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FMS - Riders on the Storm

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FMS - Riders on the Storm

  2. 2. What is the product How will the product Who will use the How it will generate we are offering ? be distributed ? product ? money ? DISTRIBUTIONNEED-GAP PRODUCT TARGETING AND FINANCIAL SUSTAINIBILITY ANDANALYSIS FEATURES POSITIONING ANALYSIS MODEL PROMOTION
  3. 3. Need-Gap Analysis 8 Unique Visitors – BRIC Countries Entertainment – The BLOCKBUSTER Category• India is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 • Entertainment category has 89% reach, still lower than months WW average of 94.1%• India’s explosive online growth to continue, as most online • Entertainment added 15 million UV’s in the last 12 categories show below average penetration compared to months global averages • Growth comes from bollywood video and music content Source – Rise of India’s Digital Consumer, ComScore, July 2012
  4. 4. Need-Gap Analysis Customer Insights “I don’t mind paying for “For Bollywood Willingness to If a customer thinks a product apps as long as they movies, I just refer to The existing Competition sets him apart, he has no provide me with a utility pay TOI or google, and competition is qualms about paying for it that sets me or my phone to very weak, and apart” download songs. disintegrated IMDB doesn’t provide “I only buy DVDs of a as much info” Consumers pay for movie or show if there originals only as if they Extras are some extras or get “something extra” minisodes or director’s cut clippings” Accessories The consumers need“I really like some There exists a “Why should I pay fordresses and accessories market for movie to be made aware of streaming a moviethat actresses wear accessories that Issues the advantages of online when I can is currently non- streaming over simply download it?”during the movies, but existent downloadinghave no way of buying orgetting info about them” • More than 75% of the customers wouldn’t mind paying more than Rs. 100 for movie related subscriptions/apps • Features like movie streaming, song downloads, extra clippings and movie accessories top the list for customers
  5. 5. Need-Gap Analysis Competitive Analysis – Music Sites Positive Negative Particulars Download Facility Music Reviews Discussion Forum Personalized Playlists Radio Stations Music Videos Music Charts Mobile Apps Popularity Excessive Ads Cluttered Website
  6. 6. Need-Gap Analysis Competitive Analysis – Movie Sites Positive Negative www.rottentomatoes. com ParticularsMovie Trailers/ClipsBox OfficeDiscussion ForumGenre CategorizationMovie Purchase/RentalMovie StreamingMovie RatingsMobile AppsPopularityMovie News and GossipWebsite Attractiveness
  7. 7. Need-Gap Analysis Need-Gap Analysis +EXISTING NEED EXISTING NEED + + + + =
  8. 8. Presenting… where the reel world comes alive!
  9. 9. Product FeaturesROLLINGCAMERA.COM – Mobile Version Latest Photos, Red Menu Options – Carpets Galleries Songs, Streaming etc. Upcoming Movies and Latest News and Trailers Updates BOX Office Updates Sizzling Gossip Connect with Rolling Camera on Facebook
  10. 10. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features Bollywood Database Model CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT Key aspects: • Trailers of all latest movies Key aspects: • DISCUSSION FORUM:Key aspects: • Behind the scene clips • Top grossing movies: Movie Buzz• Movies rated by experts • Bloopers and Minisodes • Weekly TV Buzz as well as audience • Monthly Movie Star Buzz• Different weights • Yearly Trailers/Cli • QUIZZES AND GAMES assigned to different • Most searched movies ps • WIKIPEDIA MODEL: kind of users rankings Box in past week/month Editing rights given to Movie Office • “Oomph Meter” for• Cumulative and industry critics Ratings Updates Stars comprehensive ranking BOLLYWOOD assigned to movie MOVIE PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP DATABASE Key aspects: Movie Greatest • MEMBERSHIP FEE:Key aspects: • List of greatest movies Reviews Movie INR 99/month• Reviews by expert of all time Listing • BENEFITS: critics Movie • List of greatest movies• Audience review with News/Gos by People Database votes by other audience sip • Genre Company Contacts• Prizes for best monthly • Year Demo Reels review Key aspects: • Decade Resumes • Upcoming releases • Worst movies of all Job Listings • Info on movie Premieres time Industry Connections • Latest gossip from around town
  11. 11. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features Paid Movie Streaming • 52% of the total videos belong to the entertainment category • YouTube top channels are related to Bollywood – Tseries, Vevo, Eros, Shemaroo, Rajshri • Survey Results corroborate: - 28% of the people surveyed willing to pay for Movie Streaming - 16% look for movie streaming on movie sites Video Viewers Growth in India• The Netflix streaming model has been very successful in the US Schemes Competition Major USP - Streaming subscribers amounting to 25.1 million* in the US •Rent a movie for Rs. 50 •Major lack of •Variety, all movies & 4.3 million outside US for a duration of 24 competition in the available, sorted by hours Indian scenario genre - 8.6 million subscribers of the DVD rental service. The total •Monthly subscription, currently •Suggestions based on digital revenue - $1.5 billion unlimited movies – Rs. • Only a few production prior movies chosen 150 houses have their •Special features for• Major challenge in India is the slow internet speed (112th movies available for loyal customers! •Annual Subscription, globally)** unlimited movies – Rs. streaming, no site with - Currently 1 Mbps; 2 Mbps preferable for streaming 1200 all movies - Growth of >20% last year * Source – Yahoo! Finance **Source - Akamai Report on Internet Speed in India, Aug 2012
  12. 12. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features KABOOTAR JAA! • “Its just the price of an Pricing SMS, but the experience is Priceless!"Send your favourite Bollywood Dialogue to yourfriends and loved onesView the Most Popular Dialogues You can also dedicate songs which would direct them to the stream link on the website!Several Genres to be selected from Different genres to choose from! • Create different groups! Publish your dedication on your FB/twitter page Other • Add new contactsFeatures • Create custom messages!
  13. 13. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features GameZone! Game Zone! • Free Demos! • Play together with your friends online on BBM, Whatsapp! • Bollywood theme based games • Personalise the actors and characters to your choice
  14. 14. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features Bollywood Boutique PEEPS!“Wear what your favourite starswear!” “Have a PEEP at what your favourite celebs are up to ”• Online shop for accessories • Follow your favourite celebs used/worn in movies! and their updates on their• Search by movie or celebrity! official Facebook/Twitter pages• Get information on the • Add/remove celebs at will! dresses, where to buy, brand • Features also include etc. retweet/reply/comment
  15. 15. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features Additional Features BE A MOVIE STAR! CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES MOVIE QUIZZES AND COMPETITIONS• Chance to be a part of movies by • Buy what you see on movie stars • Bi-weekly online quizzes acclaimed Directors • Inbuilt store for clothes and accessories in • Various competitions judging members’• Tie up with filmmakers the website Bollywood accumen• Will provide filmmakers with extras for • Platform for actors to auction their popular • Audio-Visual Quizzes in addition to regular their movies by a lucky draw on our site outfits/accessories from movies quizzes• Only 1 year movie streaming subscribers • See all outfits worn in a movie at the click • Actor/Director/Movie/Music themed eligible for lucky draw of a button quizzes• Filmmakers get “extras” for free • A complete Bollywood Fashion and • Cumulative top scorer of the year gets free• We increase our customer base accessories store annual membership
  16. 16. Need-Gap Product Analysis Features More Additional Features! Trivia and interesting An inventory of every facts about the movie movie ever released Radio shows Kids Movie and Game interviewing directors and actors Entertainment Online movie Famous Quotes from discussion groups/forums Movies
  17. 17. Targeting & Positioning Internet Users in India – Demographic Distribution Why Target this Group? Increasing disposable income with the population Increasing trend of online retailing and spend on paid apps and online musicTarget stores shows a strong willingness to spendGroup With 124 million internet users, India is at a 10% internet penetration. Thus, tremendous scope for growth Major segment (>66%) of movie viewing audience also lies in the age segment of 15-40 years “With the growing popularity of cable, internet and satellite,• 75% of the audience is below the age of 35 years, makes it small to medium budget films are expected to increasingly one of the youngest online population shift towards these mediums as opposed to conventional• Females form 39.3% of the total audience theatrical release that entails huge marketing and• Highest growth seen among 15-24 male and female distribution expenditure.” - Deloitte Report – “Media & segments Entertainment in India Digital Road Ahead” Source – Rise of India’s Digital Consumer, ComScore, July 2012
  18. 18. Targeting & PositioningBollywood Movie Database Movie Accessory Search + Store Paid Movie Streaming The GO-TO place for Bollywood Magic - Comprehensive Bollywood Website… and MORE!! Mobile Apps & Bollywood ThemedMovie behind the scenes! Games Original song paid download
  19. 19. Need-Gap Distribution & Analysis Promotion Promotions – Traditional And Digital MediaONLINE Online Marketing Reach Effectiveness Cost Involved Customer Trust Social Media HIGH HIGH LOW MEDIUMOFFLINE Offline Cost Customer Reach Effectiveness Advertising Campaigns Advertising Involved Trust • Introduction of brand campaign MEDIUM- • Best medium to communicate with buyer TV Ad Campaign HIGH HIGH MEDIUM HIGH • Reaches remotest location • Increases trust and awareness • Short Radio Ads Radio Campaign MEDIUM MEDIUM MEDIUM LOW-MEDIUM • Emphasis on Tagline • Use of Tagline as jingle Top 5 slots occupied by Entertainment HUGE POPULARITY FOR MUSIC/VIDEOS ONLINE Channels. Top 4 slots occupied by Movie/Music GREAT POTENTIAL FOR ANY PROSPECTIVE ALL- Websites ENCOMPASSING BOLLYWOOD WEBSITE
  20. 20. Need-Gap Distribution & Analysis Promotion Digital Media Promotions Social Media Marketing Social • Multi Way (Brand <-> Direct Media Customer, Customer <-> Marketing Marketing Customer) “Lead “Customer • Participatory Generation” Engagement” • User Generated Brand Marketing “Image and Reputation” Promotional Campaigns Through Social Media WEEKLY WINNER MOVIE QUIZZES AND COMPETITIONS • One Member of the month • On social media sites to begin with• Gets movie tickets via a lucky draw •Highly interactive, involving real time quizzing
  21. 21. Need-Gap Financial Analysis Analysis FINANCIAL ANALYSIS – REVENUE STREAM One time movie rental users 59062 63%Internet Users in India 125000000 Movies rented per month (approx) 2Target Population 15-34 yrs One time movie rental fee 50 Revenue generated from one time users 5906200Target Population by volume 93750000 75%Penetration rate for paid services 0.30% Subscribers for 1-month video subscription 32812 35% 1-month video subscription fee 150Revenue generating customer base 93750 Revenue generated from 1-month videoSubscribers for Database Platinum Services 9375 10% subscription 4921875 Subscribers for 1-year video subscription 1875 2%Subscription Fee per month 99 1-year video subscription fee 1200Revenue generated from database services 928125 Revenue generated from 1-year video subscription 2250000 Propensity to pay for add-on services 70313 25% Add-on Revenue Revenue per user (average - in Rs) 250 Total Revenue generated from add-on services 17578125 Revenues generated from subscriptions and add-ons 31584375
  22. 22. Need-Gap Financial Analysis Analysis ADD-ON REVENUES – SCENARIO ANALYSIS REVENUE EARNED ON ADD ONS 281250 Revenue per user (in Rs) 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 5% 14063 703125 1406250 2109375 2812500 3515625 4218750 4921875 5625000 6328125 7031250 10% 28125 1406250 2812500 4218750 5625000 7031250 8437500 9843750 11250000 12656250 14062500 15% 42188 2109375 4218750 6328125 8437500 10546875 12656250 14765625 16875000 18984375 21093750 Percentage 20% 56250 2812500 5625000 8437500 11250000 14062500 16875000 19687500 22500000 25312500 28125000 User Conversion 25% 70313 3515625 7031250 10546875 14062500 17578125 21093750 24609375 28125000 31640625 35156250 30% 84375 4218750 8437500 12656250 16875000 21093750 25312500 29531250 33750000 37968750 42187500 35% 98438 4921875 9843750 14765625 19687500 24609375 29531250 34453125 39375000 44296875 49218750 40% 112500 5625000 11250000 16875000 22500000 28125000 33750000 39375000 45000000 50625000 56250000 45% 126563 6328125 12656250 18984375 25312500 31640625 37968750 44296875 50625000 56953125 63281250 50% 140625 7031250 14062500 21093750 28125000 35156250 42187500 49218750 56250000 63281250 70312500
  23. 23. Need-Gap Financial Analysis Analysis PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4Subscription Fee 1,40,06,250.00 3,08,13,750.00 6,77,90,250.00 14,91,38,550.00Add on Services 1,75,78,125.00 3,86,71,875.00 8,50,78,125.00 18,71,71,875.00Total Revenue 3,15,84,375.00 6,94,85,625.00 15,28,68,375.00 33,63,10,425.00CMS and E-Commerce per year 20,00,000.00 20,00,000.00 20,00,000.00 20,00,000.00Front End Development 10,00,000.00 2,00,000.00 2,00,000.00 2,00,000.00Developer and Tester Wages 50,00,000.00 55,00,000.00 60,50,000.00 66,55,000.00Maintenance 20,00,000.00 25,00,000.00 31,25,000.00 39,06,250.00Server Cost 5,00,000.00 1,00,000.00 1,00,000.00 1,00,000.00Movie/Music Rights Costs 6,00,00,000.00 6,00,00,000.00 12,00,00,000.00 12,00,00,000.00Total Expenses 7,05,00,000.00 7,03,00,000.00 13,14,75,000.00 13,28,61,250.00EBT -3,89,15,625.00 -8,14,375.00 2,13,93,375.00 20,34,49,175.00Tax - - 64,18,012.50 6,10,34,752.50PAT -3,89,15,625.00 -8,14,375.00 1,49,75,362.50 14,24,14,422.50 First profit recorded in 3rd year Break-Even recorded in 4th year Ref :
  24. 24. Sustainability Model Short Term Medium Term Long Term • Building up the Database • Increase the content and database • Expand to website for TV series • Focus on Marketing • Target more customer groups • Expand to Hollywood Movies • Increasing the popularity of the products • Target audience outside India • Introduction of New Apps • Creation of Distribution channels • Expand to separate website for ticket • Strengthening the product Positioning BookingFACT- 11% Revenue of Bollywood Movies are from Outside India.There is unavailability of a medium to access Bollywood more often. Rolling Camera will leverage on this existing need and spread awareness.
  25. 25. Appendix
  26. 26. Appendix - Survey Results Which Mobile apps would Internet use for Features you look for on internet sites you be interested in Movies for movies 10% Movie reviews Movie streaming 8% 32% Yes 16% Movie updates 37% 46% Actors 68% No 24% Gossip columns 19% tweets/facebook Updates Wallpaper downloads 19% Photos/clips/trailers 17% What are the features 4% Songs How much are you willing to payYou will be willing to pay for Use of iTunes/Paid Apps on Mobile for Apps on a monthly basis Movie Streaming 4% < Rs. 30 Downloading songs 25% 9% Rs. 30-50 23% 28% Behind the scenes Yes 15% 44% Rs. 50-100 videos/Minisodes/Extras Bollywood themed games Rs. 100-250 15% No 9% 17% 75% Rs. 250-500 Accessories/Dresses from the 13% movies 19% > Rs. 500 4% None