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Craig Watkins: Being Young, Being Digital


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Craig Watkins talk from June 2008

Published in: Technology, Education
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Craig Watkins: Being Young, Being Digital

  1. 1. Being Young, Being Digital Some Observations on Young People’s New Media Behaviors S. Craig Watkins Department of Radio-Television-Film The University of Texas at Austin
  2. 2. “Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living… - Nicholas Negroponte, “Being Digital”
  3. 3. …We have seen computers move out of giant air-conditioned rooms into closets, then onto desktops, and now into our laps and pockets. But this is not the end.” - Nicholas Negroponte, “Being Digital”
  4. 4. What is social media?
  5. 5. mobile
  6. 6. personal customizable
  7. 7. communal