Finding Asia’s Finest ApplicationsEDITOR’S NOTEWelcome to the first edition of Asia’s Top 50 Apps.As web and mobile applic...
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20   Socialwalk18   Soft Solvers Solutions21   stictok21   stictok24   Sugar Amigo Web Media pvt Ltd11   Suzerein KpIMatri...
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2010 Asia's Top 50 Apps


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2010 Asia's Top 50 Apps

  1. 1. Finding Asia’s Finest ApplicationsEDITOR’S NOTEWelcome to the first edition of Asia’s Top 50 Apps.As web and mobile applications increasingly become an essential part of our computinglives, we knew that there was a wellspring of innovation bubbling up in Asia.We asked you to help us find 50 of the continent’s finest applications, and you responded.Over the 41 days that we ran the contest, we received more than 200 nominations andover 5,000 votes. Ten countries were represented in the polls, from Indonesia to SouthKorea. This directory will help you keep track of the 50 apps that made the cut.The breadth of the entries was remarkable. From niche applications like onlinediagram sketchers to mass market location-based directories and games, thespectrum of the way we live with web and mobile today was captured by the polls.With your support, the next 50 will continue to surprise us with their diversity,creativity and vitality.Yours,Wong Joon IanEditor, e27SpONSOR’S NOTEThe idea of launching the search for Asia’s Top 50 Apps came about during one ofthose animated sessions we at SingTel Innovation Exchange (SiX) typically have withour partners at e27.We were asking ourselves: How do we elevate innovation in Asia and propagate thework of our developers? How do we get a sense of what’s cool and what works in Asia?Hopefully, Asia’s Top 50 Apps met some of those goals. The apps listed here arealready building the region’s momentum for innovation. Asia’s Top 50 Apps is astepping stone for our longer term goal of accelerating innovation in Asia.Yours,SingTel Innovation Exchange Team
  2. 2. Company Application Company ApplicationAgistar Technologies pte Ltd 123passportphoto AdaDiskon.com123passportphoto is a free passport photo online Country - is an online media specialising Country Indonesiatool that helps you to make passport photo in news regarding deals and promotion inyourself. It is free and easy to use. After you Contact person Alan Zhao Indonesia. We are also building and growing a Contact person Aswin Utomohave taken your photo using a digital camera, community of shoppers and deal hunters whereyou can make your own passport photo in three Email people could share pictures, tips as well as their Email aswin.utomo@adadiskon.comsteps: Select a country/region; upload your experience to our; crop photo. Then you can get multiple www.adadiskon.compassport photos on a 4R sheet. We partnered with most of the malls in Indonesia Tag Photoweb, photo editing as well as brands and banks to provide the latest Tag web, social buying, coupons and accurate promotional information to our audience.Company Application Company Application8squirrels 8squirrels INC Nusantara Cipta BukuQ8squirrels can help you gather funds from family, Country Singapore There are not enough Indonesian books in existing Country Indonesiafriends or benevolent strangers and allow you to social networking apps for books. E-commerceeasily publicise your idea. Contact person Tudor for books and the community aspect are usually Contact person Fajar Endra Nusa integrated (even Amazon requires you to buy anSupporters vote with their wallets, in return for Email item first to give a review). BukuQ is an Indonesian Email fajar@bukuq.comfun experiences, project rewards or - simply - books community. A one-stop social networkinggratitude. for Indonesian readers, writers, book shops and publishers. BukuQ emerges to solve problems Tag web, social, crowdsource, talent, mentioned above with a vision to be the first Tag books, web, community, social marketplace Indonesian books reference point. BukuQ is an award-winning app of Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (IWIC) 2009 for Social Networking. a2 a3
  3. 3. createlyCompany Application Company ApplicationbuUuk pTE LTD buUuk Cinergix pty Ltd CreatelybuUuk is a food and drink locator for over 70 Country Singapore Creately is a collaborative diagramming software Country Singaporecities across Asia, Australasia and the Middle used by teams around the world to communicateEast. It is available on the iphone and Android Contact person Jon Petersen more effectively. Its a web-based application Contact person Charanjit Singhplatform. buUuk provides access to information with an intuitive and powerful interface whichon over 75,000 restaurants, including user Email runs right in your browser. Loaded with a large Email charan@cinergix.comreviews and ratings. selection of smart objects and ready-made templates, Creately offers unlimited possibilities with the types of diagrams that can be created. Tag mobile, restaurants, iphone, With Creately’s shared projects, users can invite Tag collaborative diagramming, web, android, promotions team-members and clients to collaborate on project management, software flowcharts, software designs, wireframes and design business diagrams easily.Company Application Company ApplicationNulab, Inc. Cacoo eEvent, Inc. eeventCacoo is a user friendly online drawing tool that Country Japan eEvent provides web and mobile applications Country Indonesiaallows you to create a variety of diagrams such so you can search, locate and broadcast eventsas site maps, wire frames, UML and network Contact person Shinsuke Tabata in real-time, and provides mobile access to Contact person Andi Siecharts. Cacoo can be used free of charge. manage events. See up-to-the-minute attendance Email and registration information before, during Email and after the event on your smartphone. eEvent makes ticketing and badge-generating a smooth and simple process, and the mobile Tag UML, online diagrams, application checks in guests without long lines Tag web, mobile, iOS, Android, wireframing, web or lists of names. There is no membership fee or events, location-based, coupons subscription, and it’s free for free events! a4 a5
  4. 4. Company Application Company ApplicationElevyn Sdn Bhd elevyn FlutterScape Inc. FlutterScapeElevyn is a place to buy and sell hand-made Country Malaysia FlutterScape is a cross-border social commerce Country Japanitems produced by Indigenous, rural and platform, giving people power to share theirvulnerable urban communities, in a fair trade Contact person Devan Singaram product discoveries while making it easy to sell Contact person Takehiro Kakiyamaway. By connecting to a global audience of and buy products through our safe internationalsocially conscious buyers, we wanted to provide Email payment and logistic systems. Unlike traditional Email hiro@flutterscape.coman unprecedented transparency of the supply marketplaces, FlutterScape brings sellers andchains, so consumers could make informed buyers together in a fun, casual and collaborative www.flutterscape.comchoices, when buying from an artisan. way that allows sellers to sell products that they Tag web, marketplace, e-commerce, only believe in and therefore connects buyers to Tag e-commerce, social, product social enterprise the like-minded people from Japan whom they discovery, web can finally trust and shop from.Company Application Company ApplicationFlickEvents pte. Ltd. FlickEvents Foound FooundFlickEvents is a one-stop platform for easy event Country Singapore Foound makes organising hangouts with friends Country Singaporemanagement and community engagement simple and easy by pre-populating locations withas simple as the flick of a switch. FlickEvents Contact person Yan Phun information such as address and maps. Using this Contact person Lichi Wuempower event organizers with various tools as the starting point, users can then send hangoutthat cover the event management spectrum. Email invitations to friends, or simply share their Email lichi@foound.comFlickEvents makes it really easy for event hangout over Foound, Facebook and Twitter.organizers to manage tasks such as events Lastly, a simple messaging feature allows users to www.foound.compublishing, registration information collection, update everyone with changes or comments.ticketing and online payment, as well as Tag web, social. events, marketing, Tag mobile, iOS, social, location-community engagement, all within our platform. calendar basedWe help event organizers to minimize theirworkload and maximize event attendeessatisfaction. a6 a7
  5. 5. Company Application Company ApplicationGalenic Systems Gamelan ideaken pte. Ltd., Singapore ideakenGamelan is an music player and mashup Country Indonesia ideaken is an intermediary platform between Country Singaporeapplication created using the Adobe AIR innovation seekers and solvers. ideaken enablesplatform. Gamelan gives you a rich musical Contact person Arie M. Prasetyo individuals like you and me to collaborate to Contact person Munish K Guptaexperience, beyond the audio data. Discover a innovate in return of reward and recognition,whole new world behind your favorite musicians. Email but mostly for intellectual satisfaction and the Email munish.gupta@ideaken.comRead their biographies, find out about their passion to make a difference. providing solutionsperformance schedules, sing to their lyrics, and is very straight forward. You need to Sign In www.ideaken.commuch more. and identify the challenges, which interest you. Tag web, music, social ideaken platform is also available to enterprises Tag web, social, crowdsource, talent, on a subscription basis. The platform enables marketplace enterprises to collaborate with employees, customers, R&D folks, academia or with the global pool of talent.Company Application Company ApplicationGantibaju Insynchq, Inc. InSyncWe are a creative clothing store that relies Country Indonesia Sync your Google Docs. Country Philippinesheavily on community engagement. Thecommunity submits the designs and vote for what Contact person Aria Rajasa Contact person Terence Puathey like. We printed the ones that are the mostpopular and sellable. designs Email Email terpua@insynchq.comare geared toward local Indonesian culture topromote our heritage onto mainstream media www.insynchq.comsuch as t-shirts, hoodie and other garments. Tag web, social, art, talent, Tag web, Google, productivity marketplace, e-commerce, crowdsource a8 a9
  6. 6. Company Application Company ApplicationApps Foundry Kaskus Yahoo! Southeast Asia pte Ltd KoprolThe largest Indonesia community now has an Country Indonesia Koprol has a growing directory of places where Country Indonesiaiphone app. Features; easy access to hot threads; you can “check-in” and trade comments, sharemanage your profile and private message; Contact person - photos and reviews, with your friends and other Contact person Fajar Budiprasetyobrowse monitor your threads easily; get full people nearby. While most social networks makefeatured of Kaskus unique emoticons experience; Email you stay in front of the computer, Koprol goes Email admin@koprol.comread-reply-quote all the news, threads and with you as you roll around town and find friendscategories on your phone. to meet in real life. Koprol is designed for people in Asian cities. It has a well-moderated database Tag web, forum, iphone of places. It works on any phone browser and Tag location based, social network, doesn’t require GpS. directory, mobileCompany Application Company ApplicationpT Lorde Lux KayaKarya Suzerein Solutions Sdn Bhd KpI MatrixKayaKarya is a brewing chamber of design, Country Indonesia KpIMatrix is a business activity management Country Malaysiaart & creativity. You can upload your portfolios solution that shows workforce productivity byand share it with the others or join our projects Contact person Jeannie Tan monitoring their computer usage activity. It Contact person Teo Sze Siongto earn some money and build your reputation. combines the timesheet feature with advancedIf you are a business owners, promote your Email analysis technology to provide managers a Email ssteo@suzerein.comservices with us. Buying and selling your creative clearer view of their staff performance andworks is also made possible here. KayaKarya workload. It consists of a software agent that www.suzerein.comis offering complete information, reviews and monitors staff computer usage and sends to ourimages. KayaKarya is continuously working into Tag web, social, marketing, art, server for analysis. Managers can view real-time Tag business productivity, web,building a central Asian creativity hub for all to talent, services, marketplace analyzed reports from anywhere through our real time, trackingenjoy. web-based system. KpIMatrix can easily integrate with any ERp, HRM or CMS solution. For a live demo, visit a10 a11
  7. 7. Company Application Company ApplicationLang-8, Inc Lang-8 MainMusik MainMusik.comLang-8 is a social networking site for language Country Japan MainMusik is an music portal dedicated to Country Malaysiaexchange and international communication. At discovering and downloading songs fromLang-8, you can write in the language you are Contact person Yangyang Indonesian bands and popular western music. Contact person -learning, have them corrected by users whose The portal provides latest news within the musicnative language is the one you are studying, and Email industry, free mp3 downloads and lyrics for Email reza@terato.comthen help other people that are learning your popular songs.native language. There are Native Speakers from www.mainmusik.com200 Countries. Tag social networking, language, Tag music, web, news, downloads educationCompany Application Company ApplicationpT. Onehub Solution Max99 provides real time road traffic information Country Indonesia Max99 is a virtual meeting place where people Country Pakistanaimed specially to help commuters understanding road from all over the world can meet and talk, youcondition before and during commuting. Live cams are Contact person Hendry Soelistyo will find the whole diversity of human interests, Contact person -installed in strategic places which broadcast live traffic ideas, and issues here, and you will be able toimages and video clips. The application also broadcast live Email participate in group discussions on one of the Email contact@max99.mobicrowd sourcing traffic information directly from users on many thousands of Max99 chat rooms, or justthe road through sms, mobile site and talk in private to family or friends, wherever they wap.max99.mobitwitter. In addition, users could also find location based are in the world.information including important places, cam routes, map Tag web, mobile, SMS, traffic, news Tag mobile, web, social, chatbased data displaying location of cams, incidents, trafficnews and traffic flow indicator. We also collaborate closelywith users and location owners to install cam which willbroadcast live traffic in their area in which they would havechances to promote their business online to all viewers. a12 a13
  8. 8. Company Application Company Applicationmig33 pte Ltd mig33 Oursky Ltd pandaFormJoin the world’s largest mobile community, Country Singapore pandaForm is a product of Oursky. We are Country Hong Kongmig33. Meet millions of mobile friends, right a small company that aims at making qualityaround the world in our fun community. Our Contact person Cheong Kai Chung SaaS software that can improve productivity Contact person Ben Chengservice provides connectively to popular IM and quality of life. We also do web applicationservices like AIM, Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo Email development here in Hong Kong for over 100 Email ydcheng@oursky.comMessenger, Facebook chat and Google Talk. clients. It was founded by Ben Cheng, Rick MakJoin Chat Rooms and Groups to find friends with and Roy Yuen in 2008. www.pandaform.comsimilar interests, you can also express yourselfwith avatars, profiles, photos, virtual gifts, and Tag mobile, web, social, chat Tag web, database, business,play lots of great games too! All this is available paymenton one super light and widely compatible mobileapplication.Company Application Company ApplicationDycode Cominfotech Development, pT Movreak passWindow pte Ltd passWindowMovreak is a social network-based mobile Country Indonesia passWindow is a unique second-factor Country Singaporeapp around movies and cinemas. It’s all authentication system where a printed keyabout viewing and sharing movie information, Contact person Andri Yadi pattern on a normal ID card is superimposed Contact person Matt Walkershowtime, and seat plan, share your movie over any display to reveal dynamic, randomreviews and watchings, and share them all with Email one time passwords or encoded transaction Email matthew.walker@passwindow.comemail, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook. Currently information. These can be used to authenticatein development is location-based service for an individual using any pC or mobile device to www.passwindow.comlocation sharing, checking-in at cinemas where prevent fraudulent practices’re watching a movie, and finally meeting Tag movie timings, social, iphone, Tag web, security, enterprisenew friends. Movreak currently supports reviewsIndonesia cities and iOS devices (iphone/ipodTouch/ipad). Blackberry and Android version isin heavy development. a14 a15
  9. 9. uikCompany Application Company ApplicationTwidl Inc picLyf Always QuikpicLyf is Flickr + Foursquare. picLyf lets you Country Philippines ‘Quik’ is a microblog service for enterprise. It can Country South Koreashare your memories, thoughts and actions in be effective communcation within the creating a visual history of your life. Contact person Eric Su Especially, it can manage business processes Contact person ILHwan RyupicLyf introduces a social game-like dynamic anywhere, anytime in mobile environment and itto sharing pictures in the way of badges, stats Email supports ubiquitous environment. Share real-time Email quests, making it a very addictive and fun communications and manage business throughway to chronicle your life. Simply set a level of the mobile application can be started. Now, with our Friend/Follower system, share companies and organizations in the smoothto Facebook, Flickr, Twitter (etc) in one click and Tag location based, image sharing, communication and organizational management Tag microblog, entreprise, real time,share memories in the most delightful way with gaming, web that affect the productivity is considered as the mobilepicLyf. most important factor. ‘Quik’ helps to solve the problems and worries of these companies and the upcoming smartphone will be willing to adapt quickly in an environment.Company Application Company ApplicationQuestetra Inc Questetra BpM Suite primitus Ltd ResumeTracker“Questetra BpM Suite” is a cloud Business Country Japan Resume Tracker strives to be the easiest way to Country Hong Kongprocess Management application with a quick collect and manage resumes online for small andlearning curve that supports Google Apps. Contact person Higashiguchi Tsukasa mid-size business. It eliminates the inefficiency of Contact person Vincent ChanOwing to its RIA (Rich Internet Application)- an HR email inbox, improves candidate quality,based Modeling and Operating components, Email and reduces time-to-hire. Email vincent@primitus.comwhich utilize Adobe Flash and Ext JS respectively,business people without any programming www.resumetracker.comskills or IT knowledge can easily draw Businessprocesses Diagrams and can make them run Tag Suiteweb, enterprise, bpm Tag web, recruiting, businessinstantly in the cloud. An on-premises versionis also available. Questetra’s mission is to helpbusinesses around the world optimise humantasks. a16 a17
  10. 10. Company Application Company ApplicationSoft Solvers Solutions secondCRM SG NextBus SG NextBusSecond CRM is a complete Customer Relationship Country Malaysia SG NextBus is an iphone/ipod Touch application Country SingaporeManagement solution for today’s Small and that lists estimated arrival time of public buses inMedium businesses and provides a single view Contact person - Singapore. Arrival time is supported for all SBS Contact person Hon Cheng Muhof customer interactions across sales, marketing buses, and some SMRT buses at certain locations.and support services. Second CRM reduces Email Email honcheng@gmail.comyour workload and accelerates your sales whileenabling you to focus 100% of your energy on counts—your customers. Tag web, CRM, sales Tag mobile, iOS, productivity, public transportCompany Application Company ApplicationTonchidot Sekai Camera ShowNearby pte Ltd ShowNearbySekai Camera is an application and a service Country Japan ShowNearby on mobile provides users a great Country Singaporefor mobile devices. It is fundamentally a social way to discover nearby locations of points-of-networking platform built upon a location-based Contact person Sunao Tabata interest. Detailed information about the points-of- Contact person Daniel Pooninformation system that uses augmented reality interest such as bus timings at bus stops, opening(AR) technology. It is a futuristic dream-tool for Email hours of restaurants and carpark rates are Email daniel.poon@shownearby.comchanging people’s view of the world around also available. Currently available on iphone,us, and the Japanese word “Sekai” in “Sekai Android and BlackBerry, ShowNearby is the www.shownearby.comCamera” depicts this very concept - “Sekai” leading location-based application in Singapore.encompasses the deep philosophical implications Tag mobile, social networking, Tag web, mobile, Android, iOS,of the English word “World”. location based, augmented BlackBerry, location-based, maps reality, air tags a18 a19
  11. 11. Company Application Company Applicationpivotal Expert pte Ltd Singpath stictok stictokSingpath is the most fun way to practice software Country Singapore “stictok” is the first social network that Country South Korealanguages. Learning software languages is a recommends new people you don`t know yetskill, it takes practice but it can be mastered! With Contact person Sandra Boesch but have potentials to be a good friend based Contact person TaeWoo KimSingpath, players can practice the language of on sticker profiles which has been built by yourtheir choice (currently python and Java - many Email friends. Make profiles by sharing stickers with Email kimtaewoo1201@gmail.commore to come, like Javascript and Ruby) earn your friends. “stictok” will recommend you newpoints, badges and have the opportunity to friends who share similar interests with you based friends and coworkers, all while having on sticker profiles. With “stictok” it`ll be easya blast! Each language path starts out slowly Tag web, coding, Python, Java, to find and connect with people who may have Tag social network, web, stickersand then increases in difficulty and breath. Try education similar interests and determine how genuine theirit now! profiles are.socialwalkCompany Application Company ApplicationSocialWalk SocialWalk TApp Networks pte Limited TApp AddressbookWe provide registration & ticketing, crowd Country Malaysia We believe the next generation addressbook Country Singaporetracking & business matching solutions - all should be self-updating, functional, independent,integrated with Email and SMS. Contact person Keng Yew open and above all, private. Not social! TApp Contact person Naush Malik is a free, backward compliant, self-updating Email addressbook app. Exchange any of your contact Email details by swapping and saving TApp IDs. Update your own information, and your contacts’ addressbook will be updated seamlessly and Tag event management, web, automatically, and vice versa. Access your Tag mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, ticketing contacts from any phone (new, old, a friend’s), productivity by just logging in. Coming on the Appstore and Blackberry in September 2010. a20 a21
  12. 12. Company Application Company ApplicationpT Tokobagus Tokobagus Tuitwit TuitwitTokobagus is Indonesia’s largest and most Country Indonesia TuiTwit is a light Twitter mobile web client with Country Indonesiapopular local classifieds site. By providing sellers rich features. We are coded from zero, servewith an easy-to-use interface, free classifieds and Contact person Remco Lupker you the best to the max. Every TuiTwit page size Contact person -their own personal web shop we try to give equal is kept to under nine kilobytes, which saves costsbusiness opportunities to everyone in Indonesia. Email for the volume-based connection user! Email info@tuitwit.compeople looking to buy just about any product weprovide with the most pleasant, efficient and clear m4.tuitwit.comshopping experience possible and allowing themto contact sellers however and whenever they Tag web, classifieds, online shooping Tag web, mobile, Twitterwant. Tokobagus is dedicated to let people enjoyonline shopping!Company Application Company Application pT Tokopedia Tokopedia sidefeed Inc TwitCastingTokopedia is an online marketplace with a new Country Indonesia TwitCasting Live is a service to lets you stream Country Japanconcept of one-stop online shopping centre that live video and tweet simultaneously from yourgathers both sellers and customers and facilitates Contact person Leontinus iphone. TwitCasting is a unique service that Contact person Yosuke Akamatsuthem for a more secure and comfortable online supports low latency (0-3sec) and low bandwidthtransaction in Indonesia. Email (64kbps) streaming. By the aid of the push Email notification feature, TwitCasting enables you to share the exciting experience with your friends at this very moment. TwitCasting, a best service for Tag web, marketplace, e-commerce mobile-to-mobile live communication. Tag Live streaming, iPhone, video, Twitter a22 a23
  13. 13. Company Application Company ApplicationSugar Amigo Web Media pvt Ltd Twt140 Expert Voicetap Technologies pvt Ltd is a house of 18+ amazing simple and Country India Allows mobile users to connect with individuals Country Indiasecure applications for Twitter beginners. Sharing and business in their vicinity based on theirimages, discussions and polls, finding Twitter score, Contact person Ali Sadhik Shaik interest and allows businesses to get customers Contact person Mrigank TripathiTwitter birthday, increasing followers based on from within their area of operation. Can be usedkeywords and interests many more applications Email over an operator network only (as the operator Email m@voicetap.inmakes twt140 a cool and informative place for is a key stakeholder in the process).Twitter beginners. Twt140 eNewspaper serves www.voicetap.inwith latest happening, updates and also introducesnew applications on Twitter space. We are rolling Tag web, Twitter, social Tag Knowledge sharing,out a human-based Twitter applications search voice-recognition, phone, IMengine, first of its kind to help people find Twitterapplications easily and use it based on their needs.We are featured and reviewed by many technologyreviewers like killerstartups, and more.Company Application Company ApplicationpT Ayoklik Indonesia Urbanesia tenCube is an online lifestyle city Country Indonesia WaveSecure by tenCube is an award winning Country Singaporedirectory dedicated to make city living fun and mobile security service that helps users toconvenient by providing information for lifestyle Contact person Selina Limman remotely track down the location of their lost Contact person Sriram Rangaand everyday needs based on the city goers phone, lock, backup, restore and remotely wiperecommendation. The location-based search Email out their personal data to protect their privacy. Email marketing@wavesecure.comhelps users to find a business in a certain area.Users are allowed to contribute contents such www.wavesecure.comas reviews, photos, promotions and events fora business to share their experiences. More Tag web, mobile, location-based, Tag mobile, Android, BlackBerry,importantly, Urbanesia helps business owners maps Symbian, securityto promote their businesses efficiently to peoplewho actually need their products. a24 a25
  14. 14. INDEXCompany ApplicationWego pte Ltd Wego Travel Search 2 123passport photo 12 Lang-8 2 8Squirrels 12 Lang-8, Inc.Wego is a travel search engine. Think of Wego Country Singapore 2 8squirrels 12 LewatMana.comas a price comparison website that helps you 3 13 MainMusikfind the perfect flight, hotel, or travel package Contact person Ross Veitch 3 13 MainMusik.comfor your specific needs. Instead of having to 2 Agistar Technologies LLC 13 Max99trawl through many different travel sites, Wego Email 10 Apps Foundry 13 Max99provides the information you need to find your 3 BukuQ 14 mig33perfect travel purchase, be it airline tickets to 4 buUuk 14 mig33 pte Ltdphuket, a hotel room for two in Bangkok, or 4 buUuk pTE LTD 14 Movreakactivities you can experience while in Tokyo, all Tag web, travel, search 4 Cacoo 4 Nulab, Inc.on a single site: 5 Cinergix pty Ltd 15 Oursky Limited 5 Creately 15 pandaForm 14 Dycode Cominfotech Development, pT. 15 passWindow 5 eevent 15 passWindow pte Ltd 5 eEvent, Inc. 16 picLyf 6 elevyn 20 pivotal Expert pte Ltd 6 Elevyn Sdn Bhd 17 primitus Limited 25 Expert Voicetap Technologies pvt. Ltd 24 pT Ayoklik Indonesia 6 FlickEvents 10 pT Lorde Lux 6 FlickEvents pte. Ltd. 22 pT TokopediaCompany Application 7 FlutterScape 12 pT. Onehub SolutionZopim Technologies pte Ltd Zopim Live Chat 7 FlutterScape, Inc. 22 pT. Tokobagus 7 Foound 16 Questetra BpM SuiteZopim Live Chat makes it simple and affordable Country Singapore 7 Foound 16 Questetra, Inc.for you to have high-quality conversations 8 Galenic Systems 17 Quikwith online customers in real-time. It takes 60 Contact person Lim Qing Ru 8 Gamelan 17 Quik(Always)seconds to sign up, deploy and use Zopim. 8 Gantibaju 17 ResumeTrackerOnce deployed, visitors on your website can Email 8 Gantibaju 18 secondCRMuse a chat window to send messages to you, 9 ideaken 18 Sekai Camerawhether you’re on your computer, mobile 9 ideaken pte. Ltd. , Singapore 19 SG NextBusphone or favorite IM network. The chat window 3 INC Nusantara Cipta 19 SG NextBusintegrates seamlessly into your website and Tag web, enterprise, IM, sales, 9 InSync 19 ShowNearbyworks with absolutely no pop-ups or software marketing 9 Insynchq, Inc. 19 ShowNearby pte Ltdto install. Advanced users can also choose 10 Kaskus 23 sidefeed, customize and automate Zopim using our 10 KayaKarya 20 Singpathwealth of smart features and ApIs. 11 Koprol 20 SocialWalk a26
  15. 15. 20 Socialwalk18 Soft Solvers Solutions21 stictok21 stictok24 Sugar Amigo Web Media pvt Ltd11 Suzerein KpIMatrix11 Suzerein Solutions Sdn Bhd21 TApp Addressbook21 TApp Networks pte Limited25 tenCube22 Tokobagus22 Tokopedia18 Tonchidot23 Tuitwit23 Tuitwit16 Twidl Inc.23 TwitCasting24 Twt14024 Urbanesia25 Voicetap25 WaveSecure26 Wego26 Wego pte Ltd11 Yahoo! Southeast Asia pte. Ltd26 Zopim Live Chat26 Zopim Technologies pte Ltd