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Rory cawley cork business person of the year awards 1st nov 2013


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Rory cawley cork business person of the year awards 1st nov 2013

  1. 1. Talent Solutions MSL Cork Business Person of the Year Awards 2013 1st November 2013 ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
  3. 3. LinkedIn: A global pool of talent North America: 80M+ Latin America and Caribbean: 20M+ Europe, Middle East and Africa: 50M+ Asia Pacific: 37M+ 259M+ +2 new 100M+ Members Worldwide Members Per Second Monthly Unique Visitors ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Monthly uniques source:Comscore
  4. 4. in the next 60 minutes 7,200+ New members 50,000+ Links shared 1,200,000+ Pages viewed 200,000+ Professionals visits
  5. 5. Relationships Matter ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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  11. 11. The value of a great profile  First impressions do count  Prospective employers, potential business connections and new clients are searching your name in advance of your first meeting  Digital profiles are making the CV / resume a formality  Your digital profile is a reflection of who you are, what you’ve done and what you’d like to do  Your on-line profile is an opportunity to tell your story the way you want it told  Your digital profile is an asset to building your personal and professional brand. It shows not just who you are, but how you interact. Forbes, Dec 2012 TALENT SOLUTIONS 12
  12. 12. Make a Great First Impression  Just your real name   Creative Headline Works Best   No email address here, or qualifications Don’t mistake this for your title – you can customize this for your target audience Add a Photo – Professional (and friendly) headshot is ideal Click the pencil icon to edit 13 TALENT SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. Be an Ambassador of your company And consider your target audience  Link Your Professional Twitter Account  Customize your Website Options – – – –  Verizon in your country Role / Skill specific site Jobs & Careers Diversity & Inclusion Customize Your Public Profile settings and URL  To optimize your appearance in search engine results 14 TALENT SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. Your Summary is important Consider your target audience  3 Paragraphs is Ideal – Current role / focus at my company at the top – Most relevant Career Experience – Group/Department Description 15 TALENT SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. Your Experience Ensure you are connected to the correct organization  There maybe other entities of your company on LinkedIn  Check you are affiliated to the correct company entity  Select from dropdown – do not hard-type name  Highlights from current role  What are your objectives?  How fit into overall organization  What have you achieved / delivered?  Why your company is a great place to work 16 TALENT SOLUTIONS
  16. 16. Your Skills Add your skills and expertise – and get endorsed Add skills Get endorsed 17 TALENT SOLUTIONS
  17. 17. Steps to a Successful Brand Let’s Build a Great Profile on LinkedIn 1) Real name – no email 2) Write a headline and craft your summary for your audience 3) Include a photo – put a face with your name 4) Connect thoughtfully and interact with your network 5) Update your status regularly – share relevant / interesting news, brand highlights – highlight HOT jobs 6) Add your work history and get recommendations 7) Include links to your company website, career page, relevant sector site 8) Create a vanity URL 9) Personalize your profile – brand not resume 18 TALENT SOLUTIONS
  18. 18. Value Of Plugins Drive traffic & User Engagement Maximize Return on Investment Productivity Improvements  Leveraging LinkedIn Follower Ecosystem to drive traffic to customer’s website  Maximize engagement around Jobs and LCPs leading to a greater return on investment  “Frictionless” integration between backend systems and LinkedIn platform  Promote more end user engagement  Extend the investment client has made (or is making) in LinkedIn  Provide better candidate experience TALENT SOLUTIONS
  19. 19. What Are LinkedIn APIs? Profile Groups Newsfeed Desktop Sites & Apps Company APIs LinkedIn Data Mobile Sites & Apps TALENT SOLUTIONS
  20. 20. Follow Company Plugin TALENT SOLUTIONS
  21. 21. Jobs You May Be Interested In Plugin TALENT SOLUTIONS
  22. 22. Company Insider Plugin TALENT SOLUTIONS
  23. 23. Drive Members To Your Corporate Career Page TALENT SOLUTIONS
  24. 24. LinkedIn Data – Behaviors and Profiles • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Name Job Title Company Industry Location Experience Education Groups Joined … Group Name Discussions Authors Likes Shares Follows Comments … Profile Groups Company Newsfeed • Company Name • Company Size • Industry • Products & Services • Followers • Company Updates … • Status Updates • Authors • Likes • Shares • Follows • Comments … TALENT SOLUTIONS
  25. 25. Combining With Other Data Google Maps data Hilton data LinkedIn data TALENT SOLUTIONS
  26. 26. ATS Integration TALENT SOLUTIONS
  27. 27. Being very creative ( TALENT SOLUTIONS
  28. 28. Thank you TALENT SOLUTIONS 29