neurology medicine neurosurgery 1 dr.pramod meena approach journal dr sumeet singh gmc kota aha guidelines primary prevention stroke paper stroke club drug dementia emg health healthcare management radioliogy forgetfulness neurodegenerative alzheimer disease neuropathy entrapment research rnst ncv trial genetic muscle myopathy circle of willis tcd global developmental delay mri spine vitamins and nervous system cidp recent advances plasma pharesis in neurological disorders nmosd seropositive vs seronegative diagnosis alteplase cerebral tuberculosis radiology mri brain normal anatomy anti ganglioside miller fisher syndrome refractory cidp ivig nodopathy autoimmune neuropathy scores for coma assessment coma memory cognition treadmill brain exercise robotic thrombectomy artificial intelligence secondary stroke prevention antiplatelet artificial smart autonomic function transcranial doppler ich in young carotid web cns iris young onset dementia memory assessment mental state ftd piriformis syndrome tarsal tunnel syndrome lower limb syndromes nerve demyelinating brain death neurology neuropathy demyelinating senior resident neurology vision loss physiology sleep ai use in healthcare neuropathy vasculitis waveform case based mcq doppler transcranial acad psp thymoma mediastinum botinum therapy inkection botox h reflex blink reflex sfemg ncs gdd frida adapt trials dominant recessive autosomal ataxia aso cmd fshd ld bmd dmd kota neurologykota disease advancement dystrophy endovascular management icad subcortical circuits frontal lobe temporal lobe leukodystrophy white matter disease diagnosis tb infection bioterrorism mog historical aspect of neurology trivia advances recent manifestation neurological covid19 corona memory loss parkinsonism biofeedback hedache classification migraine management headache monoclonal antibodies gepants cgrp migaine cephalgia spectral waveform m mode case vignette gmc kota abnormal finding normal anatomy techniques practical seminar astrocytoma meningioma glioblastoma brain tumor pregnancy prevention and management strategies approach to evaluation definitive tests screening related disorders disability certification intellectual disability disorder micturition bladder pots orthostatic hypotension tilt table test sweat test ans disorders autonomic nervous system sympathetic parasympathet lateral medullary syndrome stroke syndrome medulla anatomy snhl baep toxic amblyopia multiple scerosis vep martin gruber anastomosis csf biomarker target lipid level in stroke nph current guideline on stroke emergency notary public neuroendocrine bradely apraxia dystonia surgical anaesthesia multiple sclerosis neurolgy women with epilepsy - an update cerebrovascular atherosclerosis hereditary neuropathies myasthenia gravis management guideline dementia updates dyslipidemia in stroke spotters in neurology basal ganglia hyperintensities eurology 2 stem cell therapy in neurological disorder pcr in neurological diseases polysomnography ich ischemic stroke polysomnography eeg activation procedures nmo autoimmune encephalitis vértigo low dose vs standard dose journal review transcranial ultrasound neurosonology usg peripheral nerves intractable epilepsy presurgical evaluation basics clinical applications mr spectroscopy cervical spondylosis transient ischemic attacks interact-2 trial rehabilitation nutrition acute stroke current concepts motor neuron disease als management guideline bacterial meningitis history of neurology cns tb radiology optic neurirtis tremors critical illness polyneuropathy myopathy adhd autism sleep order and disorders electrolyte imbalance occipital lobe ppt recent advances in the management of parkinson dis myotonic muscle disorders parietal lobe ppt newer antiepileptic drugs temporal lobe function and evaluation status epilepticus management recent guidelines normal ct brain
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