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Unpacking your content dirk spencer


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Unpacking your content dirk spencer

  1. 1. Team DirkCreator of Resume Psychology Recruiter
  2. 2.  It Raises More Questions Than It Answers Blunts Skills & Experiences Lacks Granularity & Specificity
  3. 3.  Who What Where When Why How
  4. 4.  Names of people Their Job Titles Reporting Relationships Vendors Involved Who Cared the Most Who Cared the Least
  5. 5.  …industries …customers …vendors …outcomes …tools
  6. 6.  Company Boardroom Classroom City State Region Country Continent
  7. 7.  History Yields Context “Trends-Then” Yields Credibility
  8. 8.  Choices Made Decisions Taken Anyone Cared Original Goal Changed Actual End-Game Worked
  9. 9.  Processes Best Practices Skills Applied Communications Funding
  10. 10.  Definitions: Vague Risk: Lack of Credibility Technically: We never search on the words ◦ All ◦ Other ◦ Every ◦ Any
  11. 11.  Relationship Consultative Spin Strategy Solution Partnership VITO Challenger
  12. 12.  Waterfall PMBOK / BABOK Gate Reviews RAD/JAD Rational Unified Process Use Cases Object Oriented Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma Scrum Agile
  13. 13.  Cold Calling / Reverse Phone Books Entertainment Venues Billboards / Newspaper Ads Bulletin Boards / Company Web Sites Job Boards / Niche Boards Search Engines Social Media On-line Communities New Media
  14. 14.  Etymology Jargon Acronyms Definitions Glossaries Synonyms Industry Dictionaries
  15. 15. Questions?Questions?
  16. 16. • DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com• 214-295-8687• @DirkInDallas•• Slideshare.Net/Dirk Spencer Dirk is a former DOD Computer Specialist turned Recruiter and Social Media Tactician. He is the creator of "Resume Psychology – Get the Offer Not the Interview©.
  17. 17.  Information Technology  Finance Executive Leadership  Supply Chain Telecomm  Engineering Networking  Software Project Management Development Aviation  Fast Moving Defense Consumer Goods Accounting  International
  18. 18. • Dallas Fort Worth Texas Recruiter Network (DFWTRN)• Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA)• Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) Associates Food & Beverage• Pikes Peak Recruiter Network (PPRN)• Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference• The Rick Gillis Radio Show in Houston, Texas ESPN Radio• CareerRocketeer “The 150+ Experts on Twitter All Job Seekers Must Follow• The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram
  19. 19. • Colorado Association Healthcare Executives (CAHE) Annual Conference• Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions• North Texas Small Business Summit• TalentNet Live Social Recruiting Conference• Frisco Connect Job Seeker Strategy Summit• Texas Small Business Summit• Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference
  20. 20.  St. Jude Career Alliance a Chapter of the Catholic Career Development Community (CCDC) Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) Crossroads Bible Church (CBC) Career Transition Workshop (CTW) Jewish Family Service (JFS) Career Jump Start - First United Methodist Church Richardson (FUMCR) Carrollton Career Focus Group (CFG) Carrollton City Job Hunt 101 Custer Rd Church Job Net Plano Fort Worth Career Search Network (FWCSN) MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church (MBBC) Career Transition Network (CTN) McKinney Trinity Presbyterian Church Career Transition Network (CTN) McKinney Workforce Networking Preston Trail Job Network (PTJN), Saint Philips Episcopal of Frisco Job Ministry Southlake Focus Group (SFG) St. Andrew UMC Sales Group with Dennis O’Hagan