monitor my progress through posts and beable to set up an account so that others can viewmy work and allowed me to get feedback on myprocess. Using blogger allowed me a simple way togo back and use previous work to develop myproduction work and to be able to evaluate mywork as well as others to use it too. Labelling eachcategory of work and the simple and easy layoutallowed a quick access when I and others needed it.
  6. 6. Survey MonkeyThis software was used to generate my ownquestionnaire to give to my audience through socialnetworking to allow me to get feedback on what myaudience would want from a magazine and theiropinions on certain things to help me withproduction work. This simple and free softwareallowed me to gain feedback and have a clear visionof what my magazine would look like and containwhich would have not been possible withoutgaining the feedback I did from using this software.
  7. 7. Photoshop CS6This was the first time that I had used Photoshop so I learnt alot of new skills. One of the tools that I had not heard ofbefore when using this software is the colour grabbing tool,this is a tool that takes colour from the background of yourmain image or from other fonts so that the colours are co-ordinated with each other. This allowed me to use Mise-en-scene within my cover by grabbing colours from the mainimage and using them in fonts so that the main imagematches the fonts and doesn’t look too obviously produced.Another tool that I learnt to use in Photoshop is the blendingoption which is shown by right clicking on a layer which allowsyou to use a drop shadow or a colour/pattern overlay which isa good tool to use so that your sub images or fonts stand outfrom the background of your pages.
  8. 8. Windows Movie MakerThis software was used in order to produce thevideo that I got from interviewing a potentialbuyer of my magazine to find out what theywould look for in a music magazine themselves.This allowed me to use a different media toplace onto my blog and show the interview thatI had done in order to gain research on myaudience and reliable information on what mymagazine would preferably be like for mybuyers.
  9. 9. Adobe BridgeI used this software to produce a contact sheetof all my pictures that I have taken for mymagazine, this allowed me to look at all thepictures together and indicate on my blog whichphotos I will be using in my magazine and thengo on to production work within usingPhotoshop.
  10. 10. Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft PowerPoint was used within myresearch and production work in presenting myvarious work completed such as audienceresearch, my pitch, contact sheets, layouts andflat-plans for my magazine, this allowed me touse Slideshare to put the PowerPoint’s on myblog to then be accessed by the viewers of myblog in a quick and simple format.
  11. 11. GoogleGoogle and internet explorer was used withinmy production work and within my researchwork to search the internet for various examplesof magazines and for pictures such as twitterlogo and barcodes that have been placed on thepages of my magazine. Google also allowed meto search for various fonts and examples ofsoftware to use for my magazine and whatwould be useful to use to extend the quality andindividuality of my issue.
  12. 12. SlideshareSlideshare links with my use of MicrosoftPowerPoint as this is the software that I used inorder to place my work on my blog for others tosee. From converting an embedded code into apost on the blog and appear as a full slideshowthat can be viewed by any one at a range ofsizes. This allowed me to also place images ontowritten work as you cannot do that onto theblogging post unless it’s a certain file type thatcan be hard to convert.
  13. 13. Hardware I have used…• Canon E400 SLR Camera• Iphone 4• Computer
  14. 14. Canon E400 SLR CameraAs I already had a quality camera I used this to take thephotos for my magazine so I already knew how to workthe camera and what settings to use. When taking thepictures for my magazine I used the manual setting on mycamera to start with but found that the shutter speed wastoo slow to capture enough images at a time without ablurry image being produced, so I changed my setting toauto and found this was much faster and produced betterquality pictures. Having access to a good quality camerahelped me to capture the exact images that I wanted formy magazine.
  15. 15. Iphone Video CameraWhen interviewing my audience for my research Iused my phone to record the video. This allowedme to put the video straight onto my computer andupload it to my blog by using Windows MovieMaker so was a quick way of uploading it and beingable to analyse it fully. Although I did find a problemwith using an apple phone as it was not compatiblewith using Windows software so I had to upload itonto my own MacBook at home and then convertthe file in order to use Windows Movie Maker tothen put it on my blog.
  16. 16. Computer/MacBook’sWhen producing my work I was constantly in use ofa computer which gave me the opportunity to useall the software that I have had access to within myproject, although the apple software gave melimitations with using I found that usingcomputers is a faster and better way of producingwork as it is easily accessible to other people andmyself. Putting my work on a memory stick alsogave my work a more portable aspect as I couldaccess it from any computer even at home on myown Laptop.