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IIM L - ConArtists


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IIM L - ConArtists

  1. 1. DIRECTI CASESTUDY CONTEST Team: ConArtists Sairam Kandaswami Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow Cine Vue - A window to tinseltown
  2. 2. Executive Summary Cine Vue – A Comprehensive Movie Portal - Comprehensive, veritable data on Indian movies1 The Product - DVD purchase option comparing multiple online vendors - VOD service for parallel cinema on site, access to BigFlix for other movies - Film Making portal bringing together industry stalwarts and aspirants Target audience segmented into two brackets2 The Market - General Audience: 18-34 years old, educated - Focused Groups: Production houses, independent producers etc. Key Marketing Initiatives - Use of social media to aid in WOM advertising Marketing3 Strategy - Use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads for online advertising - Affiliate marketing using collaboration with Bigflix and Bookmyshow - Direct marketing in the form of college shows and events Main Revenue Streams Revenue - Selling Targeted Advertising space on the website4 Streams - Revenue sharing agreement with affiliate partners like BigFlix - Subscription revenue from aspiring writers and producers - Sale of video-on-demand (VOD) service relating to parallel cinema
  3. 3. 1 Agenda 1 State of the Film Industry 2 Internet in India 3 Gap Analysis – Movie Portals 4 Our Product 5 Marketing Strategy 6 Monetization Plan
  4. 4. 2 State of the Film Industry Industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% Distribution of revenue across sources 150.3 Industry Size in INR Billion C&S Rights Ancillary 134.5 11% Revenue Streams 121.1 5% 109.7 Home Video 100 2% 92.9 83.3 Overseas Theatrical 8% Domestic Theatrical 2010 2011 2012P 2013P 2014P 2015P 2016P 74% Home Video to decrease at an annual rate of 15% 2 1.7 1.4 1.2 1 0.9 2011 2012E 2013P 2014P 2015P 2016P Source: Digital Dawn – FICCI & KPMG Report on Indian M&E Industry 2012
  5. 5. 3 Internet in India Internet Penetration expected to reach ~30% by 2015 Broadband connections expected to reach 39 million by 2015400 35% 29.50%350 30%300 21.70% 25%250 15.30% 20%200 15%150 9.80% 6.60% 10%100 5% 50 5% 60 80 120 190 273 376 0 0% 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E Unique users (millions) Penetration (%) Entertainment sector added 15mn unique online visitors Internet Access from other devices 55.8 Tablets 47.8 Smartphone % Mobile traffic 43.6 40.6 41.1 0.17 PCs/Laptop % Mobile traffic 26 No. of units % Mobile traffic 0.5mn 23 No. of units 33mn % Total traffic No. of units 1 - % Total traffic 2 Jul 11 Oct 11 Jan 12 Apr 12 Jul 12 % Total traffic 92 Source: India Goes Digital – Report by Avendus, Rise of India’s Digital Consumer - Comscore
  6. 6. 4 GlamSham (India) and IMDb (USA) – A Comparison 2 2 4 1 3 3 Accurate Easy Content Navigatio1 Too many ads tend to put the user off n 1 No ads on the home page Low Ad visibility2 Navigation is not in focus 2 Navigation is kept in focus3 Highlight is on latest news not content 3 Limited news on homepage Movie Portal Design4 Online booking feature not clearly visible 4 Online booking feature clearly visible5 No info on regional films or parallel films 5 Info on parallel films available Source: Websites
  7. 7. 5 Gap Analysis – Movie Portals National International GlamSham BoxOfficeIndia IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic Box Office Available Available Available Available Available Updates Comprehensive Movie Not Available Not Available Available Not Available Available Data Movie Reviews In-house Review Not Available Available Available Available Not indexed by Not indexed by Movie News Indexed Available Not Available movie movie DVD/ VOD Our Focus Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Availability Online Movie Via partners Not Available Via partners Available Not Available Bookings Basic Analytics Analytics Not Available Advanced Not Available Not Available Available Movie Making Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Other Device Not Available Not Available Available Available Not Available Support Source: Websites
  8. 8. 6 Analysis of International Movie Portals RottenTomatoes IMDb Metacritic Percentage of traffic 24.2% 27.9% 18% from search engines Average time on site 3.5 minutes 4.2 minutes 2.75 minutes Importance of SEO Site visits preceding Google, IMDb, Facebook Google, Facebook Google, Facebook this General Audience 18-34 yr old, Educated 18-34 yr old, Educated 18-34 yr old, Educated Positives Content Content, Speed, Deals - Target Audience Negatives Slow speed - - Source: Alexa Search Analytics
  9. 9. 7 Our Product - Features Aggregate movie Create a paid reviews from service wherein multiple reliable independent Box Office sources. Create afilmmakers can post Updates custom score based their ideas to be on user and critic viewed by studios reviews Movie Movie Making Reviews Features Online Collaborate with Collaborate with Movie VOD BookmyShow to Availability BigFlix to show Bookings show the show movie availability timings on the on the website. Also website. Charge on provide VOD for a per transaction parallel cinema basis from the website
  10. 10. 8 Technical Aspects of Product Design On Demand ServiceOn demand service Price Comparison Cloud hosting Web Service Video-on-demand (e.g. Amazon Cloud) Database containing Web-based interface movie info (MySQL) using PHP/ JavaDaily Batch Film Review Aggregator Web Crawler CNN-IBN Movies Rediff Movies Yahoo Movies TOI
  11. 11. 9 Mockup Screen #1 – Home Page UserID Password Login Search for a movie Search Functionality CineVu e Movies Home Video Film Making hangout Week’s Top Earners Box Office News Son of Sardar 12.6 crores Skyfall 8 crores Chakravyuh 6.5 crores Ajab Gajab 5.7 crores Newscast Associate Partners Son of Sardar opens to a full house in all major centers “Yash Chopra’s last is his tribute to the film industry” - Adi Aamir Khan’s Talaash set to release next week Rani Mukherjee out of Prakash Jha’s next venture Latest News
  12. 12. 10 Mockup Screen #2 - MoviesWelcome Rajiv Your Account Search for a movie MOVIES CineVu Rating computed e Movies Home Video Film Making hangout based on user (30%) and expert Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II – 115 min 8/10 Related Videos ratings (70%) Breaking Dawn Part 2 Director: Bill Condon Trailer 1 Writers: Melissa Trailer 2 Rosenberg, Stephanie Meyer Premiere Night Plot Summary: After the birth Interview with Kristen Stewart (more) of Renesmee, Cullens. (more) Collaboration with Other Details Cinema Show timings BookmyShow Official Site PVR – Lucknow Release Date 1.15 3.30 4.15 6.30 9.00 Budget 10.55 (more) Online Reviews Sponsored Links Advertisements Twilight series at 45% discount sold to bidders Breaking Dawn www.bookstore.comTwilight Amit N (TOI) continues to…… Watch Movies for free The last part of Nisha S (CNN) the series does.. Aggregated Expert Reviews
  13. 13. 11 Mockup Screen #3 – Home Video Welcome Rajiv Your Account Search for a movie CineVu Store Price Shipping HOME Video Home VIDEO e Movies Film Making hangout 299 FREE Sponsored Links Video on Demand serviceLatest on DVD 299 FREE Watch Movies for free Compare Compare Compare Compare 275 FREELatest on VOD 299 FREE View Now Associate Partners 275 FREE Rs. 50 Rs. 50 Rs. 50 Rs. 50 VOD service operated by Cine Vue for parallel cinema Movies, E-commerce websites shown are for indicative purposes only
  14. 14. 12 Mockup Screen #4 – Film MakingWelcome Rajiv Your Account Search for a movie CineVu FILM MAKING For the Writer e Movies Home Video Film Making hangout Premium service based on yearly subscription Platform to share ideas with other members and film industry Submit Option to add suitable cast for the story Discuss Pen down your ideas here For the Studio Request Contact Platform for identifying talent and exciting plots Logs in and Requests Contact. Can then view the post and discuss if needed Feature includes discussion rooms where industry and aspirants can interact
  15. 15. 13 Defining the Target Audience Target Audience General Audience Focused Groups Segmentation • 18 – 34 years old • Serious cinema lovers • Educated • Studios/Producers • Computer Literate • Aspiring scriptwriters and movie buffs Based on the Gartner HypeGeneral Audience CycleTotal Population: 1.24 billion Adoption time for technologiesAged 15-64: ~800 million like online video is 2-5 yearsAged 18-34: ~400 million* Adoption RateInternet Penetration: 20%* Experience fromTarget Market Size: ~80 million reveals that ~4-5 Years the time to attain the critical massFocused Groups is around 6 yearsLarge production houses: ~20 Considering a better informed audience today, the time to adoption should be around 5 years * Assuming 50% of the population over 15 years lies in the target bracket  Source: * Assuming internet penetration is higher for the target sector  Source: India Census 2011
  16. 16. 14 Marketing Strategy – Action Plan Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Engaging the Attracting the Engaging the GeneralObjective Awareness General serious movie production Audience goers houses Social media Affiliate TV TV Plan marketing Direct marketing Affiliate Direct marketing Events marketing Online SEM Direct marketing Social media Events Snippets of Cost-benefit Reward points &Incentives Reward points gift vouchers discussions held analysis of on the portal creating a plot
  17. 17. 15 Marketing Initiatives – Phase 1 Objective To create general awareness about the product and its features Direct Marketing Leverage Social Media to add/discard features in the productCollege road shows and events outside movie theatres Employ Facebook, Twitter as customer engagement toolsOrganize fun events around movies in colleges and designatecollege ambassadors from 10 colleges Use the social media as a tool to build the customer base for WOM advertisingAmbassadors will have the responsibility of contributinginformation to the portal Increase movie count while Engage the customer group using quizzes and movie trivia maintaining quality control Online advertising Use Google Adsense to determine which strategic sites to place ads on Advertise using Facebook Ads to increase the reach of the product
  18. 18. 16 Marketing Initiatives – Phase 2 Objective Engaging the target audience and establishing the brand name in the movie portal business Search Engine Marketing Collaborative PromotionsUse targeted online ads using Google Adwords to attract the Collaborate with the affiliate partners to design integratedattention of the target sector. Use the cost per click basis. promotional materialUse SEO to rewrite code so that it is displayed within to the For e.g. Cine Vue can be portrayed as a one stop solution totop 20 results in a search the movie purchase decision Affiliate Marketing The Rewards System – Vue PointsCine Vue, BigFlix and Bookmyshow all have complementary All members registering in the first six months will bebusinesses with strong correlation awarded 50 Vue pointsIntegrated marketing approach to be employed with cross- All campus ambassadors will be allotted additional 100 Vuemarketing across platforms pointsPlace ads on each others’ sites at distinct locations Redemption will be as follows: each Vue point is equal to Rs. 0.51% of revenue of each sale conversion will be awarded to thecorresponding party Other members can earn points through movie review contribution subject to quality checks i.e. blind review policy with each review ratified by two other members
  19. 19. 17 Marketing Initiatives – Phase 3 & 4 Objective Attract the attention of the serious movie going audience and production houses TV Advertisements Advertise in between movies at cinema hallsChallenge is in reaching out to a less accessible audience This is also an expensive mode of advertising but warranted at this stageCreate attention grabbing television ads that will target theserious cinema lovers. Advertise in the leading theatre chains in the main cities and towns in the countryFocus should be on the informational value and the credibilityof the business. Advertise mainly on the movie channels Can later be extended to include other cities Events Sponsor some major events related to cinema such as an exhibition Collaborate with leading theatres like Prithvi Theatre and the NCPA to organize discussions between eminent personalities and regular contributors on the site
  20. 20. 18 Monetization Plan – Revenue Stream 1 Stream 1 Advertising Revenue from selling advertising space on the website 1. Targeted Ads directed at our customers Sponsored Links Video on Demand serviceWe will use the cost per click (CPC) method while www.VOdforfree.comcharging the advertisers on our website Watch Movies for free www.freemovies.comCustomers will be delivered contextual ads based ontheir search on the websiteAdvertisers will be charged Rs. 350 per 1000 clicksTarget advertiser base in this case will be sites sellingmovie related items such as merchandise, DVDs etc.We will also sell a portion of the advertising space on ahighest bid format to leading e-commerce sites
  21. 21. 19 Monetization Plan – Revenue Stream 2 to 4 Partnerships with affiliates Revenue from aspirants and studios Sales from the VOD service 2. Revenue Sharing with the affiliate 3. Differential pricing for aspirants and 4. Video-on-Demand service partners and BigFlix will Aspiring artists will be charged an We will provide a VOD servicebe used as a part of the affiliate annual subscription charge of Rs. focusing on parallel cinema alone tonetwork for marketing 3000 for posting their ideas on the the customers siteThe revenue sharing between the The service will be available on aparties will be based on conversion The slightly steep price is to keep per movie basis or on an annualof sales away non-serious customers subscription basisBigFlix will be charged 1% of every Production houses will be charged The per movie charge will be Rs. 50transaction that is routed through an annual subscription fee of Rs. and the annual subscription fee willCine Vue 10000 be Rs. 1000 for watching upto 30 movies a will be also be In addition to this, the aspirants willcharged 1% of every transaction also be charged a fee of Rs. 500 forthat is routed from our site every contact with a production houseBoth parties will be paid a nominalamount upfront for showing Cine Production houses will be charged aVue adverts on their sites and fee of Rs. 2000 for every contactdiverting traffic to our site with an aspirant
  22. 22. 20 Financials Cost Analysis Revenue Analysis Amount Frequency Assumptions Frequen Amount Assumptions cyOne Time/ Annual Costs Annual RevenuesWeb Development Costs Film Making Subscription- Domain Name Regrt 535 One time - Individuals 1500000 Yearly Assuming 500 subscribers by year 2- Web Hosting 1000 Yearly - Studios 30000 Yearly Assuming 3 studios by year 2- Website Design 10000 One time VOD Subscription- Website Creation 2500 Per Page - Individuals 500000 Yearly Assuming 500 subscribers by year 2- Database Development 40000 One timeCloud Server Subscription 30000 Per Year Based on Amazon EC2 pricing On-going RevenuesOn-going Costs Target Market Size 80,000,000 Assuming 0.01% penetration (yearDatabase Maintenance 100000 Yearly User traffic 80000 2)Website Maintenance 60000 Yearly Based on estimate of 6 web developers and 3 Database Clicks per user 15 AssumptionSalaries 300000 Monthly administrators Rent estimates for Navi Mumbai (600 Total Clicks 1200000 YearlyRent 70000 Monthly sq ft) Target Advrt Revenue 420000 YearlyTV Advertising Site Referrals Revenue 800000 Yearly Assuming 4000 users for partners- Popular Channels 150000 30 secs Assuming 1000 viewers of parallel- News Channels 5000 30 secs No of VoD viewings 5000 cinema and 5 movies per userOnline Advertising VOD Revenue 250000- Google Ads 34.83 CPC (Test Run)- News Channels 8.8 CPC (Test Run)Search Engine Marketing- Paid Ads - - Same as above Initially outsourced. Can be done in-- SEO 7500 Monthly house later
  23. 23. 21 Organizational Structure Cine Vue CEO CTO CMOResponsible for finance, Business Marketing Relationship Engineering operations and other Development Managers Managers important decision making Responsible for overall Responsible for website management maintaining relations and enhancements with affiliate partners and roping in new ones
  24. 24. 22 Roadmap for the future Phase 4 Develop the portal for other devices like tablets etc. Month 24 onwards Phase 3 Implement the Phase 2,3,4 marketing plan Month 6 to Month 24 Phase 2 Implement the Phase 1 marketing plan Month 4 to Month 6 Phase 1 Develop the portal with all features Month 1 to Month 4
  25. 25. Thank You