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Dirk Spencer - Your Resume Action Plan - Resume Boot Camp


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Resume Psychology - Your Resume Action Plan - Updated: resume layouts, formats, eye-access patterns, content, context and common errors to avoid - lots of examples.

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Dirk Spencer - Your Resume Action Plan - Resume Boot Camp

  1. 1. Resume Psychology © Your Resume Action Plan Dirk Spencer Corporate Recruiter
  2. 2. The Resume is a Game of: •Reach ability •Read ability •Like ability Inch by inch down the resume
  3. 3. Layout and Format Be Boring Already
  4. 4. Use One Inch Margins Every page
  5. 5. 1 Inch Margins - •Top •Bottom •Left •Right
  6. 6. Who Are You? What Are You? How Do We Reach You? Where are you located? Make it easy to know these 4 details…
  7. 7. Name Job Title Email Phone City, State, Zip At the top of the resume
  8. 8. Names Need to Be Easy to Read Initials, Commas, Acronyms can turn your name to electronic dust…
  9. 9. Dirk Spencer Dirk V. Spencer Dirk Victor Spencer Dirk V. Spencer, PMP Dirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR Dirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR
  10. 10. Name Issue: Middle Initials & Periods Dirk V. Spencer The problems with the middle initial and period combination – it can cause the Last- Name to disappear and not be entered into the ATS (resume database).
  11. 11. Name Issue: The Middle Name Dirk Victor Spencer Again - the ATS (resume database) can replace the Last-Name with the Middle- Name, making difficult to find your resume moving future. ..
  12. 12. Name Issue: A Case Against Punctuation in General Dirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR My best theory? Punctuation was NOT a consideration for a “name-field” in the ATS. Regardless of “why” it happens, commas can blow-away the Last-Name …
  13. 13. Name Issue: The Post-Name Alphabet Dump Dirk Victor Spencer, MBA, PMP, ACIR It might really be the “commas”, it might be the space-size allotted for the field; but it might also be the post-name acronym labels alone blow-away the Last-Name
  14. 14. Warning – Avoid “Shift+Back-Slash” •AKA: The “Vertical Pipe” •It is the Boolean Operator “OR” in some ATS and Social Media sites
  15. 15. Dirk Spencer Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024 Simplest Is Best The ATS software design is likely based on tradition (IE: location) and NOT artificial intelligence
  16. 16. Dirk V. Spencer Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  17. 17. Dirk V. Spencer, PMP Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  18. 18. Dirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  19. 19. Resume Job Titles Make It Obvious
  20. 20. Recruiter Sourcer Talent Acquisition (TA) Specialist
  21. 21. Recruiter / Sourcer Sourcing Specialist Sourcing / TA Specialist
  22. 22. Project Manager SW Developer Electrical Engineer
  23. 23. Project Manager Project / Product Manager Project Manager / Product Manager
  24. 24. SW Engineer Software Engineer Software Engineer / Developer SW Engineer / SW Developer
  25. 25. Email Phone Number Zip Code Verify they work by using the resume…
  26. 26. Email Do’s & Don’ts
  27. 27. Bad Email Names Tail Chaser Sexy Kitty Harley Chick
  28. 28. Email Errors to Avoid: Missing Letters Transposed Numbers & Letters Wrong / Missing Domain (.COM .NET .CO .ME .BIZ) Old Work Emails
  29. 29. Phone Numbers Test from the Resume
  30. 30. Phone Number Errors to Avoid: Transposed Numbers Wrong Exchanges / Extensions Old Cell / Old Land Line
  31. 31. It is all about the Zip Code Most searches begin with the zip code in mind…
  32. 32. Location Minimums CITYState Zip Code
  33. 33. The Top of the Resume Pulling It All Together
  34. 34. Dirk Spencer Recruiter DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  35. 35. The Secret Spreadsheets Be Part of the Pipeline
  36. 36. Which Layout is Easier to Copy?
  37. 37. Paragraphs Hacks The Magic of 3 Lines The Failure of 4 or More
  38. 38. The Magic of 3-Lines In this example, the reader is likely to “read” the text.
  39. 39. The Failure of 4 or More Lines In this example the reader “sees” the 4th line & decides to “read” it later (which they never do…)
  40. 40. The “Eye” The laziest organ in the body
  41. 41. Trick Question: What is the easiest thing for the eye to read in the example below?
  42. 42. Trick Answer: Nothing… The Eye Jumps to the White Space
  43. 43. The Eye & White Space - #1 The eye will gravitate to the easiest thing to “read.”
  44. 44. The Eye & White Space - #2 The human “reader” will “feel-like” they read the resume When they have not…
  45. 45. The Eye & White Space - #3 Use white space correctly…
  46. 46. Blank Lines used incorrectly…
  47. 47. …the eye jumps to the blank lines… - not the text -
  48. 48. Turned the resume on its side Look Again…
  49. 49. You can see The “White Picket Fence” Affect
  50. 50. You Need “white” space - Put it between logical changes in content Need “white space”
  51. 51. Resume Layout Hack Use Left Justified (AKA: Ragged Right)
  52. 52. Where Do The Eyes Go?
  53. 53. First: Company Name and or Job Title
  54. 54. Second: Then the First Bullet
  55. 55. Third: The White Space right of the bullet
  56. 56. Fourth: At least - The first word…
  57. 57. How Does This Work? Rods & Cones in the Eye
  58. 58. What Happens with the Eye? This white-space gives the eye 2 Things: easy “reading” & direction
  59. 59. How Does This Work? The width of the white-space allows the eye to pick-up the first word effortlessly
  60. 60. Other Indenting Formats Why They Fail
  61. 61. Eye Scans the wrong white-space Here the eye travels downward to the left of the bullets
  62. 62. Why? It is larger & easier to read Less stress on the eye! With ZERO word comprehension
  63. 63. Getting the Bullet Indentation Wrong Here the eye travels along the far left white-space…
  64. 64. Getting the Bullet Spacing Wrong The eye never engages the white space to the right of the bullet because it is too narrow
  65. 65. Avoid Justified Text The Risk
  66. 66. Where Does the Eye Go First?
  67. 67. Left Edge to Right Edge…& Back
  68. 68. Why is Justified Text Bad? The human reader “thinks” or “feels” they have read the resume… #1
  69. 69. But the Truth is They Did Not? When you explain this phenomena with the eyes the response is underwhelming: “Well, I guess nothing stood out to me” #2
  70. 70. Why is Justified Text Bad? Resumes / Candidates are rarely rehabilitated from reader-biases in general once we get to “No-Thanks.” #3
  71. 71. Why is Justified Text Bad? It draws the eye toward job dates and job gaps if present… LAST
  72. 72. Find a Font Arial or Times Roman?
  73. 73. Arial is Your Friend… …On Screen…
  74. 74. Why Arial? Sans-Serif Font Internet Standard for most web sites Used by on-line retail & news sites
  75. 75. Why Arial Does Well On Screen! The lack of “serifs” make the font less crowded and easier to read
  76. 76. Why Do “Serifs” Muddy the Display? Two Words: Monitor Resolution Things like - Pixel Rates, Aspect Ratios, LED, Back Lit, HD, LCD Displays… Resumes are widely viewed electronically in a Green World
  77. 77. Times Roman is Your Friend… …In Print
  78. 78. Why Times Roman in Print? The serif gives the eye direction The eye follows the implied line created by the horizontal stems in each letter or number
  79. 79. Arial Font Times Roman Which of the 2 is easier to read?
  80. 80. Pick a Point Size Stick to it every WHERE…
  81. 81. Use Arial 11 Is easier to read than… pretty much everything else
  82. 82. Be Boring on Purpose Be the Same Everywhere on the Resume
  83. 83. Be the same everywhere Checklist The same font-type The same point-size The same bullet-type The same indention-style The same label locations
  84. 84. Your Content Must Have a Context Quick Hacks
  85. 85. Leveraging Labels AKA - Resume Outline
  86. 86. Generic Labels Everyone Can Use The “Preview” The “Summary” The “Overview” The “Professional Experience” The “College” The “Continuing Education”
  87. 87. Other Labels to Leverage The “Software” The “Methods” The “Tools” The “Associations” The “Awards” The “Conferences” The “Best Practices” The “Processes” The “Body of Knowledge”
  88. 88. Using Labels + Job Title = Context Hack
  89. 89. Job Title “Recruiter” Technically Creates “Context” for Section Labels Recruiter Preview Recruiter Summary Recruiter Overview Recruiter Professional Experience
  90. 90. Where Does Your Eye Go?
  91. 91. Beating a “Job-Title” Hack to Death? Recruiter Software Recruiter Methods Recruiter Tools Recruiter Associations Recruiter Awards Recruiter Conferences Recruiter Best Practices Recruiter Processes Recruiter Body of Knowledge
  92. 92. Real Life Example Labels Alone Can Make a Difference
  93. 93. The job board highlights RECRUITER Adding keywords effortlessly
  94. 94. Resume Review
  95. 95. LEFT ALIGNED
  96. 96. Ragged Right
  97. 97. Style Options to Stop Using Mostly Because of the Least Common Denominator (LCD)
  98. 98. STOP DOING THESE THINGS: Random Bolding All Capitalization Underlines “Symbols” as “Bullets”
  99. 99. The Sin of Random Bolding Distracts the Reader Appears Disorganized
  100. 100. The Sin of All Capitalization Grammatically Incorrect Comes Across as SHOUTING
  101. 101. Misgiving of Underlines Creates White-Space Escape Draws the Eye to the End
  102. 102. Avoid Using Symbols as Bullets Use Standard Bullet List Examples to Avoid:
  103. 103. Word Processing Tricks to Avoid Stuff you can do – But should stop already
  104. 104. Technical Things to Stop Using Graphic Lines Text Boxes Headers Footers
  105. 105. Avoid Graphic Lines ATS products may translate, convert or delete text from the the resume
  106. 106. Text Boxes The content in text boxes is usually NOT cataloged in the ATS or resume database This is why they do not email or call – they do not have the information electronically
  107. 107. Headers & Footers Are Not Your Friend The content of the Header & Footer is not always captured by the ATS or resume database electronically If your name & contact data is here they may not be able to “find” it in follow-up searches…. Even when the header & footer displays the content to the reader on the monitor
  108. 108. The Kiss of Death (The K.O.D.) Vagueness: Kills Resumes
  109. 109. Job Board & ATS Technology Negatively Rank Resumes for: Vague Terms, Hyperbolic Language & Hyperbole
  110. 110. Job Board & ATS Technology One “Vague” term can keep your resume out of the top 50 search results
  111. 111. Job Titles to Avoid •Entrepreneur •Owner •Consultant •Operator •Franchisee •Principal INSTEAD: The be “job” function
  112. 112. Replace these phrases… (We Never Search on them) •Results-Oriented •Proven Leader •Strong Interpersonal Skills •Hands-on Technician •Seasoned Professional
  113. 113. Words That Blunt Your Expertise •Other •Every •All •Any
  114. 114. Listing Years of Experience – Stop It For example: ...with 25 years of experience If “your” number does not equal “their” number; they can legally disqualify you from consideration
  115. 115. Never Use Humor on a Resume •“Head Bottle Washer & CEO” My hiring manager was NOT impressed
  116. 116. TMI STOP IT ALREADY… • Happily married with 3 beautiful kids • Wife’s name is Mary • Born Crafter
  117. 117. Words Recruiters Do NOT Search On • Strong • Dynamic • Duties • Utilize, Utilized, Utilizing • Responsible • Successfully • Effectively • I (EYE did this - EYE did that) • Thinker • Strategic Thinker • Tactical Thinker • Duties • Decisive • Dynamic • High Energy • Power • Powerful Remove or replace with keywords
  118. 118. Honest is Good – Vulnerable is Stupid • Self-Taught • Recent Death in the family forced me to start my own company
  119. 119. This Still Happens… Trough Sales Vs Team Leader as opposed to…
  120. 120. Negativity Sticks to You Not What You Are Selling About “Them” •Demoralized •Depressed •Discouraged •Disheartened •Subpar
  121. 121. Dirk Spencer – CORPORATE RECRUITER • DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com • 214-295-8687 • @DirkInDallas • WWW.Slideshare.Net/Dirk Spencer • • Creator of "Resume Psychology – Get the Offer Not the Interview”©
  122. 122. Companies Dirk Spencer has worked for includes:
  123. 123. Accounting Administration AP & AR Asset Management Audit Banking Benefits Call Centers Chip Design Compensation Construction Dirk’s recruiting expertise includes… Consumer Products Content Management Coordination Circuit Design Defense Developers / Programmers Executive Search Financial Services Food & Beverage Franchising
  124. 124. Graphic Design Hospitality HRIS Human Resources Legal Counsel Logistics Org Development Payroll Pharmaceuticals Project Management … and … Real Estate Revenue Management Sales Social Media Software Apps Software Architecture Software Development Supply Chain Technology / IT / IS Telecommunications Training Transportation
  125. 125. • Colorado Association Healthcare Executives (CAHE) Annual Conference • Meeting of the Minds Conference • Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions • North Texas Small Business Summit • TalentNet Live Social Recruiting Conference • Frisco Connect Job Seeker Strategy Summit • Texas Small Business Summit • Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference • American Society of Quality (ASQ) • Texas Workforce Commission Veterans Support Group • Intuit Women’s Network • International Institute of Business Analyst (IIBA) • National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI). Previous Events - Professional Organizations
  126. 126. • St. Jude Career Alliance a Chapter of the Catholic Career Development Community (CCDC) • Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) • Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) • Crossroads Bible Church (CBC) Career Transition Workshop (CTW) • Jewish Family Service (JFS) • Career Jump Start - First United Methodist Church Richardson (FUMCR) • Carrollton Career Focus Group (CFG) • Carrollton City Job Hunt 101 • Custer Rd Church Job Net Plano • Fort Worth Career Search Network (FWCSN) • MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church (MBBC) Career Transition Network (CTN) • McKinney Trinity Presbyterian Church Career Transition Network (CTN) • McKinney Workforce Networking • Preston Trail Job Network (PTJN) • Saint Philip's Episcopal of Frisco Job Ministry • Southlake Focus Group (SFG) • St. Andrew UMC Sales Group with Dennis O’Hagan Ecumenical & Volunteer Events
  127. 127. • Dallas Fort Worth Texas Recruiter Network (DFWTRN) • Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA) • Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) Associates Food & Beverage • Pikes Peak Recruiter Network (PPRN) • Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference • The Rick Gillis Radio Show in Houston, Texas ESPN Radio • CareerRocketeer “The 150+ Experts on Twitter All Job Seekers Must Follow • The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram Previous Recruiter / Speaker Mentions
  128. 128. Legal Stuff • Reference Material: Courtesy of Google • I am not affiliated with LinkedIn, Slideshare, Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, JobVite, MaxHire, Taleo, Infor, PeopleAnswers, iCims • All trademarks & logos are property of their respective companies