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ArcReady - Architecting For The Client Tier


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The client (or presentation) tier of our applications is taking on an increasingly important role. Users are expecting more compelling user interfaces, but they also want more functionality from their applications. In this ArcReady we examine how to design and deliver well architected client applications that will be easy to maintain and extend.

Session 1: Trends and patterns on the client tier

In our first session we will take a vendor and platform neutral look at some of the trends and emerging technologies that can be used on the client tier. We will look at techniques like Mashups, technologies like Natural User Interfaces (NUI) and the increasing importance of the mobile platform. We will also look at some common patterns that can be used in the architecture of the client tier.

Session 2: Applying Microsoft technology on the client tier
In our second session we will take some look at how we can use Microsoft technologies to create well architected and compelling client applications. We will look at technologies like Silverlight and WPF that can be used to create compelling clients. We will also look at technologies that can be used to make your applications more extensible for future development. We will also examine some architectural guidance developed by the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group.

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ArcReady - Architecting For The Client Tier

  1. 1. ArcReady: Architecting for the Client Tier
  2. 2. About ArcReady… • A forum for aspiring and practicing architects to discuss industry trends • An overview of Microsoft’s roadmap as it relates to software architecture • A mechanism to solicit your feedback • An opportunity to showcase the work you do!
  3. 3. Discussion Encouraged
  4. 4. Agenda Session 1: Trends & Patterns in the Client Tier Session 2: Client Tier Technologies
  5. 5. SESSION 1 Trends & Patterns in the Client Tier
  6. 6. Do you use social applications at work?
  7. 7. Do you feel like a walking information filter?
  8. 8. World we live in Surface Messaging Social Devices Networking Work Servers PCs Mobile Netbooks/Nettops
  9. 9. The world our kids will live in
  10. 10. 6 key trends These 6 scenarios have been identified as top tasks across markets: 1:* Entertainment Sharing Social Communication Search, News Memories Shopping Networking and Research Richer, more active, and meaningful digital experiences.
  11. 11. The increasing importance of video
  12. 12. Have you watched full length video programming over the web?
  13. 13. 17 days…
  14. 14. 1.3 billion page views
  15. 15. 50+ million unique visitors
  16. 16. 70 million streams
  17. 17. 10 million hours of video watched
  18. 18. 35 million mobile page views
  19. 19. 50,000+ clips viewed every day
  20. 20. Why is the client tier important to us?
  21. 21. Archetypes & Patterns
  22. 22. Application Archetypes Information / Data Reference Viewer/Editor Document E-Commerce Viewer/Editor Utility Entertainment
  23. 23. Ubiquitous, heterogeneous search Consistent experience everywhere
  24. 24. Social awareness Finding friends wherever we are
  25. 25. Asynchronous multi-threading Background scanning & processing
  26. 26. Occasionally connected apps Optimize for online, but enable offline
  27. 27. Live preview Avoid full blown context switching
  28. 28. Demo: Automatic updates Demo: Tear away applications
  29. 29. Location awareness Geo-coding via GPS
  30. 30. Plug-ins Enabling 3rd party extensions
  31. 31. Natural interfaces Touch, speech, handwriting, computer vision, machine translation
  32. 32. The client tier is our interface to the computing continuum
  33. 33. SESSION 2 Client Tier Technologies
  34. 34. Rich versus Reach XNA WPF One Vista / Win7 Gadget Winforms Win32 Reach Silverlight AJAX <html/> All Telnet Reach Richness High Richness Low
  35. 35. Understanding digital delivery models for the standards-based Web, the rich Web and the rich client
  36. 36. Client Continuum Ubiquity Richness Next Generation ASP.NET+AJAX Gadgets RIAs WPF XNA
  37. 37. ASP.NET Ajax Formerly Codenamed “Atlas” AJAX based Web applications Standards Based
  38. 38. Silverlight Create and Deploy XAML content & Apps Everywhere! Windows, Web, Crossplatform, Devices
  39. 39. What is Silverlight? <MediaElement x:Name=‘myMediaPl ayBack' Canvas.Left='532' Canvas.Top='184' AutoPlay='false' Height='185' Width='350' Opacity='0'> Plug-in with cross ~4Mb Download (2) Extends browser browser & capability with OS support XAML
  40. 40. Silverlight 3 Themes Support for Higher Quality Video & Audio Empowering Rich Experiences Improving RIA Productivity Out of Browser Capabilities Expression Blend 3 Preview
  41. 41. WPF Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Desktop Applications Connected Applications
  42. 42. WPF Vision • Unified approach to UI, Documents, and Media – Integration as part of development and experience • Integrated, vector-based composition engine – Utilizing the power of the PC throughout the graphics stack • Declarative programming – Bringing designers directly into application development • Ease of deployment – Allowing administrators to deploy and manage applications securely
  43. 43. Windows Presentation Foundation XAML eXtensible Application Markup Language C# XAML VB.NET Button b1 = new Button(); <Button Width=quot;100quot;> OK Dim b1 As New Button b1.Content = quot;OKquot;; <Button.Background> b1.Content = quot;OKquot; b1.Background = new LightBlue b1.Background = New _ SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue); </Button.Background> SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue) b1.Width = 100; </Button> b1.Width = 100
  44. 44. Where to apply it Web + Standards Rich Web Ultimate Experience AJAX + .NET, HTML + AJAX .NET JavaScript, DL Support CSS / DHTML XAML XAML
  45. 45. Windows Client Strengths Windows Full Hardware Office Integration Offline Support Other Scenarios Integration Access Shell (Gadgets, DirectX Disconnected Sideshow, Acceleration 3D Outlook Scenarios notifications) Full Threading And Scheduling APIs File Associations Sync Frameworks Rich Typography Tablet, Touch, and OBAs other Input Modes Desktop Stickiness International (Start Menu, Caching Character Sets System Tray) Accessibility Aids Phone Integration Search Provider Security and File System Access Flow Documents Encryption
  46. 46. © 2009 Microsoft corporation. all rights reserved. this presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.