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  1. 1. MOBILE WORKTOOL HABITS a peer survey Jörn Hendrik Ast Hamburg, 25-01-2012
  2. 2. WHAT ARE OUR MOBILE WORKTOOL HABITS? basic questions: how do we organize our work with our smartphones? are we embracing mobile work opportunities and is it suitable for daily use? are there any differences between the different professions? Are Freelancer more „mobile savvy“ than employees?
  3. 3. DEMOGRAPHY 55+ 1 % 18-24 45-54 15 % 11 % I generated 114 participants from 18th to 35-44 21st January 2012 27 % 25-34 gender distribution: 71% 46 % men, 29% womenDisclaimer: I reached 110 persons in a couple of days via Twitter, Facebook, countless Retweets and Shares and via QR Codesand shortlinks I handed out in my Coworking Space. This is amazing but of course not representative on a scientific basis.Anyhow it was the best way of conducting this survey since I got 100% of the desired target group: heavy smartphone users.
  4. 4. WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION? Studentthere‘s a pretty balanced 11 % Employeeproportion of Freelancer, 33 %Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur 27 %employeesbut with entrepreneurs Freelancerand freelancer we have the 30 %largest target group (56%)
  5. 5. WHICH MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM ARE YOUUSING? other RIM 5 % 3 % Windows 1 % Apple‘s iOS is dominating followed by Android Android 29 % iOS RIM, Windows Phone or 62 % other OS like Symbian are negligible
  6. 6. WHAT KIND OF PRODUCTIVITY APPS ARE YOUUSING ON YOUR SMARTPHONE? the top 3: messaging, 89 messaging apps social network and time social network apps 84 77 management apps other apps time management apps 75 blogging/ twitter 67 there were even a lot of text editing 39 other apps: bookmarking apps collaborative PM apps 25 38 data tracking apps 16 travel management apps apps for design 14 (public transfer, navigation) CRM, sales apps 12 reading Apps (Instapaper, Kindle), photography apps 11 finance management apps shopmngmt. apps 6 apps for presentation coding apps 5 audio recording apps billing apps 3 0 30 60 90
  7. 7. WHICH OF THESE APPS ARE YOU USING DAILY ORHOURLY? 80 messaging, checking messaging apps social network apps 68 social network apps and blogging/ twitter 45 tweeting are the most time management apps 42 collaborative PM apps 21 frequent activities! bookmarking apps 15 text editing 11 people using time apps for design 4 management and CRM, sales apps 5 data tracking apps 4 collaborative project photography apps 4 management apps are coding apps 2 always online too! billing apps 2 0 20 40 60 80
  8. 8. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE APPS AT THE MOMENTAND WHY? „Dropbox for easy „Podio, because „Evernote - helps me access to my files you can create accumulate and organize on the move“ your own apps“ my thoughts and ideas, lets me work from everywhere“ „CamCard for „Flipboard, Evernote, the easy scan of Summify: help me to avoid business cards“ information overkill, „All Googles Mobile Apps, archive information“ because of the seamless integration in their overall „Whatsapp - does service portfolio and what it does and effortless syncing.“ does it right“
  9. 9. WHAT IS THE APP YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT ATTHE MOMENT? Twitter whatsapp (11x) (7x) Podio (6x) Mail (6x) Evernote (5x) Wunderlist (2x)
  10. 10. HOW MUCH DO YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS DEPEND ON MOBILE WORKING TOOLS? low the majority is used to crucial 26 % work mobile but only 5% 5 % see it as a real alternative to a personal computer high 25 % nearly half of the medium participants see mobile 44 % worktools as an addition, not more!responses: crucial:“I could not run my business without my smartphone and my mobile working tools and I do not depend on my personalcomputer or laptop any more!“ high: „I enjoy doing more an more mobile and not being dependent on my personal computer or laptopthat much!“ medium: „mobile apps are important but I still need to recheck everything on my personal computer or laptop!“low: „mobile apps are nice but nothing more than an addition to my personal computer or laptop!“
  11. 11. WHY? „My worklife is so much easier „Im on the road all theCRUCIAL and I love using apps on the go, time!“ e.g. wherever I have to wait!“ „My Business involves travelling a lot „It is fast and I get HIGH + working mobile for me equals instant feedback even freedom!“ when traveling!“ „It is handy and convenient, „For my work I always need to recheck with myMEDIUM but does not replace a MacBook e.g. Facebook doesnt allow hiding MacBook!“ comments as a page admin in the mobile version!“ „I use lots of ppt, xls and „Why should I need a mobile work LOW SAP, just works better on environment? Im at the PC for notebooks!“ 8 hours a day, thats enough!“
  13. 13. HYPOTHESIS 1: IT DEPENDS ON PROFESSIONcomparing thedependance on mobile crucial high medium lowworktools and profession: employees 4% 29 % 50 % 18 % 40% of the freelancer are depending highly on the usage of freelancer 6% 34 % 41 % 19 % mobile worktools! entrepreneur 9% 44 % 28 % 19 % more than half of the entrepreneur can‘t work without their students 31 % 31 % 38 % smartphone! but also 33% of the employees are used to work on the run!
  14. 14. HYPOTHESIS 2: IT DEPENDS ON AGE comparing the dependance on mobile crucial high medium low worktools and age: 18-24 6% 35 % 18 % 41 % nearly 50% of the 35-44 old 25-34 2% 32 % 43 % 23 % participants are depending highly on the usage of mobile worktools! 35-44 10% 39 % 41 % 10 % 41% of the youngest and 39% of the 45-54 8% 31 % 39 % 22 % oldest participants are saying so too!
  17. 17. CONCLUSIONthe digital nomads in thisstudy are of no specific age!it‘s not about digitalnatives for sure!talking about a digitalnomads must includeemployees too!developing mobile worktoolhabits seems to be a matterof need and affinity!