Young Canadians, Participatory Digital Culture and Policy Literacy


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  • Young Canadians, Participatory Digital Culture and Policy Literacy

    1. 1. Young Canadians, Participatory Digital Culture & Policy Literacy<br />Leslie Regan ShadeConcordia University, Dept. of Communication StudiesISDT 2011 – Porto July 22, 2011 <br />
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    3. 3. Young Canadians, Participatory Digital Culture & Policy Literacy : Project Overview <br />What are the everyday uses of digital technologies by youth? <br />How do these practices shape their knowledge of digital policy issues?<br />What tools /techniques can be mobilized to create participatory &innovative digital policy literacy toolkits? <br />What are examples /best practices of digital policy literacy projects developed by government/regulators, educators, &activist groups?<br />
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    9. 9. Come try and get some money out of me,Selfish greedy money loving CRTC,You want to raise my rates til my pockets start to bleed,But you ain'ttakin any gigs from me.<br />
    10. 10. From Media Literacy to Digital Literacy<br />Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce communication in a variety of forms (Aufderheide, 1993, U.S. National Leadership Conference on Media Literacy)<br />Choice, conversation, curation, creation, and collaboration (Clark & Aufderheide, Center for Social Media, 2009)<br />
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    12. 12. Digital Citizenship<br />read/write/create culture <br />active participation <br />rights &responsibilities <br />ethical behavior <br />often deterministic re ‘digital natives’, ‘digital generation’<br />
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    16. 16. Digital Policy Literacy <br />PROCESS…principles/procedures of legal actions (legislation, court orders, directives) that govern the diverse uses of communication resources at the global, national, community level.…<br />STRUCTURES OF PARTICIPATION: understanding institutions of policy governance (formal / informal) & ways to publicly intervene or shape policy processes…<br />ACTIVISM: what are effective modes of intervention to (potentially) shape policy?<br />
    17. 17. Digital Policy Literacy <br />Understanding POLITICAL ECONOMY:--who owns the media?--what’s the relationship between media & broader social structures of society? ---how do media systems reinforce, challenge, or influence existing social relations of class, race, and gender?<br />Critical understanding of policy processes linking to structural & historical struggles to create public interest policies<br />
    18. 18. Digital Policy Literacy <br />KNOWING THE INFRASTRUCTURE: how do technological affordances activate or inhibit interactions and ownership of content (on commercial / non-commercial platforms)…<br />
    19. 19. Surveilling the Girl (video version)<br />Video created with Communication Studies student Phil Creamer<br />From chapter in Mediated Girlhood (ed. Kearney)<br />Domestic surveillance of youth spaces, online & mobile <br />How promotional & media discourse positions the young girl – in need of safe technological spaces<br />GPS, biometric technologies to monitor, control, track, &contain young people’s communicative practices <br />
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    26. 26. Surveilling the Girl – Policy Issues<br />How to remedy the persistence of media & policy discourse that constructs young women as susceptible to cyber-bullying, predation… …and to counter the promotion of technological solutions?<br />How is childhood & parenthood being reconfigured in an era of measurement/surveillance?<br />Legislation re surveillance & youth? Educational programs?<br />What are communication rights for youth as they negotiate the mobile mediascape?<br />How can scholars remedy this narrow perspective through qualitative research to facilitate the voices of young people to be heard in media discourse and in policy formation?<br />
    27. 27. Media Action Research: FB & Privacy<br />Facebook—it just takes over your life! <br />You become, like, such a stalker ... you always have to see what’s going on with everybody else’s lives . . . it’s horrible . . . you can’t stop!<br />It’s not . . . very private, you know, anyone can read your profile.<br />Is it like a government conspiracy thing?... so they can watch you . . . ‘cos everyone’s on Facebook…<br />
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    29. 29. Negotiating, Managing &Designing Privacy Online <br />How is privacy defined, negotiated & managed offline & online?Ethics: breach, invasion, over-sharing, risks, reputational, social surveillance<br />Awareness about privacy policies?, legislation, AUPs, ToS, etc.--behavioral marketing / third-party marketing <br />On SNS & mobile how would you design privacy?--what sorts of privacy enhancing features would you like to see, or design?--how might you write a ‘user friendly’ privacy policy?<br />
    30. 30. Social Media & Privacy Policy Issues<br />Platform Policies and Terms of ParticipationHow is social media privatizing communication?<br />How is social media collecting and using personal information?<br />Regulation of behavioral marketing? Disclosure to third parties? Data retention? Informed consent?<br />What is the social responsibility of social media companies?<br />What is a ‘transparent’ privacy policy?<br />What are tools for identity management?<br />What should be a right to privacy? – how can we avoid “privacy as a luxury commodity” (Papacharissi) <br />
    31. 31. Possible Privacy Literacy Toolkits<br />Tracking &tracing third party marketingIllustrating $$ power and reach of social media companies<br />Annotating a privacy policy – rewriting one to be ‘user friendly’<br />Privacy Primer – in term of a graphic comic?<br />Video about privacy – good example – American Library Association – ‘Choose Privacy Week’ at<br />
    32. 32. Remix Culture & the Politics of Copyright(Korsakow project by Juliet Lammers & Claire Kenway)<br />Interviews w/ 16 people (18-30) about: --uses of digital technologies for remix/sampling/digital mashup--knowledge & thoughts of copyright & fair dealing--thoughts on alternatives to the current copyright regime (CC) <br />
    33. 33. Remix – Policy Issues<br />What are the implications of ‘user generatedcontent’ (UGC)…in the ‘participative web’ for:--ownership--creative transformation--pro-am labour<br />Fair useFair use enables the creation of new culture;it is remix culture’s friend (Aufderheide on Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video, Center for Social Media) <br />Fair dealingBill C-32: Fair dealing exception for non-commercial user-generated content, ‘You Tube exception’CAUT’s Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted Material, 2011 <br />
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    36. 36. OM – Day of Action <br />
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    39. 39. Rachel<br />
    40. 40. Open2Fusion (Pauline)<br />
    41. 41. Andrew <br />
    42. 42. Northernlion (Ryan)<br />
    43. 43. Liam: The reason I go on YouTube and make videos for it is because it’s free, and I’m not being charged…if I had to be charged $1 for every video I clicked on… I watch about 30 a day…this would ramp up my monthly costs…so sign this petition…<br />
    44. 44. Berto: “Even the Prime Minister of Canada has come out in saying that, this is a little retarded, and he is reviewing this whole thing…”<br />
    45. 45. Hitler Objects to UBB<br />
    46. 46. Coming soon to a screen near you….<br /><br />