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Desktop Transformation Success - The 5 Secrets to Delivering User Satisfaction, Productivity & ROI


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RES and eG Innovations combine best-of-breed virtual desktop management solutions to deliver maximum user productivity and satisfaction while dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of managing hybrid desktop environments:
- Deliver secure, personalized and compliant desktops
- Reduce the cost & complexity of user management
- Proactively manage dynamic desktop performance
- Right-size the dynamic desktop environment for maximum ROI
- Deliver on the ROI and user experience promise of desktop transformation initiatives

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Desktop Transformation Success - The 5 Secrets to Delivering User Satisfaction, Productivity & ROI

  1. 1. DesktopTransformationSuccessThe 5 Secrets to DeliveringUser Satisfaction,Productivity & ROI
  2. 2. Presenting Today … Jeff Fisher VP Strategy RES Software Rick Ruskin VP Sales eG Innovations
  3. 3. Hybrid Desktop Era The era of the Hybrid Desktop is upon us  PCs living alongside tablets and smartphones  Mixed application and desktop delivery models Appropriately matching use cases to delivery models  For example, power users and occasionally connected mobile workers are not a good fit for RDS or VDI Increased agility and productivity for end-users  To support increasingly flexible workstyles
  4. 4. Hybrid Desktop Challenges Increasingly complex infrastructure that needs to be Key Pain Points managed by IT  User Personalization Different kinds of servers, data  User Performance Experience stores and agents that need to  Right-Sizing for ROI be installed, monitored, etc.  Compliance Most hybrid desktop delivery  Support Complexity infrastructure components are still managed as silos “Client virtualization does not replace physical PCs, but instead adds significant infrastructure and costs, creating a hybrid environment of both physical virtual desktops. […] traditional datacenter or PC-centric approaches break down.” David K Johnson, Forrester Client Virtualization Will Fail Without a Hybrid Approach
  5. 5. Challenge #1: User Personalization Profiles, scripts and policies don’t cut it in today’s hybrid desktop environments Personalization goes way beyond roaming a user’s wallpaper In a world of ubiquitous access, restricting access to desktop resources and services is as important as roaming personalization
  6. 6. Challenge #2: User Performance Experience Poor user experience stalls or stops 50% of desktop transformation projects Complexity of hybrid desktop infrastructure makes it difficult and time consuming to pinpoint and resolve root cause issues Over-confidence during pilot leads to neglect of performance during ramp-up Manually remediating performance issues downstream is costly, doesn’t scale, and is often too late!
  7. 7. Challenge #3: Right-Sizing for ROI Throwing hardware at desktop performance problems causes cost overruns and kills ROI Underinvestment causes performance issues How to find the right balance? And where do I invest with laser focus to efficiently enable performance and scale up to amortize backend infrastructure?
  8. 8. Challenge #4: Compliance How to ensure compliant user access to a range of hybrid desktop resources and services  Applications (including licensing)  Data  URLs  Peripherals (i.e. printer, portable storage devices and writable media, etc.) Compliance and remediation of delivery infrastructure
  9. 9. Challenge #5: Support Complexity Unlike many of today’s consumer experiences, enterprise users and first line support are not properly enabled for self-service Limited visibility into desktop configuration issues Maintaining legacy configuration tools (i.e. scripts, group policy, etc.)
  10. 10. eG Innovations and RES - Joint ValueRES and eG Innovations combine best-of-breed managementsolutions to deliver maximum user productivity and satisfactionwhile dramatically reducing the cost and complexity ofmanaging hybrid desktop environments. Deliver secure, personalized and compliant desktops Reduce the cost & complexity of user management Proactively manage dynamic desktop performance Right-size the dynamic desktop environment for maximum ROI Deliver on the ROI and user experience promise of desktop transformation initiatives Clients want their vendors to collaborate to ensure success
  11. 11. eG & RES Solution Synergy User Logon Performance performance Experience Performance Compliance Desktop resource Right-Sizing access for ROI
  12. 12. If Hybrid Desktops were cars …
  13. 13. RES Software at a GlanceEstablished andexperienced team Strong Technology Alliances Currently shipping 10th generation Worldwide award-winning distributor and Workspace reseller networks Management solution
  14. 14. Global Enterprise Customer Base
  15. 15. RES Solutions Overview Seamless Context-aware integration of desktop resource local access control, applications and configuration services into and tracking remotely hosted desktops IT as a Service (ITaaS) Cloud-based user Enterprise-class environment file sharing with discovery and on-premisesWorkspace Solutions analysis storageAutomation Solutions Intelligent IT task automation which provides the foundation for an enterprise app store
  16. 16. RES Workspace Manager in Action Granular context elements to handle even the most varied workstylesIntuitive console makes it easy to getup and running with workspacemanagement Rich integration with leading desktop management and virtualization platforms leverages existing technology investments
  17. 17. About eG Innovations eG Innovations’ award-winning performance assurance solutions automate and dramatically accelerate the discovery, diagnosis, and resolution of service performancePerformance Assurance issues - in complex virtual, cloud, and physical service Made Easy infrastructures. Our customers use eG Innovations to enable end user productivity, reduce cost and complexity, and deliver on the ROI promise of transformational IT investments. Worldwide New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Singapore, London, Chennai Locations Customers Over 1,000 customers worldwide Certifications Sample Awards & Recognition
  18. 18. eG Customer Success
  19. 19. eG Innovations Solution Automated Diagnosis Pre-emptive Alerting Trading Online Banking Accounting Connection Right-size Brokers for ROI Storage Network Profile Servers Capacity • Applications Virtualization Planning
  20. 20. eG Performance Assurance in Action
  21. 21. Solution #1: User Personalization The RES Workspace was designed to support today’s hybrid desktop environments Reduces or eliminates profile, scripting and policy challenges and dependencies Context-aware policy engine can expose, hide and reconfigure desktop resources and services on-the-fly
  22. 22. Solution #2: User Performance Experience Bake performance assurance into hybrid desktop infrastructure from the beginning Mitigate risk of downstream desktop performance issues Embed performance as a pre-emptive process vs. ad-hoc, post mortem re-mediation Complete visibility correlating user experience with infrastructure components Automate & accelerate performance detection & diagnosis across entire desktop infrastructure Preemptively detect and resolve issues quickly - before users are impacted
  23. 23. Desktop Success – Flip a Coin? 50% of all desktop virtualization projects stall or fail* … 1) Unacceptable End User Performance 2) Cost Overruns Can you afford to take a 50/50 chance with your desktop virtualization initiative? Source: Survey by Virsto Software, 2012
  24. 24. Desktop Performance - The Big PictureVirtual Desktops 20%  Complexity  Investment  Performance bottlenecks  Technology choices  OpportunitiesVirtual Desktop for ProblemsInfrastructure© eG Innovations, Inc | 80%
  25. 25. Desktop Virtualization is Complex! Active SAN Directory on ESX SwitchUser Virtual Desktops Network on VMs Provisioning Server Connection Broker Oracle License Server Profile Server vCenter ComplexityAdd virtual machines, connection brokers, profile servers, provisioningservers … a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong and impact userexperience!
  26. 26. Isolated Management Today SAN Active Directory on ESX Switch User Virtual Desktops on VMs Network Provisioning Server Connection Broker Oracle License Server Profile Server vCenter Isolated Management ToolsA single failure can bring down the entire service – but where is the rootcause? Each infrastructure element has its own dedicated managementtool, but the service owner has no correlated performance visibility acrossthe entire service environment.
  27. 27. Automated Performance Diagnosis Active Directory SQL SAN SwitchClient Enterprise Network Web on XenApp on ZDC on Apps XenServer VMware ESX VMware ESX Profile Server License Server Oracle vCenter Complete visibility – every layer, every tier!
  28. 28. Desktop Performance Assurance Assess Performance Lessons - Consider performanceMaintain Plan management from the beginning Performance - Mitigate risk of Assurance desktop issues downstream - Process vs costly ad-hoc fixes: automate performance assurance - Ensure scalability Deploy Design & deliver ROI
  29. 29. Solution #3: Right-Sizing for ROI eG Performance Analytics enables right-sizing of desktop infrastructure for better cost / performance balance Avoid over-provisioning  Don’t kill budget Avoid under-provisioning  Don’t kill performance Efficiency: Gain 20% more users per server Economies of Scale: Roll out more users, faster
  30. 30. Find Your Bottlenecks Benefit: Right size your environment for better ROI
  31. 31. Solution #4: Compliance Track and control application (including licensing), URL and peripheral access and usage (Workspace Manager) Provide a “Follow-Me-Data” solution with the security and control of on-premises storage (HyperDrive) Automate queries and remediation of delivery infrastructure (Automation Mgr)
  32. 32. Solution #5: Support Complexity Desired User State Management – model what users should see when they access their hybrid desktop Workspace Analysis – detailed tracking provides an audit trail when something goes wrong Delegated administration including user self- service
  33. 33. Conclusion Success of hybrid desktops depends on powerful management platforms for user satisfaction, productivity, and ROI Together, RES Software and eG Innovations provide a complete solution to help you deliver on the promise of your desktop transformation initiative
  34. 34. Ask the Experts … &
  35. 35. For a demo, trial or consultation, visit …  +1 732-794-1259  +1 800-893-7810  We look forward to speaking with you!