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Reentering the Workforce - Job Titles & Functional Statements


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This came up recently - how to explain being a stay-at-home "person" to a recruiter in as few words as possible.... this is a good start! Knock it out. Recruiters need YOU... make it easy to know and your career will grow.

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Reentering the Workforce - Job Titles & Functional Statements

  1. 1. Reentering the Workforce With Dirk Spencer Corporate Recruiter & Author Resume Psychology / The Candy Maker Resume
  2. 2. Reentering the Workforce For people coming back to the job market. This is the stay-at-home person The parent who took care of kids, in-laws, grandparents, parents or maybe worked a side-business or took a sabbatical
  3. 3. Job Titles Prefixes •Stay at Home •Work at Home •Empty-nester •Career changer Suffixes •Spouse •Mom •Dad •Parent
  4. 4. Sample Combinations •Stay at Home Spouse •Stay at Home Mom •Stay at Home Dad •Stay at Home Parent •Work at Home Spouse •Work at Home Mom •Work at Home Dad •Work at Home Parent
  5. 5. Job Function or Transition Statement • Re-entering workforce • Seeking re-employment (among the adult population) • Seeking new employment (for pay) • Seeking employment
  6. 6. SAMPLE – ONE [Fill-in Job Title] Stay-at-Home Parent Reentering the work force Targeting entry level [insert-job-title] positions
  7. 7. Debrief – Sample One This is a little long But – is very clear and obvious The eye will see the Job-Title quickly Probably my favorite option…
  8. 8. SAMPLE – TWO [Select: Parent, Spouse, Mom, Dad] Reentering the work force; former stay-at-home [Fill-in-the-Blank] Targeting entry level Analyst opening
  9. 9. Debrief: Sample Two "Reentering" is the most important thing to communicate here. We place first on the line or first in the paragraph. The word “openings" is vague on purpose; this allows the reader to fill-in the blank based on their bias, habit, needs… (for the traditional and specific job-title) all of which will be timing related.
  10. 10. SAMPLE – THREE [Insert: Job Title] Reentering the work force Targeting [Job-Title] (Empty-nester seeking re-employment)
  11. 11. Debrief: Sample Three Parentheses in an email signature or resume is not the best formatting. But in this case we frame the most important things first (reentry/Job- Title) and the parenthesis allows us to explain a great deal of data without over burdening the eye or flooding the short-term memory. The risk - they never see the empty-nester [pseudo job-title] which may or may not be a bad thing.
  12. 12. SAMPLE - FOUR Former Business Analyst Reentering the workforce Targeting entry-level Scrum opens
  13. 13. Debrief: Sample Four This is an effort to present the previous work experience while explaining the current situation as quickly as possible by being as fact- based as possible. By avoiding all the cutesy or euphemistic attempts at humor to soften the truth/details of your previous work-status being a time-machine trip in your career history; this shows some maturity and respect. This example may have become my new favorite as it telegraphs the truth! You have been away from that job and you know things have changed
  14. 14. Your Goal Set the narrative that is you and your situation Do it in a fact-based manner Leverage what you can from the past while acknowledging the change over time to the present (super-critical to your message) Hiring managers and recruiters can respect this and will likely keep you top of mind for openings where your circumstances are more of an asset than liability
  15. 15. Dirk Spencer Recruitment Adviser Author of Resume Psychology & The Candy Maker Resume DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com / 214-295-8687 @DirkInDallas on www.Twitter.Com Connect to me on LinkedIn: