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Tomorrow’s schools start today!


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Ademar Aguiar's Presentation from ISDT11

Published in: Education, Technology
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Tomorrow’s schools start today!

  1. 1. Tomorrow’s schools start today!Ademar Aguiar @ ISDT 2011 . Porto . Portugal
  2. 2. Tomorrow’s schools start tomorrow?Ademar Aguiar @ ISDT 2011 . Porto . Portugal
  3. 3. Today
  4. 4. 10% of the world population (750 M) has an account! the world is changing…
  5. 5. WikipediaMassive knowledge creation by global collaboration
  6. 6. One work week is uploaded every minute
  7. 7. Collaboraon    Teamwork  
  8. 8. Collecve  knowledge  
  9. 9. Knowledge  workers  
  10. 10. People  ma8er  most!  
  11. 11. Children
  12. 12. “ Young people need to focus on using new tools, finding information, making meaning, and creating. ” Marc Prensky — Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning
  13. 13. “ Today’s students aren’t just consumers of information, they’re producers ” Marc Prensky — Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning
  14. 14. “ [But] there is a huge paradox for educators: the place where the biggest educational changes have come is not our schools: it is everywhere but our schools. ” Marc Prensky — Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning
  15. 15. “The Nurnberg Funnel”, 1648-1940
  16. 16. schools ICT parentsteachers multimedia wikis web 2.0 communities
  17. 17. Vision: a multimedia PLE/LMS for 6-12 years old
  18. 18. “To develop educational software especiallydesigned for children to support new ways oflearning and teaching, so that students and parenteachers and educators, schools and families maydevelop together important 21st century digitalskills, especially in information, media andcitizenship literacies.”
  19. 19. Web 2.0 simplified! Web 2.0 for kids of 4-12 years .com a collaborative and social platform for elementary schools
  20. 20. provides official school web spaces to supportcollaboration, communication and sharing of schools’ contentsand activities between students, parents and teachers.Educative A collaborative space to use in classroom, at home, everywhere, for educational purposesEntertainment An appealing space to use also in leisure time, to learn by playing, chatting, etc. An engaging space to promoteSocial collaboration, and socialization.
  21. 21. Sept. 2009
  22. 22. Mar. 2010
  23. 23. Everybody will be in touch! Parents Students Educators
  24. 24. … respecting the privacy and rules of real social circles! School Family Classroom
  25. 25. Jun. 2011private social collaborative editors sharing private blogs networks pictures calendars messages private chat photos content student class plans file sharing publishing information LMS integration 3rd party tools school portal parents portal integration
  26. 26. Collaborative editors for co-creation of digital medianewspapers, infograms videos, games music, school radio school TV channels
  27. 27. Key design principles •  To support simple and effective use of ICT by the school’s community, inside or outside the school. •  To be a natural complement to all other ICT resources: computers, internet access, interactive whiteboards, digital contents, etc. •  To allow progressive development of e-skills, from the basic to more advanced, or new ones: collaborative editors, ..., email, blogs, wikis, chat, private social networks. •  To support the communication, collaboration, sharing, anchored on the real school privacy rules. •  To promote the school-as-a-community model, informal learning, social learning, creativity and innovation, thus helping reduce the digital divide.
  28. 28. Partners/Supporters … creative economy
  29. 29. Technologies
  30. 30. since 2007... USA Chile RD project Creative schools Brazil prototypes Jan.2011-Dec.2012 Scandinavia Free Canada all schools of Porto Premium Spain UK national release partnering for … internationalization
  31. 31. Jun.2011
  32. 32. Jul.2011
  33. 33. Tomorrow
  34. 34. passing on cultural and social values, traditions, morality, religion and skills to the next generation
  35. 35. Working groups • Choose a role to play and join its group • teacher, parent, student, researcher, policy maker, technologist, etc. • Answer four questions • What we are doing well at schools today, to keep? • What did we learn until now? • What should we do differently at tomorrow schools? • What still puzzles us? (good? bad?)
  36. 36. Discussion in a fishbowl • 5 chairs • 4 chairs with participants • 1 chair always empty waiting for a participant to take part of the discussion
  37. 37. Do you share this passion? Let’s go together! • Looking for: • enthusiasts • teachers • schools • municipalities • researchers • partners • ...
  38. 38. Thank you!