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Own your own career advice from a veteran consultant


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Lessons I have learned after decades in this industry.

Published in: Career
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Own your own career advice from a veteran consultant

  1. 1. Own Your Own Career Advice from a Veteran Consultant David Giard ConsultantSenior Technical Evangelist, MicrosoftFormer
  2. 2. Own Your Own Career Mistakes I’ve made in My Career and How You Can Learn From My Mistakes and Avoid Making those Same Mistakes David Giard or Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  3. 3. @DavidGiard Part 1: Manage Your Customer Part 2: Manage Your Career
  4. 4. @DavidGiard Manage Your Customer
  5. 5. @DavidGiard Listen to your customer
  6. 6. @DavidGiard First impressions are important!
  7. 7. @DavidGiard Think about privacy
  8. 8. @DavidGiard Delight your customer!
  9. 9. @DavidGiard Learn Effective Communication
  10. 10. @DavidGiard Be professional
  11. 11. @DavidGiard Communicate early. Communicate often.
  12. 12. @DavidGiard Stay Positive
  13. 13. @DavidGiard Look for opportunities
  14. 14. @DavidGiard Know the strengths of your company
  15. 15. @DavidGiard Focus on teamwork
  16. 16. @DavidGiard Learn names
  17. 17. @DavidGiard Bring passion to each project
  18. 18. @DavidGiard Listen to your customer
  19. 19. @DavidGiard Manage Your Career
  20. 20. @DavidGiard Set Measurable Goals
  21. 21. @DavidGiard Track your accomplishments
  22. 22. @DavidGiard Find a mentor. Talk with him or her regularly.
  23. 23. @DavidGiard Know the people in your unit
  24. 24. @DavidGiard Learn the basics of software development Cultivate a specialty
  25. 25. @DavidGiard Understand and manage your online identity
  26. 26. @DavidGiard Your education is not limited to your day job
  27. 27. @DavidGiard Learn something new every day
  28. 28. @DavidGiard Accomplish something every day
  29. 29. @DavidGiard Consider certification
  30. 30. @DavidGiard Get involved in the local community
  31. 31. @DavidGiard Own your career
  32. 32. @DavidGiard David Giard Technical Evangelist, Microsoft @davidgiard