ards respiratory failure obstructive jaundice udt tracheo esophageal fistula small intestinal obstruction tb sp.condition tb path & pathogenesis tb treatment new sarcoidosis pulmonary embolism 2 pulmonary defense intusussception1 pneumonia part1 peumonia part2 oesophageal atresia intusussception lung mediastinal tumors_mbbs ischemia lung mediastinal tumors interstitial lung diseases 2012_pdf infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis duodenal obstruction (neonates) drug resistant tb congenital hernia & hydrocoele congenital hernia and hydrocele copd 2012 cdh bronchiectasis final branchial cyst and thyroglossal cyst quinolone antifungal antiviral agents anorectal malformations corticosteroids 36.antidiabetic agents abdominal wall defects drugs used in peptic ulcer antidiarrhoeal laxative antiemetic antiplatelet drugs anticoagulants fibrinolytics aminoglycosides antimicrobial drugs macrolide beta lactam antibiotics cough histamines hypolipidemics bronchial asthma diuretics antihypertensives drugs for chf antianginal drugs antiepileptics & alcohol antiparkinsonian drugs drugs used in rheumatoid arthritis and gout opioid 10.nsai ds psychopharmacology sedatives and hypnotics general anesthetics and local anaesthetics neuromuscular blocking drugs 5.adrenergics and antiadrenergics 2.pharmacokinetics intr of drugs undescended testis small bowel atresia
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