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Lung Decortication


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Lung Decortication

  1. 1. Lung Decortication Lung decortication is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a dysfunctional layer covering the lungs known as the pleural membrane. The primary aim of performing lung decortication is to be able to promote proper lung expansion and chest wall compliance. Inability of the lungs can definitely cause severe breathing problems and can eventually lead to lung collapse if not addressed immediately. A dysfunctional pleural membrane can serve as a tight belt to the lungs preventing it to function normally. If lung decortication is done, this belt can definitely be loosened thus being able to achieve the return of chest wall compliance. As chest compliance normalize, so as the vital signs of the patient is because the symptoms also lessen gradually. One of the medical conditions which may necessitate lung decortication is fibrothorax. Fibrothorax is an abnormal condition in the lungs wherein fibrous tissues or hardened tissues actually develop abnormally over the membrane covering the lungs or the pleural membrane. These fibrous tissues can definitely serve as heavy weights right on top on the lungs preventing it to be able to expand properly. This can eventually lead to the entrapment of lungs and experiencing of symptoms like difficulty of breathing, chest pain and some other breathing abnormalities. Before lung decortications is properly done to a patient, proper laboratory and other ancillary tests are necessary to make sure that it is totally safe for the patient to undergo such type of surgical procedure. Aside from ensuring that the patient’s condition is stable, the physician’s expertise when it comes to decortications should also be looked upon. This surgical procedure can definitely be risky because there is a tendency for the intercostal space to be fused or closed thus preventing the entrance to the pleural cavity. Lung Decortication 1/1Powered by TCPDF (