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  1. 1. QUESTION 5How did you attract/address that audience?
  2. 2. Front CoverThe methods I used to attract my audience are used mostly on the front cover of my magazine. Using the colour scheme I did tobe brighter than the background and be quite different to any other magazine on the market was done to catch my audience’s eyewhen they are browsing their magazine websites or supermarket sections. An example of where I have used colour to attract myaudience would be on my cover by my masthead which is a bright colour and bold font. The colour is soft and according to myaudience research this is a colour that would appear to my target audience of teenagers and students. I chose to put‘LEEDS/READING’ in a colour not featured anywhere else in the magazine as I felt that this would attract more people as myaudience is mostly people who are interested in these festivals so therefore this would appeal to them when choosing a magazineto buy.I used the buzz word ‘exclusive’ in the plug featured on the cover as treating my audience as exclusive customers and giving themspecial offers that they can’t find anywhere else will attract them to the magazine. Colouring this in a different colour to the restof the text will catch their eye and influence them to read into the magazine which is useful when winning them over to your ownmagazine. The acts that I have featured on my cover and also in my contents page are very specific to my target audience inwinning them over, I feel doing this and featuring new bands rather than older bands is more appealing to festival goers as theyare widely featured.
  3. 3. Contents Page On my contents page I have also used buzz words such as ‘exclusive’ and ‘win’ to catch my audiences eye, as they are widely going to be ranging from 16 year olds to 25 year olds which is the average age that would be studying doing a levels and then onto university so won’t have as much money due to funding education so would be more interested in winning competitions and getting free stuff. Making the subscription of the magazine a feature in winning the competition would make the audience more likely to subscribe for this amount of money as they would maybe get something out of it in the long run. Giving them the option to go online for the terms and conditions would appeal to them as they would probably prefer to use technology. Using a code to access the website incorporates the popular use of technology into the contents page and as the audience will know how to use this type of technology and recognise this it addresses the audience that I am aiming to attract. This gives a quick access to the online part of the magazine which is simple and easier to use. Using a well-known social networking sight appeals to my audience as they will mostly be using twitter and Facebook to communicate and would prefer this sort of thing rather than physically receiving letters regarding updates.
  4. 4. Contents Page Looking at the language that I have used in my contents page to attract my audience it is quite informal so it’s easy to read and doesn’t require much concentration to understand which allows the audience to understand that it will be relaxing and enjoyable to read and not something too hard hitting that requires much more knowledge. The age of the audience wouldn’t want to be reading something that’s boring or too educational but something that they would enjoy and want to read again and share with people which is the style that this magazine would write in which can be seen in the language of the double page spread featuring an interview so informal speech is used would be appealing and attractive to the age group reading the article to allow them to want to keep reading throughout the magazine.
  5. 5. Double Page SpreadWhen carrying out my audience research for my magazine my audience claimed that they would enjoy pictureswithin a magazine adding a visual element to it, this distracts the reader away from the hefty chunks of writingand gives them an incentive to read on which is what the magazine needs to attract the audience that I amaiming my magazine at.Using a play on words within the main heading of my double page spread appealed to my audience as it addedhumor to the page which is what the age range will respond to and understand. It also is a good way ofinteresting the reader into reading the rest of the article about the band. Having the double page article in aninterview format with relaxed structure addresses the reader as its not difficult to read which is what myaudience would most enjoy as they will probably not want a long and complicated article but something theywould enjoy reading for fun away from their studies so I believe doing this would attract more of the age rangethat I would like to my magazine on a whole.