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Hr coverage directi 2012

  2. 2. Publication The Economic TimesDate February 07, 2012Edition National
  3. 3. Publication Business TodayDate February 21, 2012Edition National
  4. 4. Publication itsmyascent.comDate February 27, 2012Edition OnlineTHE ACADEMIA CONNECT - UNDERSTANDING FUTURE LEADERSOrganisations over the last one decade have been frequenting B-Schools, engineering universitiesnot just for recruitment but also to colligate with the student fraternity through case studycompetitions, innovation workshops etc. The intent here, being to understand the mindset of ourfuture leaders and at the same time learn from them on how they would perceive solutions formany real world conundrums faced by the organisation itself. While at the same time, this exercisealso gives the students an opportunity to interact with stalwarts of the industry and ultimately helpsin brand recall.With changing times and evolution of the job market in India and overseas, organisations today areconstantly looking at bringing innovations in their approach towards attracting talent. Anorganisations ‘Employer Brand must be well-defined and communicated effectively to its audience.Its true that theres been a paradigm shift in the way organisations are tapping the right talent."With more and more companies battling for the same pool of talent available, recruitments aredefinitely undergoing a major transformation. Companies are focusing on creating more touchpoints to assess and nurture their future employees. In line with this, firms are approaching theirfuture prospects through case study or quiz competitions, tying up with colleges for providing tailor-made courses that ensure that students are industry ready. The trend is catching up andorganisations are seen having positive and productive outcomes out of these initiatives," says BhavinTurakhia, founder & CEO, Directi Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd."We believe in a holistic approach to connect with our future employees. We reach out to peopleacross academia through a number of ways that complement our brand. Students these days wantto evaluate their future in reputed employers and one way to create awareness amongst suchpeople is by strengthening the connect through a number of non-recruitment activities," says aKPMG spokesperson which recently held an international case study competition. Does colligatingwith fraternity through case study competitions, innovation workshops help understand the mindsetof future leaders? "Yes it does. For B-schools, we conduct Mahindra War room in which studentsfrom select top Indian B-schools are invited to present ideas on business challenges which sectors inMahindra are facing. For engaging auto-enthusiasts, in addition to Mahindra AQ, we have an activepresence on social media for understanding preference and mindset of the auto-enthusiastcommunity. Going ahead, we have several plans in the pipeline to collaborate with engineeringcampuses and students," states Rajeshwar Tripathi, executive vice president – HR, automotive &farm equipment sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.In an economy where one is striving to keep the business profitable, it is crucial for the workforce tobe very competent. When you look within your organisation, you know that every employee iscontributing towards your companys growth in different ways. It takes different individuals, withdifferent levels of capabilities and expertise to make that dream team. So what are the specialefforts taken by organisations to tap the potential of these future leaders? Manish Gupta, chiefexecutive officer, Indegene Lifesystems opines "We tap our future leaders keeping the base ofpeople who have a flair for writing, analytics, multimedia and technology skills with goodcommunication and passion for their domain. Enough opportunities are given to employees on theground to explore their abilities, skills and areas of interest to help them grow as future leaders inthis space. This industry is about innovation and having entrepreneurial skills to meet the marketdemand of domain specialisation."
  5. 5. When people cant find the quality workforce with specialized skills, it is then, that they collaboratewith academics to bridge the demand-supply gap. Corporate-academia associations help ensure thatthe students stay up-to-date with the industry requirements and are job-ready. "A strong industry-academia relationship has the potential to drive innovation and growth. An organisations supportand contribution to the development of academic institutions can have tremendous impact on itsreputation and image not only among the academia but at a holistic level in the society. This, in turn,will enable the organisation to transform it from a "me too" brand to an aspirational and ‘preferredemployer brand.Link:
  6. 6. Publication Times Ascent (The Times of India)Date May 09, 2012Edition Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad
  7. 7. Publication itsmyascent.comDate May 10, 2012Edition OnlineHERES HOW THE EXIT PROCESS CAN BE MADE EASYThe handing over of the resignation, going through the notice period and transferring ofresponsibilities is quite an uncomfortable and hectic job for most employees. However, the mannerin which one exits a company speaks a lot about the persons professionalism and the importanceshe/he attaches to the work. It is highly essential that an employee goes through the proper ritualsof exit without making things messy or neglected. Let us delve into the established code of conductin such situations.How important is the relieving letter of the previous company for the employee being considered forrecruitment? Margaret Rodriques, associate manager-corporate HR, Directi answers, "It is veryimportant for the employee to take his/her relieving letter while leaving. It doubles up as a proof ofemployment as well as an experience letter. The organisation in a way certifies that the individualhas worked for a specific tenure and left on a positive note. It assures us that the candidate hired isstable and has a good track record with the previous company. There are times when employeesresign without giving any notice or leave without any intimation due to various reasons, haveloans/recoverable due to the company, etc. Any company would like to safeguard themselves fromsuch candidates."Zarir Baltiwala, senior HR expert, TeamLease tells us the procedures/policies that employees aregenerally expected to follow, "All employees are encouraged to have a face to face discussion withtheir manager before formally putting in their resignation. This allows the manager to have a chanceto speak to the employee and give the employee a chance to re-think his/her decision. Once anemployee has finally decided to resign, then she/he is required to send a formal resignation letterand serve the full contractual notice period. In exceptional cases, the manager may waive the noticeperiod in full or part. Employees are required to complete a web-based exit interview prior toleaving. In exceptional cases, the exit interview is done face to face by the HR representative."It is often noticed that employee productivity and efforts largely decrease in the notice period.Chaitali Mukherjee, country manager, India Right Management explains why, "Employee noticeperiod is primarily aimed at ensuring seamless transition of the employees responsibilities to otheremployees. Employee productivity does get impacted; however it also depends on the ownership ofthe employee and reflects a lot on the experience they have had with the current employer. Thereare employees who serve till the last working day to ensure that things are in order and theemployee who takes up the responsibility doesnt face any challenges. At the same time, there areemployees who zoom out from their responsibilities the moment they put in their papers. In casehis/her experience has been good, they will do a good job, else they will just tick the box."Hence, the exit strategy of an employee does speak a lot about him/her. Thus, it is better to walk outgracefully and not carry any grudges along with us.
  8. 8. Link:
  9. 9. Publication Inc. IndiaDate June 01, 2012Edition National
  10. 10. Publication The Economic TimesDate September 13, 2012Edition National
  11. 11. Publication The Hindu Business LineDate September 18, 2012Edition National
  12. 12. Publication Times Ascent (The Times of India)Date September 12, 2012Edition National
  13. 13. Publication economictimes.indiatimes.comDate September 13, 2012Edition OnlineGLOBAL TECH COMPANIES LIKE AMAZON, GOOGLE, CISCO, IBM OTHERS GIVE A MISS TO IITS;OFFER FAT PAY CHEQUES TO NON IITIANSWhen Sukruth KS first walked into the National Institute of Technology in the small town ofWarangal in Andhra Pradesh three years ago, he was just another engineering student. When hepasses out in May next year, he will be the one who Microsoft hired for a $1,00,000 (approximatelyRs 60 lakh) salary for a global posting.Anmol Kumar, Balmukund Trivedi and Dinesh Reddy, three of Sukruths batchmates, have alsosnagged similar salaries from Epic Systems, a US-based company that makes software for healthcarecompanies. To put that in perspective, the highest pay cheques seen at top-notch IITs are in the$1,40,000 range.Global tech and Internet firms are on the prowl in small towns this placement season, looking to luretalent from NITs and good private engineering colleges. Both would rank a notch lower than IITs inthe talent pecking order.Sample this: Amazon, Google, PepsiCo, Yahoo, Cisco, Oracle, Deloitte, Adobe, DE Shaw, Flipkart,Direct-i, Caterpillar, Future First and IBM are making offers this year at non-IIT campuses in Vellore,Madurai and Mesra, and also at private colleges in Delhi and Bangalore. Placement heads at thesecolleges say companies are hiring more than last year.The companies are offering higher salaries and dangling better perks, including internationalassignments, free holidays and joining bonuses of up to Rs 1 lakh.Amazon, Google, PepsiCo and more such marquee employers wooed students at NIT Warangal withsalaries in the Rs 8-20 lakh range. Global IT services major IBM also hired 85 students from theinstitute this year. "Even gaming firms such as EA Sports have come in and selected four students forRs 12 lakh," says M Chandrasekhar, NITs placement head."Its a question of supply and demand which cannot be met by going only to IITs," says YugeshGoutam, executive director of KEC International, the infrastructure firm of the RPG Group."When we have to hire 1000, it is not possible to take them only from the IITs, which only have ahandful," says P Thiruvengadam, senior director, Deloitte India. "Also, tier-II and III colleges areimportant because they give us a good mix of students from different cultures," he adds."We strike a healthy balance by hiring a mix of students from IITs and from tier-II and III colleges,"says V Nagarajan, VP and head-HR, Times Internet. "Students from the latter come with highaptitude and a high emotional quotient." Times Internet hires 20-25% of its talent from tier-II and IIIcolleges.Engineering and tech firms and core product companies form part of the first wave of recruiters atsuch campuses. IT service giants such as Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS and HCL will start visitingcampuses from September. Salaries offered by these mass recruiters are typically around Rs 3.75lakh.
  14. 14. In the past few years, students have preferred product and core companies rather than the ITservices sector as whispers of a downturn, delays in joining dates, etc, affect the image of theindustry, sources from these colleges say.At the Vellore Institute of Technology, Flipkart beat Amazon and Google with a Rs 12.5 lakh package,while Microsoft offered Rs 10.5 lakh. Another e-commerce firm, PayPal, hired for Rs 8.25 lakh.Others such as Schneider, Cisco and Thoughtworks are offering Rs 6-10 lakh. DE Shaw came armedwith a package of Rs 14.5 lakh and Amazon has given students a retention bonus of Rs 1 lakh after ayear. "We are here to compete with MNCs such as Google, Yahoo and Adobe since we need studentswith similar caliber," said Aparna Ballakur, HR head for Flipkart. The e-commerce company will pickup its fresh batch from IITs, BITS Pilani, NITs and VIT.Link:
  15. 15. Publication thehindubusinessline.comDate September 18, 2012Edition OnlineDIRECTI TAKES ON GOOGLE IN PAMPERING EMPLOYEESBhavin Turakhia sits relaxed in his plush Andheri office, wearing parrot-green Adidas track pants anda grey T-shirt on a weekday. The 32-year-old head of Directi, the Web products developmentcompany he founded in 1998, is rarely seen in formals, not even when meeting marquee clients.“Nobody comes to us for what we wear… . They come to us for what we are and for the quality ofour products,” said Turakhia, who is also chairman and CEO.The company’s office in the Mumbai suburbs is much like a college, swarming with teenagers injeans and T-shirts, some even in Bermudas paired with matching sandals.Directi pampers its employees with flexible working hours, free food, a gym and play areas (ping-pong tables and gaming consoles), bean bags, and salsa and music classes. Trekking, photographyclubs and cricket tournaments are also organised.Staffers don’t need to display ID cards, and the average age of an employee is 23 years. Directiemploys more than 1,000 personnel across its offices in Bangalore, Delhi, the UAE, the US and China.“We can swipe-in at any time, timings do not matter, only the output matters,” said Nikhil Mangal, adeveloper with the company since 2009.Directi, which was started with a capital of just Rs 25,000, now has a net worth of $350 million,according to an internal audit. It owns (a Web hosting company), Logicboxes andResellerClub (domain registrars), Skenzo (Internet traffic monetisation business) and Radix (registrybusiness).This draws a lot of parallels with Google (ranked as the world’s best company to work with), whichhas bocce courts, bowling alleys and food, all gratis. Faceboook and Yahoo similarly pamper staff.Directi’s employee referral plan takes the cake. The staffer who refers a candidate has to conductthe first interview. And if the candidate gets the job, the employee is rewarded with a car (HondaBrio) or cash equivalent.With salaries of Rs 20 lakh a year for an engineer just out of college, Directi is a good paymaster too.The firm recruits just 35 freshers every year, after interviewing at least 6,000 applicants.Link:
  16. 16. Publication indiabusinessedition.comDate September 21, 2012Edition OnlineHR GETS SAVVY IN INDIA: REFER A FRIEND AND WALK AWAY WITH A CARDirecti, the leading Indian internet products company, has launched a first-of-its-kind hiring programthat gives its employees a chance to drive away with a HONDA BRIO or an equivalent amount incash. ‘Refer a Friend’, an internal referral program, is an exciting initiative conceptualized by Directito encourage employees to participate in the hiring process, select future colleagues and gethandsomely rewarded in the process. The initiative is currently applicable and open to productdevelopers within the organization.Directi employees are encouraged to identify and recommend a ‘potential hire’ within their ownnetworking circles. As next steps, employees conduct the first round of interviews over the phone orin person. Employees have the liberty to fly to any city to interview candidates or have their friendsfly to Mumbai for their interview. Having selected the appropriate candidate, the contender isfurther referred for an interview with the CEO. On selection of a referred candidate, an employee iscompensated handsomely with a ‘car’ or ‘equivalent incentives.’Commenting on the initative, Bhavin Turakhia – Founder, Chairman and CEO, Directi said, “ AtDirecti, it is our constant endeavour to acquire and retain the best talent. Right from inception,exceptional talent and innovative product development have been the fundamental building blocksof our success story. A good product developer requires a combination of skills like aptitude, visionand sustained practice. In line with this vision, the ‘Refer a Friend’ program has been launched toattract the best talent and incentivise product developers to foster a culture of productdevelopment within the organization. I am personally available at any time to help our employeesrefer the best candidates.”Directi is known for its exemplary HR policies and enriching work culture which are holistic in theirapproach to talent management. The various recruitment channels at Directi comprise campusrecruitments, partnering with strategic talent acquisition service providers, career portals, internalrecruitment teams and referrals. The average age group of employees at Directi is 20-25 years.Committed to quality, Directi follows the most stringent and rigorous recruitment procedures toevaluate employees.
  17. 17. Bhavin adds, “Great products are built on the back of a strong workforce whilst understandingcustomer needs. Directi follows an evolved recruitment approach applying people, processes andtechnology to acquire critical talent. At Directi, we go to great lengths to find the right talent. Wehave designed a unique HR program that will not only empower employees but also incentivise,motivate and instil a sense of ownership. This is best achieved by fellow employees themselves, andDirecti’s ‘Refer a Friend’ Program represents a step in that direction.”With an ever growing headcount of over 1000 employees, delivering products that are cutting edgeacross the globe, Directi promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, encouraging people to realize theirown vision and dreams.Link:
  18. 18. Publication The Economic TimesDate November 27, 2012Edition National
  19. 19. Publication The Times of IndiaDate November 22, 2012Edition National
  20. 20. Publication timesofindia.indiatimes.comDate November 22, 2012Edition OnlineINTERNAL REFERRALS KEEPING BEST TALENT OUT OF COMPANIES?By using internal referrals as a key tool to hiring people, are organizations restricting theirrecruitment universe and limiting their chances of getting the best talent ? In India, bulk ofrecruitment , estimated at over 90%, happens directly or through referrals while the rest is throughspecialist agencies largely for top-level posts.In mature markets like the UK, an estimated 85% of recruitment happens through specialistagencies. Practices followed by Indian organizations, feel experts, could lead to mis-hires which canbe a drain on costs.Most companies have internal referral programmes that offer incentives to employees . There arestill others like Directi, a web product company, which offers handsome rewards under the referafriend programme to the extent that employees can even win cars on the selection of candidatesreferred by them.For the company, this is an innovative way of attracting talent but experts believe internal referralsalone would not be cost effective. "An organization always needs the best candidate for a job. Sowhile internal referrals are alright for entry level, there is absolutely no substitute for a 360-degreeholistic search for the best candidate for jobs above the entry levels. It would be suboptimal to useinternal referrals , which restrict the search universe and could lead to mishiring as the bestcandidate for the job may not have been persuaded. An organization cannot afford to incur a cost onmis-hires ," said Ronesh Puri, MD, Executive Access.Companies agree that multiple sources of hiring is a better option. "In complex labour markets, nocompany relies on any single source of recruitment. Referrals is just one such source whichcompanies rely on. One needs to have a good mix of hiring sources, which is based on the companysgo to market strategy. The idea is to throw your net far and wide to be able to attract the maximumnumber of people. This will then help you pick the best talent through proper selection process. Thatis indicative of the hiring philosophy we follow at Essar," said Adil Malia, group president, HR, EssarGroup.Getting the best talent appears to be the all-pervading sentiment, for which, companies arereinvigorating their hiring mechanism. "Current hiring strategies are getting re-evaluated regularly.One can see organizations focusing on 360-degree hiring through: appointment of recruitmentprofessionals, referrals, career portals, campus hiring and internal job posts. A hiring processundertaken by an efficient talent acquisition partner can act as a resource for the HR manager anddeliver better returns on the total cost invested. All other processes have their benefits, but areineffective in isolation," said Asim Handa, CEO, Elixir Consulting, a Gi Group company in end-to-endrecruitment process optimization.Handa said referral helps in better retention but does not guarantee success. "This technique onlypropels the hiring process; all other checks: background, competency , culture mapping are stillrequired," said Handa. The method is adopted primarily by companies in IT/BPO/retail sector whereattrition is high.Prince Augustin, executive VP (Group Human Capital & Leadership Development ), Mahindra &Mahindra (M&M), disagrees that referrals restrict the universe and limit chances of getting righttalent. "In full employment markets, specialized agencies do play a crucial role; but in India where
  21. 21. there is a need of talent that would engage with the organization, its culture and meets the jobrequirements , referrals have taken an upper hand and hiring through referrals ranges between 50%and 70%," he said."Referral in my view could be a good source to get the right fit as the person referring knows theorganization, its culture and the job requirements and, therefore, would ensure that the rightcandidates are referred. And, in our experience we have seen that the success rate of referrals ismuch higher than that through consultants in terms of job fit, retention, engagement and connectwith the organization ," said Augustin.Given the potential, India could see a quantum jump in recruitment outsourcing. The trend toappoint an outsourcing company is said to be in its golden age as most companies would want tofocus on their core skills and outsource transactional activities to experts in related field.Link:
  22. 22. Publication The HinduDate December 01, 2012Edition Chennai
  23. 23. Publication Times AscentDate December 19, 2012Edition National
  24. 24. Publication economictimes.indiatimes.comDate December 03, 2012Edition OnlineIIT PLACEMENTS SEE RECORD OFFERS FROM MULTINATIONALS LIKE CITIBANK, COCA COLA ANDAMAZONMultinationals Citibank, Coca Cola and Amazon on Sunday entered the fray at the Indian Institutes ofTechnology, where both salaries and the number of offers have topped last years figures in the firsttwo days of the annual placements. Day 2 of the event saw offers of international postings and anaverage salary of 10 lakh at the Guwahati campus and 20 lakh at IIT Kharagpur. The line-up ofcompanies wanting to tap Indian talent included eBay, PayPal, Accenture, Nomura, Flipkart and SISO(Samsung India Software Operations), American Express, Schlumberger, Qualcomm, Adobe,Walmart, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Johnson Matthey, Epic and Directi.Among the Indian firms that came scouting on the second day were Axis BankBSE 0.09 % and TimesInternet, according to Avijit Chatterjee, professor-in-charge, placements, at IIT Bombay. IIT Guwahatihad received 121 offers till Sunday evening, with Amazon, Adobe and Paypal offering packages of 13lakh, 15 lakh and 17 lakh, respectively. Qualcomm, Morgan Stanley and OracleBSE -0.18 % wereamong the other companies present. The premier institutes Kanpur campus was host to Coca Cola,Amazon, Johnson Matthey, Epic, Directi and Citibank, which came up with three different profiles.In terms of pay package, the top recruiters across the older IITs like Kharagpur, Kanpur,Guwahati, Bombayand Madras were Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Samsung, with salariesranging from $120,000 to $150,000 for positions based primarily out of the US and Korea.Oilfield services BSE -0.21 % company Schlumberger has once again emerged the favorite in terms ofhighest number of offers: 25 at IIT Kharagpur alone with salary offers of 18 lakh. Microsoft has so farmade 21 offers at IIT Kharagpur, 22 at IIT Madras and 16 at IIT Guwahati. Some of them were forforeign postings and the highest salary paid by the firm was around $130,000.On the first day, IITKharagpur received 133 offers, a third more than what it had recorded last year, according to SKBarai, professor-in-charge, training & placement.At IIT Kanpur, students accepted 133 of the more than 150 offers made, according to Vimal Kumar,the placement-in-charge at the institute. While Mitsubishi offered 13 jobs, GE picked 16 students,BCG offered three posts and EXL 13-14.Social networking platform Facebook has made four offers atIIT Kharagpur so far, the same as last year. At IIT Bombay, as many as 35 companies made 160 offerson the first day, with Microsoft, Schlumberger and Samsung leading the list in terms of number ofoffers.IIT Madras, which saw 75 students getting placed on Saturday, had American Express,Schlumberger, Amazon, Paypal, Qualcomm, Adobe and Walmart amongst the firms that came callingon Sunday.Link:
  25. 25. Publication The HinduDate December 01 2012Edition OnlineIIT-M PLACEMENTS TO TAKE OFF TODAYStarting today, the race at The Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) begins for the bestplacement offers.The campus placement for the students passing out in 2013 will start, with nearly 200 companiesvisiting the campus in the next few days, and will go on till February.B. Nagarajan, deputy registrar, training, placement & public relations, IIT-Madras said, nearly 100new companies have confirmed their visit for placement this year. Companies like Rolls-RoyceOperations India Pvt. Ltd., Mercedes - Benz Research & Development India Pvt. Ltd., ToshibaCorporation, MyLikes Inc., Walmart Global Technology Services, iGATE, Procter & Gamble Hygieneand Health Care Ltd., Bajaj Auto, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., MRF Ltd., are some of thecompanies visiting the campus for the first time.The interview process will be conducted in two sessions for the first two days and from Tuesday itwould be conducted in one session, he added.The companies that will conduct interviews for the students on the first day are Boston ConsultingGroup, Deutsche Bank Group; Goldman Sachs, ITC Ltd, McKinsey, Google India; Sony (Japan), ShellTechnology Centre, Tower Research, Facebook Morgan Stanley, Microsoft Corp, IBM Research Ltd,Credit Suisse, Directi, Essex Lake Group, Samsung, Rocket Fuel, Procter & Gamble.The placement committee has spaced out the process to ensure there is no pressure on thestudents.Samsung, offering the highest salary this year, has postings in foreign as well as Indian locations. Theother highest payers include Rocketfuel, Directi and Tower Research among others. “Mostcompanies such as Paypal, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook are offering foreign postingsthat might interest many students,” a student said.Among the most awaited are companies such as Walt Disney and Electronic Arts that will recruitstudents interested in gaming. “We have Walmart too, officially among the recruiters,” said anotherB. Tech student.From August till November the students were exposed to the profiles of their recruiters over manysessions. “Companies advertise their offers in innovative ways. The way Directi sold their Dubai offerto us was remarkably interesting,” said a student. After that, began the tests and other recruitmentprocedures of the companies, including coding tests and group discussions.The tests have been gruelling — 90 minutes of a written aptitude test and then 90 minutes of codingor designing, say students.For instance students from the computer science stream who had applied to all the companies hadto take written tests continuously for ten hours. “You can’t call it pressure because there is so muchto choose from and we want to avail that. Those who are shortlisted, choose to focus on theirinterviews,” said another B. Tech student.
  26. 26. “But the most interesting tests were of Facebook and Rocket Fuel because they had puzzles withsimple solutions to be cracked in a matter of seconds. It is also interesting to see Indian companiessuch as Directi willing to pay so much,” he added.While most students feel computer science and electrical engineering will again attract the bestplacements, there is also a certain anxiety among them. “We have interacted with the companiesand urged them to recruit postgraduate students in areas such as computer security and aerospace.It is a good thing that most companies have responded well. But if the season will be as good as itwas last year, can be answered only after January after all the offers are made,” said anotherstudent.Link: