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ISB - Pikturewale


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ISB - Pikturewale

  1. 1. PikturewaleAchintya Gupta | Varun Parwal | Rama Aditya Akella | Puneet Gupta Indian School of Business
  2. 2. Context
  3. 3. Short movie market 7% of all videos on YouTube are either films or animation videos. 80% of them are < 15 minutes in length (source)64% of online video is consumed at work.13% of this content are short films (shortmovies, TV shows) – (source)
  4. 4. Short movie market College Humor , a short film channel on YouTube has 3 million+ subscribers. The viral fever , an India based short film channel has 3 million+ viewsProduction houses like Pixar make shortfilms and currently use YouTube topromote them Movieola – a niche short film channel in Canada generated $2.3 million in revenue in 2011 (source)
  5. 5. OpportunityEven with a huge market potential, today , there is no popular onlinedestination that leverages shortmovie market in a way that bothmovie viewers and movie makers canbe benefitted
  6. 6. Stakeholders and their unmet needs Content Viewer Content creator Content promoter [Current consumers [movie [production of short films on makers, students of house, local brands YouTube, enthusiasts movie making] looking for ads / and their friends]  They want their videos] Interested in creation to beseen moviechannels onto get Short They want YouTube watching short by lots of people on best talent for like College Humor Show and Q - movie content but a relevant platform get millions of hitsad tiyapa their movie / feel it is not easy to production  They want to  Enormous amount want best is They of content find artists on connect to like created by artists, art their YouTube content for minded people students, ad film makers,/ movies promotions niche
  7. 7. What we learnt from our primary research [with content creators]‚ The industry needs ‚There is definitely asuch a platform to demand for shortspromote budding films not just in Indiaartists. But then you but globally. Thereneed to ask yourself are properties likewhy will someone ‘culture unplugged’put content here‛ and ‘karmatube’ in -Ayush Rajvanshi short movie market. (short film maker) -Nitin Das (Short film maker)Key InsightsThere is definitely a need and demand for such a property in short moviespaceThe property should have reasons for content creators to create contentand viewers to come back again It should be differentiated from YouTube, Vimeo and some niche short movie
  8. 8. Product
  9. 9. What is Pikturewale• Short movie broadcasting platform that helps movie makers showcase their creations and movie lovers discover the best content – Online community of movie film lovers built around passion for short film format – Recommends best content to visitors based on their choice of genre, past preferences and what others like them have liked / voted on the site – Recognizes and rewards best content creators in the community based on the
  10. 10. Pikturewale for web Users can come tothe site to enjoy freeand uninterruptedcontent (no ads)They can choose thegenre[humor, , animation, ads, regional] and bestcontent would berecommended tothemProfiles, forumsand connections to
  11. 11. Pikturewale for tablet Movie discovery atyour finger tipsHas all thefunctionality andproduct attributes ofthe website designedfor the ipad to makethe experience good Fluid widthdesign, AdaptiveCSS, and HTML5integration to suityour tablet’s design
  12. 12. Pikturewale for mobile With the penetrationof mobiles andsmartphonesproliferating inIndia, Pikturewale formobile has beendesigned to meet yourbasic functionality ofthe website A calendar appspecifically designedfor mobile and tabletbased usage will beavailable for
  13. 13. Stakeholders and how the platform impacts their life Content Viewers Content creator Content promoter [production Now they gets to  Gets a community of house, brands enjoy the best short likeminded and looking for ads] films based on passionate people to recommendations showcase talent  Short movie  Gets a platform channels on YouTube from community and where he can find like College Humor Show and Q - the type of content  Gets to support his tiyapa get millions of hits best talent, get the they want future projects [ upcoming movie more in upcoming makers for future  Enormous amount of content isTheir experience is slides on created by artists, movies and ads / art not interrupted by ‘Pikturewale students, ad film makers, niche launch contest to
  14. 14. How will Pikturewale make money? Pikturewaleprojects1. Brands/ local businesses can post projects on Pikturewale to crowd source ideas for ads2.Content creators can sign up for projects, submit ads/ storyboards / ideas3.Brands chose the
  15. 15. How will Pikturewale make money? Pikturewale featured videos: Content creators can post short films for free but if the want to promote their content and get more eyeballs, they will have to pay a premium
  16. 16. marketing How are we managers say different from about YouTube / Vimeo Pikturewalle ‚ As a marketing manager, , I will Niche – focused at short movie format projects definitely be interested in such a platform that can give me new ideas and talent. Brands have smallerCommunity – focused at budgets for local promotions and connecting like minded such platforms can be tried there. movie enthusiasts Moreover , a brand typically spends 30 lakh – 1 crore on ads / videos. Artists and ideas recruited fromSpecialized – focused at here will be way more economic‛ getting artists as content ‚This is surely a good idea. Even - Neetika Chaudhari ( ex – brand creators though creating campaigns through director , global fast food major) crowdsourcing is a novel concept in No ads – focused at movie India, as long as you can create quality internet campaign material watching as an experience with minimal effort from the client’s side, the idea has tremendous potential‛
  17. 17. Marketing and distribution for Pikturewale
  18. 18. Target segments Content Viewer Content creator Content Promoter Net savvy Young ambitious filmWho are appreciators of makers who want to Brands, localthey? video content who use digital businesses currently go to technologies to , production houses YouTube, Vimeo for showcase their looking for new / watching short content and connect fresh campaign ideas movies but are with like-minded and talented movie looking for better  Short movie channels on YouTube people makersAdoption content like College Humor Show and Q -curve tiyapa get millions of hits Mix of Mix ofWhere to Mix of innovators, early  Enormous amount of content is innovators, earlyfind them? innovators, early adopters and late created by artists, art and late adopters adopters and late adopters adopters students, ad film makers, niche
  19. 19. Marketing mix Product Price Place PromotionShort movie Site is free for Content posting and Phase 1 (Month 1-6):broadcasting viewers to view viewing available Awareness -platform that helps content and free for free of cost on Promotion focusedmovie makers creators to post web, iOS and on buildingshowcase their content. There will Android devices awareness and trialcreations and movie be no adlovers discover the interruptions content Plans to partner Phase 2 (month 7-12): Brand will pay Rs. with reputed local Engagement – Focus onBuilds a community 5000 to register films festivals to generating repeatof short movie their projects and screen popular visits, recommendatilovers and Rs. 10000 on flicks on ons, word of mouthfacilitates connect selection of idea [on to and conversationsbetween like minded top on reward their festival
  20. 20. More ideas on marketing the productPhase 1 : Building Awareness Use Google, Facebook, Banner ads on other video websites to pull traffic Blogger put reach program – coverage in leading tech and media blogs like mashable, etc Contest in colleges to build excitement and generate contentPhase 2: Engage users Partnership with local film festivals to screen best short films in festivals Offline movie screening events hosted by Pikturewale where movies are screened offline at public places and anyone can watch them. People can request for specific movies by logging on to the site.
  21. 21. Financial model
  22. 22. Rolling out the marketing Awareness ( 1-6 plan Engage ( 7-12 Monetize ( 13-24 month)Focus exclusively on month) Once we have started month) Post building a strongbuilding awareness receiving content for user base, focus onthrough the site, shift focus to attracting brands toCollege competitions connecting with users harness the creative(college, city & national Community screenings power of our platformlevel competitions) Run feature programs on Position as a highlyOnline ads celebrated artists creative, cost-effectiveDevelop compatible apps Engage users through advertising platformacross platforms Facebook, LinkedIn and Provide free competitionServer and hosting other social forums hosting service to adMaintenance and support makers, creative agencies and brandsMarketing B2B advertising Business Development
  23. 23. The platform has strong ROI potential – our ROI analysis•We expect an initial investment of INR25 million suggests an impressive return on investment of 37% •We have a multi-layered revenue model for attracting brands to use our platform: •Charge a basic fee of INR5,000 for setting up creative contests only upon receipt of entry •Charge an additional fee of INR10,000 upon short listing of interesting entriesin INR unless otherwise mentionede Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5Total •Provide consultancy services to the brands in setting up problem98,250,000 Revenue generated 1,187,500 6,312,500 26,446,875 59,500,000Cost breakdown statements for a feeCost of sales 3,225,000 2,150,000 2,475,000 3,037,500 3,948,750 •Provide access to premium listings and 166%Sales & marketing costs--- % of total revenue 5,074,531 promotional services for42,969,600 10,487,266 20,019,465 76% 31,166,117 52% an44% additional feeR&D costs--- % of total revenue 315,625 5% 2,644,688 10% 8,925,000 15% 19,650,000 20%Miscellaneous costs 1,659,906 2,211,521 3,374,170 3,420,362 3,518,876Total operational costs 9,959,438 15,164,412 28,513,322 46,548,978 70,087,226--- % of total revenue 240% 108% 78% 71%EBITDA -8,771,938 -8,851,912 -2,066,447 12,951,022 28,162,774% margin 22% 29%See detailed financial model here
  24. 24. Challenges
  25. 25. ChallengesSeamless StreamingHow to build a seamless streaming experience for consumerswith limited internet bandwidthSeedingThe initial content creator will want audience, the initialaudience will want content creatorsDifferentiationFrom existing video channels [although a lot of our focus hasgone into creating a differentiation]MonetizationHow many projects / month should be posted on site to break