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Arc Ready Fy09 Q3 Live Mesh


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Arc Ready Fy09 Q3 Live Mesh

  1. 1. Mesh and Live Services
  2. 2. Who am I? David Giard MCTS, MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE Principal Consultant, Sogeti Blog: E-Mail: Twitter: djgiard
  3. 3. Upcoming Speaking Events An Introduction to SQL Server West Michigan .Net University Grand Rapids, MI April 4 Using Microsoft Distributed Cache to speed your application Central Ohio Day of .Net Wilmington, OH April 18 Proactive communication with your manager or customer Kalamazoo X Conference Kalamazoo, MI April 25
  4. 4. Your Applications
  5. 5. Your Applications
  6. 6. Windows Live
  7. 7. Finished Services
  8. 8. Software Applications
  9. 9. … are a set of building blocks for handling user data and application resources which can connect your application to hundreds of millions of users. Live Services Mesh Services User Devices Applications Synchronization Comms & Search & Identity Directory Storage Presence Geospatial 1.2B 367M 460M 30B nnPB 320M
  10. 10. Why Live Services? Connect across devices Embed social building blocks Jumpstart traffic Open, interoperable Comprehensive Windows Engage with over 450M programming interface Live services API’s (incl. users on Windows Live and resource model Messenger, feeds, across digital devices. contacts, search) Integrate with experiences, Data synchronization and Developer Tooling with relationships and data local accessibility of web integrated Live Services users care about / cloud data
  11. 11. Virtual Earth
  12. 12. “With Virtual Earth, rather than clicking 10 times to find Customer information, customers get it right away with the compass control.” Logo SNarayanan Kasiarunachalam, Technical Advisor, FedEx FedEx improves customer experience with integrated mapping and location data FedEx wanted to Chose Microsoft® Eliminated calls to    increase its visibility Virtual Earth™ with the help center about and improve customer Microsoft MapPoint® locations experience Web service Proof of concept in  Wanted to add Integrated location three weeks   location information information to provide 24/7 technical  and rich features to its location hours and support, easy online store locater services development with Stable, well-supported Added 3-D maps and online software   solution platform was integrated driving development kit a must directions
  13. 13. Live Mesh
  14. 14. Demo
  15. 15. External Commentary “Despite Microsoft’s reputation of being a closed-wall company, “… most ambitious step yet in transforming it is adopting simple protocols in its personal computer business its Live Mesh synchronization strategy.” #1 Coolest technology demoed at Web 2.0 “Live Mesh… could change the way PCs and other devices interact with Internet Services and each other…” “Live Mesh represents the company Microsoft is trying to become…” Rob Enderle
  16. 16. Links Developer resources Mesh Videos Virtual Earth Apply to Mesh CTP
  17. 17. “Eventually, we’ll give customers instant access to any movie on any device with an Internet connection and a screen.” “More immediately, we could use this technology to reach into airports. Travelers could quickly download movies from Blockbuster kiosks to their portable media players.” Keith Morrow Chief Information Officer, Blockbuster
  18. 18. © 2009 Microsoft corporation. all rights reserved. this presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.