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Initial ideas & mood board


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Initial ideas & mood board

  1. 1. Initial Ideas & Mood Board
  2. 2. Initial Ideas Mind Map Our chosen band within our group is going to be a drum and bass artists so we can explore different shots and cutting rates throughout the video that we will be shooting. We have decided that this band will be Pendulum as they are highly recognised throughout the UK and the rest of the world and have the right sound and beat for us to explore. For the genre of our video we are considering a horror aspect and tension through the build up to the drop and climax of the song. This tension will be created with low cutting rates and freeze frames used within the video. Also we will use a lack of focus and shaky cam to create a panicked and compacted feel to the climaxing elements of the video with a slowing down towards the end. Within the video we are wanting to use characters to represent the singer and also to represent a separate identity within the video aside from the lyrical aspects. We are still deciding on whether we will feature males or females or both within the video and which would be better suited which we will decide as we explore our song choices. Our setting for our video we have decided will be around a woodland area of in a meadow in a rural location. This will go well with the wildness of the bands songs that feature quite a surreal element so we would like as little distractions as possible to the music and the shots we will produce. Our options for song choices are currently between: Pendulum – Witchcraft Pendulum – Watercolour Pendulum - Crush We will use limited props within our music video as we want the setting and the edits we put into the video to be the main focus along with the composition involved in the music video. We are looking at masking our characters within the video or using some special make up on them to create the theme to the video.
  3. 3. Mood Board – relating to initial ideas Setting Characters/costume Band choice - Pendulum