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  • *Welcome *Name *Current role: 0.4 job share Yr5/6 and 0.6 Digistore *Aim of this wsh is to share my thoughts and my practice after 1.5 terms back . Vision to Reality. *This wsh is not 100 new tools in 1 hour more about what guides decision making in relation to integration. *Way workshop will run, some talking from me, some sharing from you and some hands on. Power-point is on your wiki.
  • Back with a bang. Big ideas Cors, computers , old and new, things that didn’t match. You guys are amazing !! New mgt. Lots of Pl , lots of changes … Bang to reality
  • Good sieve – bit of wisdom
  • It is engaging – they do love IT - engaging is not enough on its own- how does it use contribute to the desired outcomes Clear about what we are trying to achieve
  • ICT = PL = epl – on board Think through the effective pedagogy lens when thinking about effective use of ICT: make connections to prior learning and experience provide sufficient opportunities to learn facilitate shared learning create a supportive learning environment encourage reflective thought and action enhance the relevance of new learning inquire into the teaching–learning relationship. Tch as inquiry – great model as supports you to value what tchs bring with them, acknowledge and work from where thy are at and the need of their students. Coach them into finding their own solutions. through the tch as inquiry process.
  • Making connections to prior lng Encouraging reflective thought and action
  • A bottom-up culture needs help from the top . Without a school vision that embraces elng we won’t get far Huge revisioning process- 2-3 yr plan that aligns with charter and strategic goals. Infrastructure audit plans for wireless.. Mgt will push the right buttons to ensure that the appropriate support systems are in place, and that the systemic barriers (eg firewalls, network access, spam filters etc) are dealt to at a policy and implementation level.
  • What’s in the workflow is what gets used. School curriculum – 10 questions to consider Not another thing – how can we embed ICT E-portfolios- tch appraisal Integration into existing PL - writing Use current LMS –if it can be done within use it Wiki for staff mtgs, google docs. 10 questions? School curriculum – 10 questions to consider
  • No fun on your own Sits about student lng , not about being the king of the castle.
  • No fun on your own
  • Acknowledge and Utilise the wisdom in the group - give one , get one. What digital content does your cluster currently use to support literacy? Make a list. b) Give one , Get one Ex- got a great list. Share now just a small handful of resources and why and how these have been used. The tool is just the start, how we integrate them to make them useful to the learner is what is impt.
  • a)Use what we have to create a blended environment b) Blog : Communicating to parents/ encourage online communication Did all the right stuff – co constructed rules, communicated to stakeholders, integrated digital citizenship… Continually encourage parent to sue online space to extend school /home Clear purposes: Blog – extend home school communication Class page – support in class lng Less is better
  • Part of the progrmme not an add –on All work in progress ORGANSATION reading rotation Writing is often done as series of bus stops Maths –lng cave Values of the week New themes- invite parents /whanau
  • Big and new focus – formative assessment
  • Retell Read on lines /read between the lines/read beyond the lines.
  • Wordle for displays etc for vocad for fdiffetrnt types of language features but most powerful way I have used is for deconstructing the language features within a piece of text. n
  • Fix the mix up Why use them? Link to effective pedagogy
  • Fix the mix up Why use them? Link to effective pedagogy
  • What do you know?
  • Fix the mix up
  • From home page Browse by topic- More topics will be added, eg Māori medium, but at this stage this feature has been based on ScOT – which is based on the Australian curriculum. This feature will be reviewed and made more specific to the NZ context. Search by timeline and Map features can be useful when exploring a specific region or period- however it is reliant on material being appropriately tagged in their metadata- so if you look for a particular period or region, there will be content that isn ’ t identified in this way.
  • Objective: to share practice and provide pedagogical support, exemplars, further links and resources for learning areas. Who do I contact if I need help? For technical assistance with registration, logins: digistore@tki.org.nz. For information about content, existing or supplying content, licences: helen.cooper@minedu.govt.nz. For support on selecting and integrating content: digiadvisors
  • We do other things such as …but impt Don’t lose sight of literacy or whatever we are tryingt os chive
  • Facilitator2classroomiteam

    1. 1. Walking the Talk from facilitator to classroom teacher. What’s working? What’s worthwhile? During this workshop we will explore a range of successful and manageable ICT ideas focused on enhancing literacy programmes. Explicit links will be made to the principles of effective pedagogy as outlined in The New Zealand Curriculum, pg 34-36. Resources to provide teachers with continual inspiration and support will also be shared.
    2. 2. Workshop Overview overarching principles to guide my practice. classroom integration . resources to save the day. .
    3. 3. Back with a Bang !!
    4. 4. Guiding principles that underlie my practice - my decision making in relation to ICT.
    5. 5. Alignment with learning objectives What am I trying to achieve? How can ICT support /extend? The use of ICT will form part of a conscious choice of the best and most appropriate way of promoting effective learning.
    6. 6. Alignment with effective pedagogy How can ICT support me to facilitate experiences that consistently have a positive impact on student learning?
    7. 8. Alignment with school vision, charter and strategic goals . A bottom-up culture needs help from the top.
    8. 9. Alignment with existing school systems , structures and workflow .
    9. 10. Alignment with others, including staff and the BOT . Go alone and go faster , go together and go further.
    10. 11. What connections have you made ? *strengths *areas to develop Alignment with learning objectives with effective pedagogy with school vision, charter and strategic goals . with existing school systems , structures and workflow . with others, including staff and the BOT
    11. 12. Literacy and ICT What digital content does your cluster currently use to support literacy? a) Make a list. b) Give one , Get one
    12. 13. 1. Set up an online portal . Be clear about its purpose .
    13. 14. <ul><li>2. Integrate in manageable and meaningful ways into your classroom programme. </li></ul>
    14. 15. 3. Sharing Our Writing Encouraging specific and descriptive feedback Linking to exemplars and success criteria. http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-special-person-author- john.html http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-special-person-author- damian.html http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/05/walt-identify-key-features- of.html
    15. 16. 4. Question Chain To support reading comprehension. Focus : asking a range of questions. What is a question chain? The teacher posts a question. First student from the group answers it and poses a new question. Second student answers that question and poses a third. And so forth........ Questions cannot be repeated. All questions and answers are posted using the comment box. http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/05/exploring-spider-relatives- aphrodite.html http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/05/reading-question- chain.html
    16. 17. 5. Wordle For analysis of language features Put a students writing into a wordle. Language: do not remove common words + word count.
    17. 18. Wordle For analysis of language features Put a students writing into a wordle. Language: do not remove common words + word count.
    18. 19. 6. Comments4Kids is a way for students and teachers to find blogs to comment on and to get their own posts commented on http://www.tauriko.school.nz/443/link_sets/68- comments4kids
    19. 20. 7. Etherpad - a collaborative white-board which lets up to 8 people type on the same document at the same time. Focus: proof-reading, editing , idea development. Collaborative stories.
    20. 21. 8. Learning objects - Digistore when a concept is hard to represent, difficult or dangerous to replicate, or when repetition is required.
    21. 22. What do you know about Digistore?
    22. 23. Our Digital Storehouse
    23. 24. Learning Objects
    24. 25. How do you log in ?
    25. 26. Digistore Passwords Tauranga Intermediate Username:  tis Password:   qknacqj4 Tauranga Primary Username: taur Password:  52anga Greenpark School Username:   green89 Password:   azikgthk Digistore Temp. Username: digiworkshop Password: autumn11
    26. 27. How do you find what you are looking for?
    27. 28. Search Tip 1 – General and Advanced Search <ul><li>Specify: </li></ul><ul><li>Learning area </li></ul><ul><li>Level </li></ul><ul><li>Content type </li></ul><ul><li>Content Source </li></ul><ul><li>Content Provider </li></ul><ul><li>Fields to Search </li></ul>
    28. 29. Search Tip 2 – Browse by Topic
    29. 30. Search Tip 3 – A- Z
    30. 31. Search Tip 4 – Learning Area Catalogue Each learning object has a unique ID number. Type this ID into the Digistore search to locate the desired object.
    31. 32. Viewing search results More information Open the resource
    32. 33. Details view
    33. 34. Using Digital Content – the Digistore Wiki
    34. 35. Further Sources Of Digital Content
    35. 36. Digistore Sand - Pit Time
    36. 37. Want to know more? Try an Online Snack [email_address] [email_address] ed.ac.nz
    37. 38. What else? Presentations around our school values Online readers Book reviews Involving parents/whanau http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/05/am-i- guardian.html http://taurikoroom14.blogspot.com/2011/03/exploring- innovation.html What’s next? Creating videos/learning objects to share our learning
    38. 39. Resources Worth Clicking Ideas to Inspire Literacy Progressions and ICT English Online : English and ICT listserv. Infinity and Beyond