Modern Intranets


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Modern Intranets

  1. 1. Our work on the edge of the digital revolution, the understanding of people and their media usage behaviour plus our work on INTRANET projects in the last years, have led to a strong conviction of where INTRANETS today should be today. INTRANETS are no more just “internal platforms” that can ignore how employees act, communicate and share outside of the office à *Sources: SphinxOnline 2011, Observatoire de l’Internet 2011, both FrancePOVCORPORATEINTRANETS© FullSIX GmbH 2012 – Strictly Confidential – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or diffusion without written authorization
  2. 2. INFO SOURCESTHE CASE LCL Quelles sont vos PRINCIPALES sources dinformation sur lactualité de LCL ? (Plusieurs réponses possibles)In the case of LCL we started withsome interviews and questionnaires La messagerie interne ( Lhebdo de lintranet et LC L en direct) 84%inside the company to understand Lintranet LC L - hors intranets métier 66%what the actual sources forinformation were, that people are Votre manager direct 62%using. And there are several! Les journaux internes 57%-  Understanding, why intranet plays a Vos collègues 47% supporting role only Les conventions et réunions dinformation 41%-  Understand, how other sources La direction 25% could be integrated La presse externe 22%-  Understand responsibilities of other A quelle fréquence consultez-vous lintranet LCL (exColor, hors Les bruits de couloir 20% annuaire et applications liées à la RH tels que Ciel, Mes frais... et sources, internal structures and hors intranet métier) ? processes Autres 4%-  Get key stakeholders to support 38% best possible approach – instead of 25% 24% smallest compromise 13% Quotidiennement Environ 2 fois par Environ 2 fois par mois Rarement semaine
  3. 3. CONTENTSWHAT IS IT FOR? TRENDING TOPICS MOST COMMON FEATURES FAKE COLLABORATION -  Collaboration -  Phonebook -  Documenting together -  Social network internal -  Search engine -  Forum -  Access via tablet and mobile -  Document hub -  News -  Highest stakeholders -  Organisation chart -  Event calendars -  Less file sharing -  Access from home -  Who does what -  Web conferences -  FAQ/ WIKI -  VoIP -  Instant messages -  RSS
  4. 4. ISSUESINTRANETS TEND TO FACE PROBLEMS AS (TOO) MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO BE ALIGNED -  Today only 25% of the employees are involved in the creation of an intranet. But 54% of the top management. Bottom up or top down? Communications, HR and IT are the main drivers … -  International companies struggle internationally with up to 400+ different employee platforms -  Most intranet lack of USP – no reason to go = no usage (e.g. online video is constantly growing and amongst the best rated online content consumed, still only 50% of the intranets have video content) -  UX is often driven by IT department and technological systems, rather than the users themselves -  Rather than trying to update something bad à listen, learn and build new
  5. 5. 3 RULESFOR A BETTER INTRANET THAT DRIVES IDENTIFICATION As the marketing defines what the brand stands for in the lives of the end consumers, Make sense by the intranet needs to play a role in the professional lives of the employees. No reason playing a for being = no reason for using. precise role and give Accept that your employees are the same appropriate people as your consumers or media target groups. They use Facebook, smartphones, content online rating sites, geolocalisation, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. daily. The intranet needs to reflect this new behaviour. Respect the individual and its job Be in line with the digital revolution Even in the smallest company people have different roles. Finance people have different needs and a different browsing behaviour than creatives or sales people. Don’t try to treat everyone equally!
  6. 6. 5 AREASINTRANET AND ITS RELATONS TOWARDS …. Always on, any time, anywhere, any device TIME Collaboration, management, STRATEGY WORK interaction, co-construction Culture, identity, role, KPIs SPACE OTHERS Inter-cultural, multi channel, virtual desks Peopleware, community building for interests, practical things,
  7. 7. CATEGORIESTHE BIGGER THE COMPANY THE MORE PROFESSIONAL THE APPROACH Step by step deployment, administration system, better collaboration integration ADMINISTRATION Larger social network, building on knowledge, steering thru KPIs Centralization of distribution, deployment of KPIs, fixed processes Social network, geo management, knowledge maps (70% of >5000 empl.) Profiling, collaboration spaces, Text based content, non collaborative, knowledge ,management only expert access, central contribution (60% of <1000 empl.) FUNCTIONALITIES ! Digitally mature, collaboration services, tagged contents
  8. 8. INTRANET HAVING CONVERSATIONS AND DRIVING ACTIVE SHARING IS NOT FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY! PICTURE   PICTURE   PICTURE   An also visually attractive page - Ergonomics developed for the demand Building a digital knowledge databaseintranet competes with the internet. So of the users – to find access to requested inside of the group’s intranet, for all you need to be better, by being more info fast and allow collaboration. A step- global marketing directors to use. relevant, and just as attractive! by-step plan with regular evolutions.
  9. 9. INTRANET THE WAY PEOPLE USE THE INTERNET HAS CHANGED – THAT’S WHY INTRANETS HAVE TO CHANGE, TOO! PICTURE   PICTURE   PICTURE   Making checking out news inside the A GLOCAL platform – with specific Using corporate assets (events,company a regular and natural reflex, by possibilities per market, and an own sponsoring, etc.) for own employees to constantly updating the platforms thru name for better identification (SPHERE). enhance identification.key-stakeholders with relevant content. More à
  10. 10. © FullSIX GmbH 2012 – Strictly Confidential – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or diffusion without written authorization WHAT DO YOU THINK? THAT’S IT FOR NOW. MARKETING IN SYNCHRONIZED THE DIGITAL AGE
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