Dirk Spencer Resume Psychology - The Watermark lecture 2011


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Resume Psychology - Get the Offer Not the Interview

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  • This was very helpufl, thank you Dirk! Resume keywords are way more important than resume formats. Because recruiters conduct keyword searches during the initial sourcing process in Applicant Tracking Systems. You're not found if your resume doesn't contain the exact keywords. But it's a pain to find those keywords from the job descriptions. I found the site Jobscan http://ow.ly/RmPcR that identify keywords for your. All you do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identify the most important keywords for you. It literally takes seconds and it so worth the copy and paste. Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan! I recommend it as well.
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  • This is the presentation on Resume Psychology delivered to Watermark Careers in Motion in Dallas, Texas. We had 105 people come out on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.
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Dirk Spencer Resume Psychology - The Watermark lecture 2011

  2. 2. WHY RESUME PSYCHOLOGY Offers instead of interviews Fact-based instead of opinion-based Repeatable processes not traditions
  3. 3. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY SOURCES Peer reviewed material exclusively  Science journals  Human behavior journals  101, 201, 301, 401 college text
  4. 4. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY SOURCES Empirical Data  Human resources best practices  Talent acquisition strategies  Job board data bases  Applicant tracking software
  5. 5. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY SOURCES Source Interviews with HR professionals  2 years of direct conversations with HR managers, directors and VPs
  6. 6. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY SOURCES Tested under real-world conditions  Job board databases  Aggregate databases  Boolean search technology
  7. 7. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY SOURCES Leverages the best practices of :  Behavioral Science  Linguistics  Eye-Accessing Cues
  9. 9. RESUME PSYCHOLOGYCONSIDERATIONS Changes in job board software Cheap ATS products
  10. 10. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY RULESTheL.C.D. Lowest Common Denominator
  11. 11. THE LCD COMPENSATES FORTheResume TriadCompany risk toleranceGovernment complianceHR policies
  12. 12. FORMAT RECOMMENDATIONS Reverse Chronological is King  Generally Accepted  Technology Mandated  Client Expected Functional is…  Limit Usage to Personal Hand-offs  Generally Less Accepted  Difficult to Load into Software  Creates Questions Hybrid  Combines the Best of Each Format
  13. 13. LAYOUT RECOMMENDATIONS Limit Paragraphs to 3 Lines Max Use Conventional Bullets 1 Inch Margins All Sides Left Justify (Ragged Right) Use “Summary,” “Overview,” “Preview” and “Professional Experience” and similar labels as suffix to your job-title to maximize keywords in context
  14. 14. STYLE RECOMMENDATIONS Times Roman 12 Or Arial 11 Bold Major Section Headers, Job Titles Use Upper & Lower Case (Never All Caps) Stop the use of Underline Stop the use of Italics
  15. 15. RESUME PSYCHOLOGY HACKS Your Expertise Must Be:  Overt  Obvious  Aligned to their needs and their needs alone Avoid Skills Beyond Their Need  It will have them calculating how or why you are not a fit  It can confuse the client  You cannot be rehabilitated otherwise It is about them! It is not about your skills!
  16. 16. RESUME SECRETS This is not the place to showcase your word processing skills Efficient resume communication works against knowledge transfer Graphic lines and bullets along with page borders can corrupt your content Text box, header and footer data is not always collected electronically
  17. 17. THE 4 RULES OF RESUMEKEYWORD HACKSLocation This canProximity be your 2%Frequency advantageContext - Take it!
  18. 18. THE 4-C’S OFRESUME INFORMATIONContent – JargonContext – ExperienceClarity – ScaleConsistency – Stability
  20. 20. KEYWORD / CONTENT SOURCES Definitions  Vendors  The Big 3 Synonyms  Magazines  The Big 4 Standards  Books  Types of Costs Regulations  Authors  Types of Income Best Practices  Speakers  ROI Bodies of Knowledge  Experts  Savings/Loss Ratios Compliance Reporting  Bloggers  Deficits State & Federal Laws  Reporters  Revenue Tools & Techniques  Associations  Capital Gains Methodologies  Societies  Percentage Increases Products & Services  News Outlets  Percentage Decreases
  21. 21. USE INEFFICIENT WRITINGIt allows for increased… - Resume Comprehension - Keyword Placement - KSA Branding
  22. 22. INEFFICIENT WRITINGEXAMPLE: Efficient: Designed, developed, implemented customer service software solution. Inefficient: - Designed customer service software requirements… - Developed customer service software project schedules… - Implemented customer service software solution used by 3 regional offices
  23. 23. THE KISS OF DEATH (THE K.O.D.)AKA - Fluff Kills
  24. 24. “FLUFF” NEGATIVELY RANKSRESUMES… Fluffis no longer harmless content or “preference” choice today Changes in Job Board technology make fluff, hyperbolic, hyperbole, marketing “hype” words your number 1 enemy to higher resume ranking
  25. 25. JOB TITLES TO AVOIDEntrepreneur OperatorOwner FranchiseeConsultant Principal
  26. 26. PHRASES WE NEVER SEARCHFOR Results-Oriented Proven Leader Strong Interpersonal Skills Hands-on Technician Seasoned Professional
  27. 27. WORDS THAT BLUNT YOURIMPACTOtherEveryAllAny
  28. 28. “10+ YOE” – STOP TELLING THEM THISListing a mismatched years of experience (YOE) number and you have given them a legal way to disqualify your resume without ever reviewing it!
  29. 29. NEVER USE HUMOR ON ARESUMEHead Bottle Washer and CEO
  30. 30. TMI ALERT Happily married with 3 beautiful kids Wife’s name is Mary Born Crafter
  31. 31. WORDS RECRUITERS DO NOT SEARCH Strong  Strategic Thinker Dynamic  Tactical Thinker Duties  Duties Utilize, Utilized, Utilizing  Decisive Responsible  Dynamic Successfully  High Energy Effectively  Power I (EYE did this - EYE did that)  Powerful Thinker
  32. 32. BEING VULNERABLE IS STUPID Self-Taught Recent Death in the family forced me to start my own company
  33. 33. TROUGH SALES VS TEAM LEADERManger VersusManager
  34. 34. NEGATIVITY STICKS TO YOU– NOT THE SITUATION YOU DESCRIBE Demoralized Depressed Discouraged Disheartened Subpar
  35. 35. DIRK SPENCER – SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITER• DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com• 214-295-8687• @DirkInDallas• http://www.linkedin.com/in/dirkindallas• Slideshare.Net/Dirk Spencer• Dirk is a former DOD Computer Specialist turned Recruiter and Social Media Tactician.• He is the creator of "Resume Psychology – Get the Offer Not the Interview©.
  36. 36. DIRK SPENCER – SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITER Beyond resumes, Dirk’s expertise includes talent acquisition, deep-web sourcing, social media recruiting and linguistics. He has worked agency recruiting, contract recruiting and corporate recruiting. Dirk is regularly invited to speak to career groups, industry recruiters and professional organizations on resume strategies, network tactics, sourcing and communication strategies and professional branding using social media.
  37. 37. DIRK’S RECRUITING EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Information Technology  Executive Leadership Telecomm  Networking Semiconductor  Aviation Banking  Defense Consumer Goods  Supply Chain Accounting  Software Development Finance  Fast Moving Consumer Goods Project Management  International Engineering
  39. 39. PREVIOUS RECRUITER EVENTS & SPEAKER MENTIONS• Dallas Fort Worth Texas Recruiter Network (DFWTRN)• Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA)• Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) Associates Food & Beverage• Pikes Peak Recruiter Network (PPRN)• Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference• The Rick Gillis Radio Show in Houston, Texas ESPN Radio• CareerRocketeer “The 150+ Experts on Twitter All Job Seekers Must Follow• The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram
  40. 40. PREVIOUS SPEAKING EVENTS PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS:• Colorado Association Healthcare Executives (CAHE) Annual Conference• Meeting of the Minds Conference• Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions• North Texas Small Business Summit• TalentNet Live Social Recruiting Conference• Frisco Connect Job Seeker Strategy Summit• Texas Small Business Summit• Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference• American Society of Quality (ASQ)• Texas Workforce Commission Veterans Support Group• Intuit Women’s Network• International Institute of Business Analyst (IIBA)• National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI).
  41. 41. PREVIOUS SPEAKING EVENTSECUMENICAL & VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS• St. Jude Career Alliance a Chapter of the Catholic Career Development Community (CCDC)• Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT)• Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Center of Irving (ICI)• Crossroads Bible Church (CBC) Career Transition Workshop (CTW)• Jewish Family Service (JFS)• Career Jump Start - First United Methodist Church Richardson (FUMCR)• Carrollton Career Focus Group (CFG)• Carrollton City Job Hunt 101• Custer Rd Church Job Net Plano• Fort Worth Career Search Network (FWCSN)• MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church (MBBC) Career Transition Network (CTN)• McKinney Trinity Presbyterian Church Career Transition Network (CTN)• McKinney Workforce Networking• Preston Trail Job Network (PTJN)• Saint Philips Episcopal of Frisco Job Ministry• Southlake Focus Group (SFG)• St. Andrew UMC Sales Group with Dennis O’Hagan