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Making Education Social: The FoxMIS Community Site


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at Educause 2012

Published in: Education
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Making Education Social: The FoxMIS Community Site

  1. 1. Making Education Social: The FoxMIS Community SiteDavid Schuff ( Professor of Management Information SystemsDirector of Innovation in Learning Technologies Munir Mandviwalla ( Associate Professor and Chair of Management Information Systems
  2. 2. Agenda How The How YouEducation Community Can GetBecomes Site Started Social Concept Join the discussion
  3. 3. The Changing “Lifeworld” For one generation… Today…• Structured and • Spontaneous and planned ad-hoc• Sequential • Event-based• Individualistic • Collaborative
  4. 4. How did we get here? Social Blogging media Mobile Ubiquitous technology web access Everyone is a content creatorEveryone is a content aggregator
  5. 5. Architecture Can’t create doesn’t facilitateCourses are silos communities cross-disciplinary around ideas collaboration No connection with Little ownership in the larger the learning community process
  6. 6. Model for Lifelong Learning (Delors et al. 1996)Learning to Learning to Learning to Learning to know do live together be
  7. 7. What the shift looks likeContent instead of Open instead ofcourses closed• Everything is just • Encourage use by anyone information to be • Value is in interaction consumedPeer-to-peer instead Aggregation insteadof one-way of separation• The instructor is a • View content as part of a facilitator whole• Students co-create content with faculty
  8. 8. Two metaphors for “Social Education”Technology: a blog Conceptual: a river• Socially-enabled • All information flows posting and sharing to a single location
  9. 9. The blog: a course
  10. 10. The blog: a faculty page
  11. 11. The blog: student e-portfolios
  12. 12. “The river”: Above the Fold
  13. 13. “The river”: Content Aggregation
  14. 14. “The river”: Site-Wide Activity Feed
  15. 15. A summary of the shift
  16. 16. What’s nextCheck out: community.mis.temple.eduCommunity-in-a-box projectNeed new ways to evaluate success
  17. 17. What are the opportunities and challengesof adopting “social education?”http://community.mis.temple.edu