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Netbiscuits V2 16 English

  1. 1. We enable the mobile experience Create next generation mobile websites – quickly, conveniently and in highest quality.
  2. 2. Who we are 10 years of mobile experience focused on your success.
  3. 3. Netbiscuits is the worldwide leading and award winning mobile mobile development and publishing platform  Founded in 2000, profitable since 2003  Currently 80 FTE employees  Offices in U.S., Germany and Singapore  Growing its business more than 40% per year  Active in +50 countries with offices in Europe, North America, Asia  Awarded ME Awards for Best Mobile Publishing Platform in 2009  Awarded Top 50 Deloitte Touche fastest Growing German tech companies in 2009  + 300 premium business customers worldwide  Global network of +50 solution, reselling and platform partners  Supporting + 5000 Mobile Web developers 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 3
  4. 4. Hundreds of businesses from Publishing, Web, Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, Social Networking & Commerce go mobile with Netbiscuits Content & Media Web, Commerce, Marketing, Web, Advertisers Software Vendors Publishers, Carriers Internet Service Prov. Mobile Agencies Payment Providers Application Developers Consumer & Industry Brands 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 4
  5. 5. Netbiscuits hosts more than 10.000 Mobile Websites and serves more than 2 Billion Mobile Pages and Content Items each month 100% traffic increase each year and growing! 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 5
  6. 6. What we provide Standard software for businesses in the mobile value chain.
  7. 7. There are three major challenges for businesses to bring Internet content to mobile successfully and profitably Businesses Mobile Subscribers Software and mobile device fragmentation Service Creation Monetization 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 7
  8. 8. Netbiscuits solves these challenges allowing businesses to utilize standardized software tools to … … create Netbiscuits enables you to create perfectly formatted rich media mobile websites faster & easier than ever before … publish Netbiscuits allows you to publish any content to any mobile device on any network in any country worldwide … monetize Netbiscuits makes it easy for you to integrate mobile advertising and mobile commerce to generate revenues fast
  9. 9. Netbiscuits SaaS standard software platform provides all tools businesses need in the mobile value chain Creation  Integrated Development Monetization Environment  Ad-Server interface  Mobile Developer SDK  Ad-Network interface  Web Tools (Sitebuilder, Media  Payment interface Repository, POI-Locator & Mapping, Couponing & Messaging, Feed  Tracking interface Mobilizer)  Device Testing & Simulation Collaboration  Open Web Platform Management  Developer Community  Device Database  App Store  Content & Media  Applications Mobile Serving  Campaigns  Device Detection  Reporting  Content / Site / Ad Optimization  SEO Optimization  Rich Media Transcoding and Delivery  Messaging
  10. 10. Develop mobile websites faster and more efficient than ever before with Biscuits and BiscuitML Write your mobile web application once, run in any mobile device browser! Rapidly deploy mobile websites across platforms & devices utilizing Biscuits building blocks. Content Ingredients for Biscuits Rendered mobile site mobile website Header Navigation RSS Tabbed Container Teaser Widget Map / POI Scripting Slideshow TagCloud Footer
  11. 11. Netbiscuits allows you to develop next generation mobile websites for legacy and Smartphones in highest quality Netbiscuits Rich Internet Features allow you to bring “Web 2.0” to mobile websites by integrating Javascript/AJAX across all major Smartphone platforms. Rich Internet Features Integrate Javascript/AJAX One code base for many phones such as iPhone, G1, NexusNokia N Series, Nexus, Blackberry, … Integrate Slideshows, Tabbed Browsing and more
  12. 12. Netbiscuits SaaS software approach is unique and provides highest convenience in creating mobile websites Browser-based WYSIWYG software tools such as the Mobile Sitebuilder or POI locator allow developers to design, develop, test , deploy and host and report mobile websites within minutes. 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 12
  13. 13. Netbiscuits Feed Mobilizer lets you conveniently create and manage mobile websites from various feed sources via the Sitebuilder Netbiscuits provides “flip a switch” creation of hundreds of mobile websites by utilizing feeds from various data sources or CMS via XML or RSS feeds. XML 1 XML 2 Netbiscuits Feed Manager Netbiscuits XML 3 Sitebuilder RSS Netbiscuits User Feeds Mobile Websites 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 13
  14. 14. Netbiscuits mobile serving technology dramatically improves the end-user experience of mobile websites 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 14
  15. 15. Netbiscuits overcomes software fragmentation by providing a truly global, intelligent device detection & database … > 200 Carrier networks world-  Only true global mobile device database with more wide than 1000 in-house tested parameters and +6000 mobile device profiles  Multiple tier intelligent device detection for device, browser, carrier network paramaters > 300 User Agents  Parameter + layout tests for each Biscuit-Element per device ensure unmatched quality on Legacy and Smart Hardware phones  Mobile devices profiles include also Internet enabled wireless devices such as Gaming Consoles, TVs, In-Car Navigation Systems, Tablets and eBooks > 5000 Mobile  Daily updates for new mobile devices on API Devices worldwide > 10 Software > 15 Mobile > 500 Content > 6 Mobile OS revisions per Browsers Formats Mobile OS Software 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 15
  16. 16. … and an integrated content rendering, rich media transcoding and optimization engine for any Internet-enabled wireless device Device specific optimization Convergent cross platform delivery 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 16
  17. 17. Netbiscuits allows you to integrate, transcode and deliver rich media seamlesslyinto your mobile websites A powerful rich media transcoding engine handles all major media formats and converts your source files into the suitable mobile formats - completely automated. Media Support for Images, AnimGIF, Video , Flash-Video, Music downloads, Ringtones, Wallpapers Automated media transcoding Mobile Video and Audio streaming Web Management and FTP Upload Interface Integrated DRM Mobile Video Advertising (Pre-, Mid-, Post-Roll, Adstitching, …)
  18. 18. Netbiscuits bridges the gap between browsable and client applications by providing hybrid apps Businesses can efficiently roll-out their mobile web applications as browseable mobile website or via a thin client. Netbiscuits provides thin clients for all major mobile OS such as Android, iPhone, WindowsMobile and Blackberry which utilize a mobile website in its core. Shell Browser View Mobile Website Hybrid App 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 18
  19. 19. Netbiscuits allows businesses to collaborate, promote, distribute and sell their mobile web application on a developer platform More than 5000 developer from +50 countries work on our developer community platform each day. The requirements of our customers and the developer community drive our software roadmap. 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 19
  20. 20. Rely on the Netbiscuits high performance SaaS platform to power your mobile services Netbiscuits is fast, scalable, reliable and secure. With no software or hardware to install, maintain or upgrade publishing to mobile is easier than ever before. Serving to + 50 countries Processing + 2 Bill. Mobile Pages p. month Streaming +150.000 videos per day 24 x 7 Global Support SAS 70 Level II certified data center at Rackspace Multitier, fully redundant architecture Security audited Working according to PCI compliance guidelines
  21. 21. Netbiscuits redefines Time to Market and service creation efficiencyof businesses to go mobile Developers can reduce project duration from deploying mobile websites drastically from months to days. Faster development, easy to use tools, no device testing and standardized interfaces to CMS and back-end systems lets you achieve fast ROI on your mobile web programs. Lower cost and faster ROI Less time in development Implmentation Time Project Cost Other mobile Months service providers Days Netbiscuits Time 21.01.2010 Strictly Confidential 21
  22. 22. Choosethe leading platformformobile websites! Open Web Software Global High Quality Flexible Convenient Scalable Reliable 21.01.2010 22
  23. 23. How it works Netbiscuits web based software framework for Mobile Websites.
  24. 24. Standard hosted mobile web applications Next generation mobile websites are created, managed, hosted on the Netbiscuits web platform & served optimized to any mobile device. Sitebuilder Netbiscuits Engine BiscuitML Predefined Device Recognition BiscuitML Templates BiscuitML Templates Templates Dispatcher Can be used in Content Adaption Netbiscuits User Standard Application 1 Create & Edit Standard Applications Create & Edit with Sitebuilder; with the PC Browser Use predefined templates Standard Application 2 Media Repository Create & Edit with Sitebuilder; Use predefined templates … Hosting by Rackspace
  25. 25. Custom API mobile web applications Develop dynamic mobile websites with connection to your backend systems served and optimized by the Netbiscuits Publishing API to any mobile device. Customer IT Infrastructure Content Management Infrastructure API‘s Netbiscuits Engine XML Content Systems Files Device Recognition Dispatcher Customer Web Application Server Content Adaption HTTP Custom Application Request Custom Application Custom Application Communicate with Communicate with Business Logic; Customer; Developed by Business Logic; Developer Generate BiscuitML Communicate with Business Logic; Generate BiscuitML Generate BiscuitML BiscuitML Develop & author Custom Applications using .NET and JAVA Netbiscuits Developing Tools. Media Repository Databases Media Server Upload via FTP or Web Frontend Hosting by Rackspace
  26. 26. Custom API mobile web applications hosted byNetbiscuits Netbiscuits hosts and serves dynamic mobile websites with connection to your backend systems served for you. Customer IT Netbiscuits Engine Infrastructure Custom Application Device Recognition Content Management Systems HTTP Request Logic Dispatcher Infrastructure API‘s Content Adaption Files XML Special Parser (different formats) BiscuitML BiscuitML BiscuitML Templates Databases Templates Media Templates Repository Hosting by Rackspace
  27. 27. Integratewith your backends using standardized interfaces Netbiscuits provides flexible interfaces to connect to common back-end systems such as CMS, Databases, APIs, Ad Servers, but also proprietary systems. Examples for Customer IT integrations Infrastructure Content Management Systems Custom Application Infrastructure API‘s Logic BiscuitML Files ATOM,RSS, Special Parser SportsML, NewsML (standardized formats) Databases BiscuitML BiscuitML BiscuitML Templates Templates Templates XML (proprietary format) Media Server
  28. 28. Our customers Learn how others utilize Netbiscuits to their advantage.
  29. 29. Netbiscuits „Golden Rules“ forsuccessfulmobile websites (1) Design and develop for use case (2) Ensure great user experience (3) Treat mobile as relevant medium and not like the ‚little brother‘ of the PC web (4) Optimize for small screen and huge variety of mobile devices (5) Use personalization which only a mobile device can deliver such as Location based information (6) SEO optimize your mobile website (7) Redirect users from ‚www‘ to your mobile website seamlessly (8) Apply proven web business models on mobile as well (9) Integrate Mobile into your cross media marketing mix (10) Use supporting distribution channels such as App- Stores, Widgets and Carrier decks
  30. 30. eBay Mobile Commerce | Mobile Auction Platform Created by Customer eBay is the world's online marketplace, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis Solution Mobile Commerce Web Portal with easy access to eBay search, My eBay, auctions and bids, SMS alerts Launch 2003 (Redesign 2008) Market Available in + 10 countries & languages URL
  31. 31. Yahoo! Mobile Gaming | Fantasy Football Created by Customer Yahoo! Inc. is one of the world's largest global online network of integrated services. Solution Mobile web portal , Interactive Fantasy league to manage your team ,with tell a friend, Yahoo ad-server and Blueprint integration Launch 2008 Market USA
  32. 32. BILD MOBIL Mobile Publishing | News Portal Created by Customer BILD is Germany’s biggest daily and the 4th biggest newspaper worldwide. Solution Mobile web portal, with News, Entertainment, Sports, LIVE ticker, Video, Weather, ADAC info, Finance market, Advertising. Free of charge for Bild MVNO customers Launch 2008 Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  33. 33. ABC - Lost Mobile Marketing| TV Show Portal Created by Customer ABC, part of the Disney- ABC Television Group, is one of the leading American TV networks. Solution • TV show portal • Photo & video gallery • Character bios • Episode summaries • Games & alerts Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  34. 34. ABC - Desperate Housewives Mobile Marketing | TV Show Portal Created by Customer ABC, part of the Disney-ABC Television Group, is one of the leading American TV networks. Solution • TV show portal • Photo & video gallery • Character bios • Episode summaries • Games & alerts Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  35. 35. SPIEGEL MOBIL Mobile Publishing | News Portal Created by Customer SPIEGEL ONLINE is Germany’s largest news website. Solution Mobile web portal, advertising, tell a friend, news archive, audio, video streams, Wiki (Spiegel Wissen) Launch 2006 (re-design 2008) Market Europe URL
  36. 36. Stargate Universe Mobile Marketing | TV Show Portal Created by Customer Stargate Universe is a TV show produced by MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), a leading media company in the USA. Solution • TV show portal • News • Photo galleries • Video streaming • Episode summaries Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  37. 37. WELT Mobile Publishing | News Portal Created by Customer WELT is a national German daily newspaper of the Axel Springer AG Solution Mobile Portal for daily news , sports, stock infos Launch 2008 Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  38. 38. kicker Mobile Publishing | Sports Portal (iPhone-optimized) Created by Customer kicker is one of the leading brands and publishers for sports content in Germany. Solution iPhone-optimized web site, provides stats, live results, news for soccer, basketball, tennis, formula 1, SMS alerts, downloads Launch 2008 Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  39. 39. GameStar Mobile Publishing | Special Interest Portal Created by Customer GameStar is a publication of IDG Communications Media, a German subsidiary of IDG, Boston, the world‘s leading IT media, research and exposition company. Solution • Special interest portal • News & charts • User votings • Latest releases • Game search • Picture galleries Launch 2009 Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  40. 40. MTV Nick Mobile Marketing | TV Portal Created by Customer MTV Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom International Inc., is the world's leading online music entertainment company. Solution • TV portal • Game download • Video download • Photo galleries • Program information Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  41. 41. RTL Mobile Publishing | TV Portal Created by Customer RTL is one of the most popular TV channels in Germany and market leader in the 14 to 49 audience group. Solution • TV portal • Program information • Video streaming • Game download • Photo galleries • Weather information • Click-to-call • Tell-a-friend Launch 2009 (Rebrush) Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  42. 42. Gua Mobile Publishing | Entertainment Portal Created by Customer GUA, Malaysia’s most popular entertainment and lifestyle portal, is a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad, Malaysia’s largest media investment group. Solution • Entertainment portal • Celebrity news • Lifestyle tips • Partnership advice • Comments (UGC) • Feedback form Launch 2009 Market Malaysia URL
  43. 43. SPIKE Mobile Marketing | TV Portal Created by Customer Spike, a subsidiary of Viacom International Inc., is a special interest TV & online format for men. Solution • Special interest news • Foto galleries • Video downloads Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  44. 44. YELLOWPAGES.COM Mobile Search | Directory Service Created by Customer AT&T Interactive, a subsidiary of AT&T, a premier US telecom holding company, is an industry leader in local search products and services. Solution • Business search • Popular nearby • Popular categories • Popular businesses • Set location • Maps & directions • Reviews (UGC) • Click-to-call Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  45. 45. Pagine Gialle Mobile Search | Directory Service Created by Customer SEAT Pagine Gialle group is a major multimedia platform for information, communication, search, and advertising in Italy. Solution • People search • Business search • Reverse phone • Reverse address • Maps • Driving directions • Click-to-call Launch 2009 Market Italy URL
  46. 46. Mobile Search | Real Estate Portal Created by Customer, a Axel Springer AG company, is one of Germany’s leading real estate portals. Solution • Real estate portal • Local search • ID search • Photo galleries • Save results • Click-to-call • iPhone optimized Launch 2009 Market Germany URL
  47. 47. WhitePages Mobile Search | Directory Portal Created by Customer WhitePages provides contact information online for almost 200 million U.S. adults. Solution • People Search • Business Search • Reverse Phone • Reverse Address • Maps • Driving Directions • Click-to-call Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  48. 48. Clipfish Mobile Publishing | Video Community Portal Created by Customer Germany’s 3rd biggest video community besides Youtube Solution Mobile video community with free downloads and uploads, video search, tell-a-friend Launch 2006 (re-design 2008) Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  49. 49. Going Mobile Community | Urban Culture Portal Created by Customer Going is a portal for the urban culture scene in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more than 25 other cities. Solution • Multi city portal • Event calendar • Location directory • Search • UGC live integration Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  50. 50. Mobile Marketing | Video Community Portal Created by Customer Adidas AG is one of the leading sports brands in the world. Solution • Video community • Video streaming • Video download • Shop finder • UGC reviews • Tell-a-friend • Click-to-call Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  51. 51. Idealo Mobile Search | Price Comparison Created by Customer Idealo, a Axel Springer AG company, is one of the leading price finder services in Germany. Solution • Price comparison • Test reports • UGC product reviews • UGC shop reviews • +620,000 products Launch 2009 Market Germany URL
  52. 52. HRS – Hotel Reservation Service Mobile Commerce | Booking Portal (iPhone optimized) Created by Customer HRS is the leading German hotel booking platform for business and private customers with over 230,000 hotels in 180 countries worldwide. Solution • Booking platform • Search (GPS support) • Reservation service • Cancelation service • Add-to-calendar • Maps (GPS support) • Click-to-call • SSL encryption • 12 languages • iPhone optimized Launch March 2009 Markets worldwide URL
  53. 53. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Mobile Commerce | Booking Portal Created by Customer Enterprise rent-a-car is a leading international car rental agency located in over 3,800 destinations throughout over 80 countries worldwide. Solution • Rental car portal • Reserve a car • Search for outlets • Customer log in • Click-to-call Launch May 2009 Market worldwide URL
  54. 54. National Car Rental Mobile Commerce | Booking Portal Created by Customer National Car Rental is a leading international car rental agency located in over 3,800 destinations throughout over 80 countries worldwide. Solution • Rental car portal • Reserve a car • Search for outlets • Customer log in • Click-to-call Launch May 2009 Market worldwide URL bi
  55. 55. Siemens Mobile Marketing | Corporate Portal Created by Customer Siemens AG is a global leader in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. Solution • Corporate portal • Press center • Stock charts • Event calendar • Search • Contact form • Tell-a-friend • Multi-lingual Launch 2009 Market worldwide URL
  56. 56. IBM Smarter Cities Mobile Marketing | Corporate Portal Created by Customer IBM is a pioneer in information technology and one of the leading IT consulting companies worldwide. Solution • Corporate portal • Project Information • City information • Video gallery • Click-to-call Launch 2009 Market Germany, UK, Italy, France
  57. 57. McDonald´s Mobile Marketing | Product Portal Created by Customer McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 31,000 local restaurants serving more than 58 million people in 118 countries each day. Solution • Product portal • Product information • Nutrition facts • Restaurant finder • Click-to-call Launch 2009 Market Germany, Austria, Switzerland URL
  58. 58. Media Smart Mobile Marketing | Various Campaigns Created by Customer MediaSmart, a division of Sensis, Australia's leading information resource company, reaches over 9.2 million Australians online and 2.3 million via mobile. Solution Ad landing pages for: • Hugo Boss • Disney / Pixar • IBM • Australian Army Launch 2009 Market Australia
  59. 59. Bon Jovi Mobile Marketing | Artist Portal Created by Customer Bon Jovi, one of the world’s most famous rock bands, is signed to Universal Music Group. Solution • Artist portal • News & tour dates • Video download • Photo gallery • Q&A area Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  60. 60. Wendy´s Mobile Marketing | Product Portal Created by Customer Wendy's is a fast food retailer with more than 6,600 restaurants in the USA and 21 other countries. Solution • Product portal • Nutrition information • Restaurant search • Click-to-call • Maps Launch 2009 Market USA URL
  61. 61. bebe young care Mobile Marketing | Download Site Created by Customer Bebe young care is a Johnson & Johnson brand. J&J is one of the world‘s industry leaders in health and well-being with more than 250 companies in 57 countries worldwide. Solution • Download site • Wallpaper download • Screensaver download Launch 2009 Market Germany URL
  62. 62. Contact Europe North & South America Asia Netbiscuits GmbH Netbiscuits, Inc. Netbiscuits Pte Ltd Europaallee 10 1760 Reston Parkway, Suite 304 #02-01 The Aquarius 67657 Kaiserslautern Reston, VA 20190 21 Science Park Road GERMANY USA Singapore 117628 Tel +49 631 303 1400 Tel +1 703 435 9008 Tel +65 6777 8337 Fax +49 631 303 1414 Fax +1 703 889 5126 Fax +65 6777 8557