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IIM L - Inferno


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IIM L - Inferno

  1. 1. Directi Case Study Competition 2012 Team InfernoNaveen | Satyajeet | Sudarsshan | Sushanth IIM Lucknow
  2. 2. TEAM APPROACH Industry Analysis- Secondary Research Consumer Insights- Primary Research Competitor Analysis Our Product- Based on Consumer Insights Segmentation - Target Group Marketing Plan Monetization Plan
  3. 3. SNAPSHOT OF INDIAN MOVIE INDUSTRY• Indian cinema reached 100 years milestone on April 21, 2012• Movies contributed $640 million to the Indian economy annually Size of Indian film industryMajor movie industries in India• Bollywood (Hindi movie industry)• Tollywood (Telugu movie industry)• Kollywood (Tamil movie industry)• Mollywood (Malayalam movie industry) Source - Whitepaper for Assocham Revenue breakdown: Indian film industry Growth drivers • Expansion of multiplex screens & increase in number of digital screens • Higher Cable & Satellite revenues • Ancillary revenue streams like DTH, digital downloads etc • Regional-language cinema (60% of all Indian movies) • Rise of new age user devices - Smart phones, tablets, PCs, gaming devices Source - Crisil Research
  4. 4. EMERGING NEW FILM INDUSTRY - SHORT FILMSShort film market is extremely large, Indian film makers have made a mark globallyPraveen Vattikola, Indian short filmmaker has directed, produced several award winningfilms, one of which received a Regional Emmy Award in the Arts & Science categoryAccess to short film festivals is facilitated by, Create-A-Space featureallows Independent filmmakers to sell their work • Indian short film, Chana was screened at the annual Cannes film festival(2012) • Few of the popular Indian short films are  Prarambha by Santosh Sivan (13m)  Satisfied??? by Aliakbar Campwala (8m)  Printed Rainbow by Gitanjali Rao (15m)  Little Terrorist by Ashvin Kumar (15m)  How to Mess Up in Love by Balaji (9m)  Arranges Marriage by Balaji (12m)
  5. 5. INTERNET IN INDIA Internet & Smart Phone trends in India Internet Users in Millions  Internet is mainly used for Social networking, Listening Music, Watching Movies and Gaming  19-40 year age group constitute nearly 85% of total internet users  Online Video Sites like YouTube receives 60 hours of uploads per minute and 4 bi views per day  Smart Phone users are shifting from TV to their phone for watching Movies and Serials(Zee News) India Online Retail business (Crores)Source: IAMAI-IMRB Survey, Assocham Report, Nielsen Survey, Zee News
  6. 6. PRIMARY RESEARCH- CONSUMER INSIGHTS I make many short Existing movie movies but there is no platform Our Offerings Website just provide information available to launch there is nothing it Platform to Launch more in them & Promote Short Nishant, Bhopal Movies Prashant Garg,Short Movie Maker Crisil Employee Platform for new I want to get I have new movie movie idea everything about ideas, but I don’t generation Movie at one place know how to make from Online tickets a movie Personalized to purchasing DVDs recommendation Bala,Student, Mandeep, Movies IIM Lucknow Business man Games, Goodies, acc essories I ask from my I love to collect friends about the Online memorabilia of good movie of my Movies but don’t style before streaming, Tickets, P know how to get it watching movies urchasing DVDs etc.. Kavita Sharma, Aashri , Employee- Interior Designer Applied Materials
  7. 7. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Critical Factors of Promise Comparison No Global in Cinema News Mediocre News, only Regularly updated nature videos New Movie Platform for new movie ideaIdea Generation Not Present Not Present Not Present generation Verified by Consumer Ratings and User Ratings Present Not Present IMDB feedback Done In- Not Present Present Review from freelancerCritics Reviews house critics for short films Community Not Present Not present Present Completely user driven forum Social Media More noise generated by Mediocre Strong Very Strong movie-buffs Presence Regional Prominent Not regularly Only popular Regional and Hindi content Content Presence updated content
  8. 8. TARGET GROUP Segmentation of Movie Goer Watching Movie is just Dedicated & Loyal toHave Some Time to Kill Count days to Big One Time Pass your favorite film The The Cult Film Squanderer Addict You snub "artsy fartsy" Knew only Few Never dig deep while Collect Memorabilia films because you thinkDirectors and Actors Watching Film they’re pretentious You go for substance and cherish a Have seen lot of films good, well-written across genres script The Art House Buff You like to discuss the You Just Don’t’ subtle messages and Watch, You Critique metaphors in the film
  9. 9. TARGET GROUP Target The Cult Film Addict Segment The Art House Buff Just Don’t Watch Desire to show their Movie, Make it movie to the world Target Short Movie Maker Segment Want Critique review & feedback on Movie Aspire for Fame made by me
  10. 10. UNIQUE FEATURES OF “MOVIE IN IT”- WHY YOU JOIN THIS SITE Integrated Platform for Movie Creators and Movie Watchers Short Movies Mobile Platform Launch of Short for Movies Movies Customer Personalized Movie Engagement- recommendations Games Platform for new idea generation
  11. 11. PRODUCT FEATURE Short Launch of Short Platform for new Movies Movies idea generation Short film production housesPlatform for movie makers Consumer would generate can distribute their films to showcase their talent through auction system new ideas Ratings, critique reviews, behind the GRAND Launch feature on Most popular idea would be screen, interview session of a specified date & time selected for making movie short films Complete details about Movieinit –intermediary forCast crew, Director, Producers Promotions of Short Movies Production houses & idea& their past record are given generators Personalized Customer Mobile Platform for Recommendations Engagement Movie Mood of consumer is Games Based on the All these features are provided calculated with his history of in compatible format with movies watched Movies smart phone Recommendations of Buy goodies/accessories Develop app for the site andmovies are made based on this released by the production data-rich content will be Mood of consumer houses providedCommunities formed based Collaboration with Richness factor can be added on consumer mood score & Acting/Drama School for through Augmented Reality in engages through forums movie aspirants later stages of product
  12. 12. PRODUCT FEATURE (1/5) – OVERALL FEATURES Short films are Videos available in categorized into Grand Launch of new Targeted Bollywood, Hollywo Genre, Language, Co Short films with advertisements are od and regional ming aggressive present on right hand movie Soon, Ratings, Expert promotions side of each page Views
  13. 13. PRODUCT FEATURE (2/5) – ALL MOVIES AND SHORT FILMS Behind the screen Users can rate these short Latest happenings about information about upcoming films based on each Actors, Directors and prominent personalities short films are displayed to parameter like the audience emotions, quality etc..
  14. 14. PRODUCT FEATURE (3/5) – AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT THROUGH GAMES Viewers can buy Full version Movie Makers can engage Effective medium to convert of Games from here, thus with large registered users fans into Loyalists generating revenue for movie makers
  15. 15. PRODUCT FEATURE (4/5) – NEW MOVIE IDEA GENERATION Regular generation of Best new movie idea/story Weekly live interaction would be made into a session with Short Films new movie ideas/stories short film or regular movie Production houses would from audience by production house also be organized
  16. 16. PRODUCT FEATURE (5/5) – NEW RELEASES & PROMOTIONS Goodies, Accessorie Based on past mood Short films – viewed Short film CD/DVD s sold by these short ratings by freely by audience can be purchased film production users, Recommenda houses are sold tions are provided
  17. 17. PRODUCT FEATURE- MOBILE PLATFORM (1/2) Mobile version of our Our application mainly focuses on application has separate Smartphone users due to their window for short high data usage rates films, Bollywood and Regional films
  18. 18. PRODUCT FEATURE- MOBILE PLATFORM (2/2) Based on consumer’s Widgets of new releases, latest activity, relevant content and happenings advertisement would be targeted
  19. 19. PRODUCT ECOSYSTEM Upstream consumers Business Model Downstream consumers• Major portion of Revenue is generated from • Free movies will be provided for Consumers.this section This increases subscribers• Major players are short film production houses • Revenue is also generated through new movieswho want aggressive Promotions, distributions watched & purchase/rental business..etc. • Generate revenue through monetized ideas•New movie ideas can be monetized
  20. 20. MARKETING PLAN 1. Viral Campaign Permanent Create 2. BTL activities -30 Curiosity 3. Print ActivitiesPre- Launch Days advertisement 1. Noise in Social Online Generate Media Advertisem Launch Day 0 Buzz 2. Launch Van ent 3. BTL activities Social 1. Multiplex Media Awareness & activations MarketingFast-Track 30 Days Trial 2. Radio 3. BTL activities Alliances & 1. Interact with Strategic Tie artists, director Ups 2. Exclusive Up to 6 Create Involve months Conversation Premier of short films Public Relations 1. Refer a buddy 2. Online chatsEnergize After 6 Use &conversations Word Of months 3. User reviews & Networks ratings Mouth
  21. 21. PRE LAUNCH LAUNCH Viral Campaign • Social Media Noise in Social Media • Facebook • Forums • Orkut • Online blogs • Twitter • Release viral videos • Four Square • Fan engagement video Viral Video • Launch videos to generate buzz BTL activities Launch Van • Stairways in malls • Vans to travel in metros with large • Display banners television displays demonstrating USP of • Signboards the product • Road shows • Promotions Print advertisement BTL activities • Newspapers – Times of India, Hindustan • No parking display in malls Times • Display banners • Magazines – Stardust, Boxoffice • Pamphlets – Distributed in malls • Live interactions at multiplex • Behind Bills - Movie tickets, Petrol bills
  22. 22. FAST TRACK INVOLVEMultiplex activations Interact with artists, director• Kiosks at malls • Live interactions at fixed time slots• Pamphlet distribution • “Behind the scenes” stories• On-the-spot events in malls • Exclusive interactions with short film• Live demos of the product artists• Attractive offers and discounts • “Lucky fan” to have face to face interactions with celebritiesRadio• Jingle contests in popular radio stations such as Big FM, Radio Mirchi• Best fan contest for uploading funny Exclusive Premier of short films videos • Movies would be telecast at fixed time• Advertisements of 10 seconds during slots popular shows • “Creating Buzz” - two weeks before releaseBTL activities • Interviews by actors and director• Multiplexes - Hoardings & Danglers • Feedbacks from movie buffs and critics Posters on Elevators• Transport Stations - Bus stops & Railway stations• Cabvertisements - Fast track, Merucabs & Quick cabs
  23. 23. ENERGISERefer a buddy• Recommend the product to friends and colleagues• Creation of regional fan base over the internet• Exciting offers up to 10% for more than 100 referral joiners• Positive word of mouth to increase positive sentiments among online communityOnline chats & Conversations• Regular updates on new releases and latest happening in the world of glamour• Fans interacting among themselves to know amore about actors, directors and short films• Volunteer moderators in each forum to make sure things don’t go out of control• Live chats with actors and directors of short filmsUser reviews and ratings• U-Rate; Rating by movie viewers based on their likes and dislikes• Recommendations to users based on past views of movies• Reminder for new releases• Critics rating to give the flip side of the movie• Freelance movie connoisseurs to give unbiased opinions about movies
  24. 24. MONETIZATION PLAN #1 MONETIZATION PLAN # 2 Advertisement from company who target Movie Freaks Revenue from Selling Movies Online & DVDs Selling online New 3rd Party Click or Selling & Rental Movie Theatres • Revenues would be Movies Targeted deals DVDs driven from advertisements of leading multiplexes having pan India presence and large Movie Corporations production houses • Advertisements from E-commerce sites & coupons sites would improve our inflows “Platform for getting new movies + Attractive deals E-commerce Financial Revenue from E-Commerce Sites + Selling and Rental of DVDs” - Interface for E-commerce sites (For example – Websites Revenue and buying, selling of DVDs Indiaglitz 65 lakhs Bharatmovies 45 lakhs Financial Revenue Coupon Sites Ours Revenue Year/Revenue 1 2+ 5+ Year 1 15 lakhs Online Movies 25 50 150 Year 2+ 25 lakhs 3rd Party click 5 15 25 Year 5 65 + lakhs Selling DVDs 10 40 75
  25. 25. MONETIZATION PLAN # 3 MONETIZATION PLAN # 5 Value Added Services Revenue from New Idea Generation Movie Tickets Financial Revenue Year/ 1 2+ 5+ Rev Tickets 25 100 300 Movie Movie Games Games 25 100 300 in It Drama 10 25 50 Note: 1. please refer appendix for details 2. All revenues in lakhs “Platform for new movie idea generation”. MostMONETIZATION PLAN # 4 popular stories can be selected by Movie makers for future films. Commission will be charged Revenue from Short Movies from movie houses to read stories.Exclusive Launch & Financial Revenue Financial Revenue Prime Time Year/ Year/Rev 1 2+ 5+ 1 2+ 5+ Rev Total Idea 1000 2500 10000 Exc. 5 10 25 launch Idea 10 25 100 Promotion Prime Selection 10 20 40 Time Cost /Idea 50000 75000 100000 Promo 5 10 20 Revenue 500000 1875000 10000000 tion
  26. 26. PROFIT & LOSS STATEMENT FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Year 1 Year 2+ Year 5+ Revenue(INR) PLAN1- Advertisement 15 Lakhs 25 Lakhs 65 Lakhs PLAN2- Selling Movie 40 Lakhs 105 Lakhs 250 Lakhs PLAN3- Value added 60 Lakhs 225 Lakhs 650 Lakhs PLAN4- Short Movies 20 Lakhs 40 Lakhs 85 Lakhs PLAN5- Idea Generation 5 lakhs 19 Lakhs 100 Lakhs Total Revenue 140 Lakhs 414 Lakhs 1150 Lakhs Direct Cost(INR) Infrastructure Cost 40 Lakhs 60 Lakhs 100 Lakhs Indirect Cost(INR) Purchasing Content 75 lakhs 150 Lakhs 400 lakhs SGA Cost 15 Lakhs 40 lakhs 60 Lakhs Employee Cost 25 Lakhs 60 Lakhs 150 Lakhs Others 10 Lakhs 20 Lakhs 50 Lakhs Total Cost 165 Lakhs 310 Lakhs 760 Lakhs Profit before TAX -25 Lakhs 104Lakhs 390 Lakhs Tax @ 30% Nil 31.2 Lakhs 117 Lakhs Profit After TAX -30 Lakhs 72.8 Lakhs 273 LakhsNote: Refer Appendix for Assumptions & Financial Calculation
  27. 27. THANK YOU Specialization – Specialization – Finance Specialization – Strategy Specialization – Marketing & Marketing & Finance Experience in Finance Experience in Business FinanceExperience in Telecom & IIM Lucknow Consulting Experience in Finance Marketing IIM Lucknow IIM Lucknow IIM Lucknow
  28. 28. APPENDIX Forecasting & Assumptions Year 1 Year 2+ Year 5+ Exclusive Launch Movies 100 150 300 Cost/ Movies(INR) 5000 7500 10000 Revenue(INR) 500000 1125000 3000000 Prime Time Movies 350 350 350 Cost/ Movies(INR) 3000 6000 9000 Revenue(INR) 1050000 2100000 3150000 Promotion Movies 500 1000 4000 Cost/ Movies(INR) 1000 1000 1000 Revenue(INR) 500000 1000000 4000000 Online Movies Movies 50000 100000 300000 Cost/ Movies(INR) 50 50 50 Revenue(INR) 2500000 5000000 15000000 Selling DVDs Movies 10000 40000 75000 Cost/ Movies(INR) 100 100 100 Revenue(INR) 1000000 4000000 7500000
  29. 29. APPENDIX Forecasting & AssumptionsFinancial revenues from Advertisement forecasting is done on the basis of Competitor analysis • It is assumed after 5 years our revenue will be matching with competitors like Indiaglitz & Bharatmovies Financial revenue from selling Online movies and DVDs- We believed at least 10% of smartphone andinternet user watch online movies or purchase DVDs and our focus is to capture 5% of market share ininitial years .Financial revenues from selling online tickets is done on the basis of competitors analysis • BookmyShow earns 20 crores from selling online ticket and started 10years ago. Being conservative we believe we will earn a minimum of 5 crores in next five years.Gaming Industry in India is of 1300 crores. Out of which we assumed 25% to be movie based of which20% to be played online. • Our aim to capture 5% of Movie based game Industry in next five years.Source: CSI Magazine India Biz news Free website report