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Client Continuum Dec Fy09


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Published in: Technology
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Client Continuum Dec Fy09

  1. 1. Agenda•10:00-11:15 The Microsoft Client Continuum – Ronan Geraghty•11:30-13:00 Introducing WPF – Max Knor•14:00-15:30 Building WPF composite smart clients – Max Knor•15:45-17:00 Building RIAs with Silverlight 2 – Martha Rotter
  2. 2. The Microsoft Client Continuum Ronan Geraghty Developer and Platform Group
  3. 3. What is User Experience?
  4. 4. User Experienceall aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products
  5. 5. User Experience in Software?
  6. 6. User ExperienceOften Comes Last Source:
  7. 7. User ExperienceOften Comes Last Source:
  8. 8. Why is this the case? Well understood environment Dedicated development staff Stable business capabilities
  9. 9. Why is this the case? Difficult to justify investment •LOB Apps: •Applications are not revenue drivers •Applications are not customer-facing •Focus is on the cost of doing business Optimizing for look and feel Thin gloss over poor experience
  10. 10. User Experience in Software? Measuring UX ROI Success Productivity Retention Comprehension Conversion Satisfaction Excitement Repeat Use
  11. 11. lessons around User Experience
  12. 12. UXMatters
  13. 13. DesignMatters
  14. 14. One-sizedoes not Fit-all
  15. 15. Introducing… The Microsoft Client Continuum .NET platform choices for creating compelling user experiences
  16. 16. Microsoft Client Continuum
  17. 17. There are many touch points
  18. 18. We now interact w/ brands differently
  19. 19. We work differently…
  20. 20. Client continuum capabilities Sandboxed Extended sandbox No sandbox HTML + AJAX Coded in .NET Coded .NET In-browser In-browser Out-of browser Reach Rich Mac OSX
  21. 21. Client continuum capabilities Full Trust ExtendedPermissions sandbox Richness sandbox Any OS Mac OSX In browser
  22. 22. Client continuum tenets… Design matters One Size does not fit all Common foundation
  23. 23. Client continuum tenets… Design matters One Size does not fit all Common foundation
  24. 24. Project Starts!Use cases created IT + User / BA Prototyping IT Development IT of Services UI is created IT User Testing User / BAProject Complete
  25. 25. I know what we’ll do…
  26. 26. Project Starts!Use cases created IT + User / BA Prototyping IT Development IT of Services UI is created IT User Testing UI Polished UI Designer User / BAProject Complete
  27. 27. Designer / DeveloperCollaboration
  28. 28. Developers and designers collaborating designer developer designers & developers can streamline their collaboration designers design developers add business logic
  29. 29. XAML Extensible Application Markup Language • Declarative • Toolable • Code and content are separate XAML C# VB.NET <Button Width="100"> OK Button b1 = new Button(); Dim b1 As New Button <Button.Background> b1.Content = "OK"; b1.Content = "OK" LightBlue b1.Background = new b1.Background = New _ </Button.Background> SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue); SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue) </Button> b1.Width = 100; b1.Width = 100
  30. 30. Client continuum tenets… Design matters One Size does not fit all Common foundation
  31. 31. One-sizedoes not Fit-all
  32. 32. One size can not address all scenarios• Platform capabilities • Hardware acceleration? • Shell/native integration? • Form factor?• Security • Browser Sandbox?• Download size • Refactoring• Off-line?
  33. 33. ASP.NET AJAX benefits • increased productivity and enhanced browsing experience • ubiquitous, cross-platform, standards- based • zero installation • rich tool support, improved developer- designer workflow • seamless access to application services lower latency, rich interactivity, x-browser, tools for ajax-style development
  34. 34. Silverlight• Microsofts platform for rich, highly interactive Web experiences and RIAs • Cross-platform (browsers and OSes) • Windows, Mac OS, Linux ("Moonlight") • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and more • XAML-based rendering (subset of WPF XAML)• Implemented as browser plug-in • Quick, easy install experience
  35. 35. Silverlight Installation Experience
  36. 36. Silverlight benefits • Richer web experience • Media & RIA • Cross-platform, cross-browser support • increase developer productivity • leverage existing code base and skills MSCUINBC Olympics Hard Rock Memorabilia Patient Monitor
  37. 37. Deep Zoom• Bandwidth optimized navigation of large images• Smooth Zoom and pan transitions
  38. 38. Silverlight Media Stack• In the box codec • VC-1 • H.264 (announced)• Adaptive Streaming• Media Markers• PlayReady DRM• Rendered on software • Optimized for multi- core
  39. 39. HTML integration• Two way data• Events• DOM inspection
  40. 40. Demo - Silverlight
  41. 41. • Unify UI, media, graphics and documents• Take full advantage of the graphical power of the PC• Easy, low-impact deployment options• Integration with Office and Windows• Compatibility with Silverlight for web and devices Within twelve months of launch, 20% of Global ISVs had already adopted WPF for at least one production application
  42. 42. FrameworkEngine Integration
  43. 43. Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) benefits • deliver visually stunning smart client experiences through ui, media, and documents • increase developer-designer productivity • leverage existing code base and skill set • derive business value ibloks media mash-ups new york times kiosk app northface digital content
  44. 44. AutoCAD 2009Using WPF for application chrome: ribbon, action recorder and QuickView Status: Shipping Trial:
  45. 45. Lawson M3 Smart ClientLawson’s flagship application for manufacturing and distribution companies Status: Shipping Case study:
  46. 46. WPF Strengths Windows Office Full Hardware Offline Support Other Scenarios Integration Integration Access Shell (Gadgets, DirectXSideshow, System Disconnected Acceleration 3D Tray) Scenarios Outlook Full Threading And File Associations Scheduling APIsDesktop Stickiness Tablet, Touch, Sync Frameworks Rich Typography (Start Menu, Webcam and other System Tray) Input Modes OBAs Local Search Accessibility Aids Provider International Caching Character Sets Security and Native APIs Encryption Phone Integration File System Instrumentation Power Flow Documents Access and Logging Management
  47. 47. Demo - WPF
  48. 48. Client continuum tenets… Design matters One Size does not fit all Common foundation
  49. 49. A .NET foundation • Developer productivity • Existing skills • Reusing existing code • Decrease costs • Accelerate Time to Market • Better applications
  50. 50. From .NET to Silverlight Deep Zoom WMV Silverlight HTML interop .NET Framework 3.5 Language LINQ ASP .NET 3.5 CLR Add-ins Enhancements .NET Framework 3.0 Windows Windows Windows Windows Presentation Communication Workflow Foundation CardSpace Foundation Foundation .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Web Networking ASP ADO.NET Services Forms Socket/HTTP Base Class Library
  51. 51. Real World Information Work Estimate custom design Unstructured Get specs Validate from specs with customer Tech Sales Cost out Decide Assembl Approve the discount e proposed solution strategy propose response d responseCreate Create Create Complete Create Qualified? Closed? Invoice Lead Opportunity Quote Sale Retire CRM ERP Lead
  52. 52. Office Business Applications (OBAs) LOB Apps Office Business Applicatio ns
  53. 53. Office As A Web Service Client
  54. 54. Dassault PLM Integration
  55. 55. Tools for any skill level
  56. 56. Demo - OBA
  57. 57. Deploying .NET Applications
  58. 58. .NET Applications pre-requisites 5 MB, one-time •.NET Framework 3.5 •70 MB, one-time Mac OSX
  59. 59. Deploying applications• Silverlight • Application does not install but gets cached • Runs in browser’s sandbox• WPF • ClickOnce • Installs application, per user • XBAP • Application does not install but gets cached • Runs in the browser • Runs in a sandbox • MSI
  60. 60. .NET Client profile SKU Full .NET .NET Client Only Framework Framework .NET 3.5 SP1 3.5 SPI subset .NET 3.0 SP2 3.0 SP2 subset . .NET 2.0 SP2 2.0 SP2 subset  60 MB download  28 MB download 20+ mins install  < 8 mins to install
  61. 61. ClickOnce A technology for deploying and versioning applications with the power of the client and the simplicity of the web Web Click MSI Once Client Reach  “No Touch” Deployment   Low System Impact   Install / Run Per-User   Rich / Interactive   Offline Access   Windows Shell Integration   Per-Machine / Shared  Components Unrestricted Install 
  62. 62. Conclusion• UX Matters!• User Experience and how we engage with ‘customers’ evolves every day. • Embracing UX as a competitive advantage.• Think about how the platform choice, productivity, and performance will affect the user • Look at existing experiences to see if there is an extensibility option• Enjoy the cool demos, but don’t forget the business angle / opportunity
  63. 63. © 2006 microsoft corporation. all rights reserved.this presentation is for informational purposes only. microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.