Directi Case Study Contest - Singles 360 by Team Awesome from IIM A


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Directi Case Study Contest - Singles 360 by Team Awesome

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  • Great idea, but what are you gonna do for fake facebook accounts?
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  • @SanchitGupta1 hey, thoughts on the UI are welcome... we cudnt devote a lot of time to the UI
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  • @pratikpathak1 well people arent so secretive about the things they like. I mean, say I like Cricket and Chess and HIMYM, Mentalist, SRK, Kareena, RHCP, Dylan, Mayer etc. These are common information and your 'likes' arent really that unique. Besides, any dating site asks you all this and much more. So I dont think people will have a problem sharing this info. What people dont like to share, and will not be shared by Singles 360, are things like photos/videos, status updates etc. Those are really personal data. Otherwise, you are using a dating site, so would have to give away some info for a potential match to zero in on you.
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  • one of the potential problem with this dating problem..ppl in general are choosy abt who they i wouldn't want any user of the single360 to be able to get my likes and dislikes there has to be a connection first of some sort for me to be comfy enough to share my fb likes and dislikes...

    but love the singles near you based on the gps location a pub many singles are on the look out for other single girls
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  • @rajdoy Thanks Aditya. Well these days a lot of sites use ur FB account to log you in so it has become a matter of convenience. But may be some people won't be comfortable. However, we want people to behave nicely on our app, no lewd comments etc. So, in that way tying with FB may be useful. Also we will not direct any user to another user's FB profile, we will display relevant info from their profile on our app. And any dating site ask and displays much more info than what is available in a person's Fb account. Tying is up with FB ensures we have legit users. Otherwise, having a lot of users, but fake, does no good to us or the users of our site.
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Directi Case Study Contest - Singles 360 by Team Awesome from IIM A

  1. 1. What’s wrong with current dating sites? Everything
  2. 2. Dating sites have got it all wrong Problems with People lie about their age, looks or incomes dating sites Users, particularly women, are apprehensive and vulnerable about meeting someone unknown Too many questions to answer. Does that even help? Will you trust a complex algorithm to find a match for you? Too many men. Too few women.
  3. 3. More importantly, Dating is aboutgoing out there and meeting people
  4. 4. We conducted an online survey and our Tedious Registration hunch was validated. We got the following Process 0% 4 major inferences Security Concerns Information No value 17% Authenticitypercieved in Concerns 1. Biggest concern is information output Concerns 9% 39% authenticity. This is a concern irrespective of the sex of the user. Dating Aversion 2. The next biggest concern is the existing sex 22% ratio. This is a bigger concern among males Sex Ratio (24%) as compared to females(13%) Concerns 13% 3. People largely prefer to meet a potential partner in person. Online is a choice that most people avoid. 91% of the respondent said they would like to meet in person rather than online 4. Despite a large majority opting for a “No” when asked if they wanted a dating app that assisted them in the dating process, the number of people saying “Yes” (36%) indicate that there is some feasible market. We expect that as the popularity of the service grows, people will opt for it. Details of the survey are given as backup slides
  5. 5. Users think questionnaires are useless • A large number of people feel that those questions are The questionnaires do not help at all unnecessary and are not useful 30% when the ideal partner is Have never done predicted by the website. it! 4% • Another strong reason why people avoid this is that the questionnaires are too lengthy. The questionnaires Never filled are too lengthy but • People will prefer shorter ones i will fill them up with stronger algorithms that 44% anyway can provide suitable partners. 11% Those questionnaire The questionnaires quesitons reallyare too lengthy and I help in matchingdont want to fill them me up with a up proper partner 7% 4%
  6. 6. Simply dating
  7. 7. Targeted PlatformsWeb Browsers SmartphonesAll modern browsers with support App will be launched in thefor HTML5 and CSS3 following order of priority:  Blackberry & Nokia (Ovi)Rationale for prioritizing BB over Android &  Android & HTML5iPhone is simply that there are way more BB  iPhoneusers than Android or iPhone. That beingsaid, Android and iPhone users are more  Windows Phone 7active users of mobile apps(  Palm The HTML5 app will cater to all other platforms and will have a limited feature set. Singles360
  8. 8. Fast and easy
  9. 9. Fast, easy, hassle free account creationNo questions asked Will not require the user to answer tens of personal question to make a profile. That only turns off users and most give up after a few questionsKeeping it real The account creation process will require the user to authenticate with their Facebook account. That will deter creation of fake profiles. This is a solution to Inference #1 from our surveyPull data from Facebook Singles360 will automatically pull information about what the user likes (movies, TV shows, music etc) from their Facebook profile. The user will only be asked to manually enter information whenever such information cannot be obtained from the user profile (eg. favourite cuisines or drinks). Singles360
  10. 10. Fast, easy, hassle free account creationMen have to pay Male users will have to pay a monthly fee of Rs 49 to use service after the first month of free service. This is done to keep away frivolous users and ensure responsible usage. This is answer to Inference #2Foursquare Integration With Foursqaure integration, users check-ins will also be propagated to their Foursquare account (optional) Singles360
  11. 11. Dating is easyFind singles around you GPS & Check-ins help you locate singles around youGet introduced Send an intro requestStart a conversation Get profile aware conversation ideasPlan a date Helps you find the ideal venue for a date Singles360
  12. 12. Simply Dating In 4 easy steps Singles360
  13. 13. Singles360
  14. 14. Location based searchIt’s all about location Users aren’t interested in singles 3000 km away. Check-ins and GPS lets you see who’s around.You’ve to meet people Online chatting in not dating. Period. (Inference #3 from our survey)We help you decide Dating Analytics assists you and helps you decide. Because Singles 360 knows the likes and dislikes of you and every other single around. Dating Analytics uses this data to rank the singles in order of compatibility Singles360
  15. 15. Location based searchAlgorithms must know their limits There is only so much an algorithm can do. Real compatibility is determined when people interact. Therefore, our algorithms will be simple and rate users on some basic parameters (movies, books, music, TV shows etc) only.No bias please Singles 360 allows the user to limit search results only on the basis of age, sex, certain physical features, education and employment. It does not allow discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, language or region. We do not want to be an accessory in such forms of discrimination. Besides, it’s a dating app not a marriage app. Singles360
  16. 16. Singles360
  17. 17. Request an IntroThe cure for ‘approach phobia’ Many relations never took off because someone was afraid to approach. Singles360 takes care of thatLess intrusive Directly walking up to someone without notice may not always be a good idea. Request an intro first.Continue the conversation on Chat Once a user has accepted another user’s introduction request, the two users can continue interacting through Singles360 Chat Singles360
  18. 18. Singles360
  19. 19. Make an approachKnowledge is power What does he/she like? Does he hate Chetan Bhagat? Does she like Justin Bieber? Singles360 is your Wingman.Conversation starters Did he recently read Walter Isaacson’s bio on Steve Jobs? Did she watch Black Swan recently? Is she a fan of Big Bang Theory? Singles360 will give you talking points and profile aware conversation ideas by talking points about movies and TV shows from IMDB, book reviews from Amazon and also Wikipedia for any other information Singles360
  20. 20. Singles360
  21. 21. Make further plansFind places to go Great, so you guys hit off like a house on fire. How about going for a dinner together? May be watch a movie together or go on a trip.Dating Analytics This is where Dating Analytics saves your day. Based on your partner’s dating history and likes and dislikes it will help you choose a movie, restaurant or even a gift.Never forget those dates Is it her birthday next week? Is Valentine’s Day around? Now you will never forget a date. And it also helps you decide what to do on that day. Singles360
  22. 22. With Singles360 the user can plan a date without leaving the app.Singles360 integrates withZomato and Burrp API tolocate nearestrestaurants, disco, bars and Find the nearest most happeningpubs. discotheque in townBookmyshow integration Buy tickets for aallows the user to search and movie/show/play thatbuy tickets for movies, shows suites his/her tastes andand sports and book tickets . may be yours too. Book a flight , train or bus. Arrange a weekend getawayGoogle Local Search API willalso be used whenZomato, Burrp and Book a hotelBookmyshow cannot provideinfo Locate the nearest restaurantSimilarly, Makemytrip or coffee shop based on foodintegration for Trains, Flights she/he likesand Hotels and Redbus for Find the nearest Pubbooking buses. Singles360
  23. 23. We do the number crunching You make an impression
  24. 24. Dating AnalyticsSingles360 knows his/her likes and dislikes food, movies, books, music, places, TV helps you plan better by giving useful shows, bands, celebs suggestionsSingles360 also knows his/her dating history it can suggest dos and don’ts suggest dos that are more likely to succeed. As an example, if Dating Analytics find that the guys who took your current date to Justin Bieber concerts (or Sci-Fi movies or Sushi restaurants) did not last long, it will give you a warning. Dating Analytics addresses the opportunity we identified in Similarly, if her relationship lasted with a guy who took her Inference #4 to romantic comedies or George Clooney movies, then Dating Analytics will also point that out Of course it can only works well if the user has used Singles We take the guessing out of dating 360 to find and date many individuals making sure you never go wrong Singles360
  25. 25. Dating Analytics at work
  26. 26. Avoid your Exes Mutual Invisibility Once a user classifies another as an ‘ex’, they will become mutually invisible to one another and will never turn up on search results Avoid run in An user can, optionally, while planning a date, choose to hide listing of all venue (like restaurant, movies etc) where an ex may be or is present. Of course, this assumes that the exes too will be using this app for planning dates and therefore the app know where the exes are and will be. This feature will however not disclose which app is/will be at which location or which locations are being withheld, else this feature could be used for stalking. Singles360
  27. 27. Privacy Issues Anti bugging features Once a user (say A) says no to another user’s (say B) introduction request, user A will be automatically prompted to enable ‘Anti-bugging’ feature and thereby prevent user B from knowing the location or sending another intro request for a duration of 30 days. Report Abuse If User A reports abuse on User B, User B will be automatically blocked indefinitely from knowing User A’s location or sending an Intro Request Your dating history is safe Singles 360 does not share a user’s dating history like who and how many the users dated etc. All that information is private. Singles360 only crunches that data internally to make suggestions Singles360
  28. 28. 2 most important featuresDating Analytics In App Date PlanningWhy? Because no app does this. It’s simply about convenience, Dating Analytics does the suggestions, andRight from selecting the right Singles 360 lets you act on thosedate, to giving conversation ideas to suggestions right from the app.suggesting things your date may likeor dislike, Dating Analytics is with you So if Dating Analytics says that your dateat all steps of dating. It’s your 24x7 like mushy romantic movies, Singles 360Wingman and we believe it will a key will be able to locate the nearestdifferentiator for our service. multiplex showing any romantic and you can buy 2 tickets without leaving the app. And if you date like MexicanBesides, as Dating Analytics collects cuisines, Dating Analytics will show youmore data and learns more about the the nearest Mexican restaurants in orderusers, it will be able to give better of popularity and cost.suggestions thereby increasing our Even users who did not use this app tocompetitive advantage. find dates will be compelled to use this app for planning dates. Singles360
  29. 29. Organization Chart Ameya Kamat (CEO) Nehul Anirban Das Sandip Dev Malhotra (CTO) (CMO) (CFO) Nehul Malhotra Anirban Das (CMO) Ameya Kamat (CEO) Sandip Dev (CTO) (CMO) • Marketing topper of• 2 year work-ex at • Chairperson of the • Stellar Academic campus Texas Instruments ACM Chapter at NIT Record Surat • Work experience of• 2 month consulting • 2 months 3 years with experience • Internship with Sun experience in Microsoft• Has taken multiple Microsystems India Investment Banking Engineering Centre • Investment Banking leadership positions • Insititute Rank 5 at internship of 2• Shortlisted for IIMA months prestigious Aditya • Has authored an • Part of most Birla Scholarship at international book number of IIMA on Micocontrollers extracurricular clubs and societies at IIMA.
  30. 30. Let’s get some users
  31. 31. New Way Core ThemeA new way to A new way to A new way to Expressions watch TV protest be a rock star For Build up Singles 360: A new way to Date At Launch Singles360
  32. 32. Marketing RolloutMedium Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3PrintBillboardsTVRadioOnlineSocial MediaPREventsMobileNew Media Phase 1 : Pre-Launch to 1 month post launch Phase 2 : Up to 6 months after launch Phase 3 : After 6 months of launch Singles360
  33. 33. PrintAdvertise in supplement pages of main newspapers such as MumbaiTimes, Ahmedabad Times, HT Café etc.Important just after launch to create high decibel level.235 sq cm insert 5 times a month every Friday in following cities:City Circulation Rate of insert for given periodMumbai 736,430 Rs. 2325Delhi 1,047,984 Rs. 1815Bangalore 459,058 Rs. 1305Chandigarh 85,000 Rs. 180Chennai 255,000 Rs. 760Goa 50,000 Rs. 55Hyderabad 224,336 Rs. 500Jaipur 73,864 Rs. 165Kolkata 393,587 Rs. 705Ahmedabad 189,625 Rs. 255
  34. 34. Sample Print Ad A new way to be a rock starA new way to protestSingles360 A new way to watch TVA new way to date! Singles360
  35. 35. BillboardsGreat way to capture eyeballs especially at busy traffic junctions.Should be used to reinforce message after launch.Witty billboard advertisement at all major junctions at major tier 1 and tier2 citiesIn the past, companies like Makemytrip have used Billboardadvertisements to drive usage aggressively. Singles360
  36. 36. TV RadioTV advertising is quite expensive but Radio hosts most of the blind datingembedded advertising could be used shows in India.with youth targeted shows such as It presents the perfect sponsorshipMTV Roadies and Splitsvilla opportunity as the listeners matchCost of partnership can be our target profile perfectly.subsidized by the novelty of theservice we offer.Example: Roadies using it as part ofa task or a blind date on Splitsvilla Singles360
  37. 37. OnlineUse Google Adsense to target ads based on geography as well as searchqueries.Advertise on FacebookUse Search Engine Optimization techniques to ensure our website isamong top 5 results for Dating sites in India.Advertise on websites where music can be downloaded, BookMyShow,Espnstar etc.Use Google trends data on weekly basis to change ad targeting. Singles360
  38. 38. Social MediaPrompt user to post customizable “Check-in” status update onFacebook and Foursqaure when they check-in through the app at a place.Also users can automatically post status updates if they find a datethrough the app, when the date accepts an ‘Intro request’Use Facebook and Twitter pages as customer service channels.Innovate by having these as the only ways to service customers.Will also result in huge savings since no call center will be required. Singles360
  39. 39. Public RelationsPublish success stories of couples who have met through Singles360 on theSingles360 blogPublish success stories of small businesses who have benefitted throughincreased traffic.Testimonials of users as well as businesses.Use media coverage to maximum advantage which will usually followafter launch of such an innovative and slightly controversial product. Singles360
  40. 40. EventsOrganize singles only parties across major cities on Valentine’s Day,Friendship Day and New Year’s Eve: This will provide a place where userscan actually use our app and discover its value and thereby increaseadoption of our app.Tie up with select 24th and 31st parties and advertise our app so thatpotential users can download it there and then and find singles aroundthem.Events at non engineering colleges which have a better gender ratio followed by events at engineering colleges. Cultural fests an ideal time toconduct events. Singles360
  41. 41. MobileExplore co-branding opportunities with youth targeted smart phonessuch as Samsung Galaxy Y.Preload Singles360 on these phones when they ship.SMS based alerts can also be used for users who create profiles. Singles360
  42. 42. New MediaAerial advertising has hardly ever been used in India.Singles360 can use airplane banner ads during an event such as an IPLmatch or music concert.Airport kiosks for tourists visiting India or Indians looking for friendsabroad.Using BEST bus panels in cities such as Mumbai, Metro side panels inDelhi etc. Singles360
  43. 43. Ultimately, We have to earn!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. 44. Subscription feesNo fees charged from any subscriber for first six month of usageAfter six months, we would charge a differential half yearly fee frommale and female subscribers • Half yearly fees from males = Rs. 100 if no. of male subscribers > no. of female subscribers at the beginning of every half year, otherwise nil. • Half yearly fees from females = Rs. 100 if no. of female subscribers > no. of male subscribers at the beginning of every half year, otherwise nil.Our main purpose is to ensure equal presence of males and females onour app which has been uncommon in Indian history of dating sites Singles360
  45. 45. Targeted Ads and DealsBased on the results of dating analytics engine, wewould be providing customer with targeted deals• Discount and other types of structured deals on Concerts, Shows, Gift items, etc• We would only charge Rs. 20 or 1% actual price from vendors, whichever is lesser.• Requires tie-up with different vendors and an agreement on the above mentioned pay structure.• We can negotiate for our payment over and above the discount an end customer gets by our ability to increase the volumes.Targeted Ads based on customer profile• We would charge Rs. 180 per 1000 views and Rs. 500 per 1000 clicks Singles360
  46. 46. Value added servicesTie-ups with e-booking sites to use their APIs forbooking through our app• Movie tickets• Sports events tickets• Other concerts tickets• Flight tickets• Train ticketsE-booking sites normally receive 5% commission on anaverage• We would look for 1% out of their 5% commission (20% share) Singles360
  47. 47. “ Kids, I met your mother through Singles360 “ - Ted Mosby
  48. 48. Slides about the survey we conducted. Full responses are available in the Excel Sheet Singles360
  49. 49. Market Survey Results Singles360
  50. 50. Q. Demographics (Age and Sex) 20 26 19 4% 25 4% 5% 7% 21 11% Female 24 38% 22% 22 9% Male 62% 23 38%• A fairly even distribution of males and females.• All the respondents are the target age group (19-26). Since this survey was an online one, the appropriate segment has been targeted. Singles360
  51. 51. Q. Reasons for aversion from dating websites• People enter incorrect information. They lie about age and looks or income.• The sex ratio is too skewed. There are too many men.• I am not at all into dating and i believe the internet is a useless medium to meet people.• I don’t trust the alternatives that the dating website suggests. I feel vulnerable when i enroll on a dating website.• I feel that my security has been compromised upon The websites ask too many questions. I get bored when filling out the form. Singles360
  52. 52. Q. Reasons for aversion from dating websites Tedious Registration Process 5% Security Concerns No value 13% Information percieved in Authenticity output Concerns 5% Concerns 37% Dating Aversion 20% Sex Ratio Concerns 20% Tedious Registration Security Tedious Process Concerns Registratio Security 0% 10% n Process Concerns Information 7% No value 17% AuthenticityNo value Informatio percieved in Concernspercieved n output Concernsin output Authentici 9% 39% 2% ty Concerns Dating Concerns Dating Aversion 37% Aversion 20% 22% Sex Ratio Sex Ratio Concerns Concerns 24% 13% Males Females
  53. 53. Inferences• Biggest concern is information authenticity. This is a concern irrespective of the sex of the user.• The next biggest concern is the existing sex ratio. This is a bigger concern among males (24%) as compared to females(13%) Singles360
  54. 54. Q. Places where you would like to meet your date• In person (91 %)• Online (4.5%)• I don’t believe in dating (4.5%)Q. Do you feel the need for a service that can assist you on your dates?• Yes (34%)• No (66%) Singles360
  55. 55. Inferences• People largely prefer to meet a potential partner in person. Online is a choice that most people avoid.• Despite a large majority opting for a “No” when asked for assistance, the no. of people saying “Yes” indicate that there is some feasible market. We expect that as the popularity of the service grows, people will opt for it. Singles360
  56. 56. Q. Opinion on the questionnaires that dating websites as for Have never done The it! questionnaires 4% do not help at all Never filled 30% 44% The questionnaires are too lengthy but i will fill them up anyway 11% The Thosequestionnaires questionnaireare too lengthy quesitons reallyand I dont want help in matching to fill them up me up with a 7% proper partner 4% Singles360
  57. 57. Inferences• A large number of people feel that those questions are unnecessary and are not useful when the ideal partner is predicted by the website.• Another strong reason why people avoid this is that the questionnaires are too lengthy.• People will prefer shorter ones with stronger algorithms that can provide suitable partners. Singles360
  58. 58. Q. What interests of the opposite person would you like to know before approaching the person? Community & Hobbies Religion 4% 10% Salary 1% Interests in Books Interest in 24% music 1% Region to Interest in which the Education Movies and TV person belongs 28% Series to 20% 12% Singles360