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IE Application 2015. Social Interaction within 10 years


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IE Application 2015. Social Interaction within 10 years

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IE Application 2015. Social Interaction within 10 years

  1. 1. How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations? Francisco Xu IE Application 2015
  2. 2. Social interaction Is the process by which we act and react to those around us. It includes those acts people perform toward each other and the responses they give in return Channel Receiver Sender Feedback Encode Decode
  3. 3. Telephone Postcards EmailsLetters SMS Communication in the past
  4. 4. Communication in the past  Interaction between people has always been a crucial part of mankind’s social life. It has evolved through time in order to improve human communication  People in the past used to relay in tools such as emails, SMS, postcards, letters and telephone in order to send messages  These tools were slow, expensive and sometimes unreliable
  5. 5. Communication in 2015
  6. 6. Communication in 2015  Since 2000, we experienced a great leap of technological advances. We assisted to the birth of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social networks that we use today  Whatsapp and Snapchat are applications used by millions of people to communicate instantly. The first one its almost a standard used mostly in Europe and South America  This tools are fast, reliable and the most important thing: they are free to use
  7. 7. Some positive impacts of technology  Access information and new from anywhere in the world  Simplify the lives of the people  Allow people to work from home so they can spend more time with family and friends  Allow people to express their opinion and their creativity via internet and social networks  Allow people meet others with similar interest via social networks  Learn new cultures and understand them  Learn new knowledge and languages  Bring people closer closing the gap between distance
  8. 8. Some negative impacts of technology  Privacy issues, such as personal documents and photos leaks  Less human contact, loss of human social skill and increasing isolation  Dependency on technology to perform communication  A connected world generates more stress in order to maintain a perfect identity image in both worlds  More risk of abuse, such as slander on social networks
  9. 9. Social interaction within 10 years  The future is to be always connected  Thanks to the technology advances, people will interact in a more “smart” way. Technology like Google Glass will help people in their daily lives. For example, you can go shopping and scan a a product and compare in online shops and see reviews about it
  10. 10. Social interaction within 10 years  Communication between people can be hard if they speak in a different language. In the future technology can help decrease it. For example, Skype translate in the moment the receiver phrase in any language you desire
  11. 11. Social interaction within 10 years  Thanks to technology, in the future will blend the real world with the virtual world. This will help people to decrease geographical distances and make their life’s easier. For example with Microsoft Hololens you can teach online like in a real class or help people from your home
  12. 12. Conclusion  Thanks to the advance of the technology, it will help people make their lives more easy and more closer. It always depends on how it is used  In the future, possibly the boundaries between real world and virtual reality will be very small. All communication will use “smart” devices  Techonology will help people to decrease human misunderstanding caused by language