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Trends and their meaning

What we think clients today should think about, facing the revcolution out there ...

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Trends and their meaning

  1. 1. MRM presents: Trends and their meaning
  2. 2. 1 The terms « digital » and « social » have become pure marketing language. For consumers they no longer exist.
  5. 5. THERE IS ONLY « LIFE »
  6. 6. That leads to a complete and wild mix of media usage.
  8. 8. EXAMPLE FOR: Mix of real world and virtual world WHAT? Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect WHY? The Xbox has changed the living room into an entertainment hub and lets the users not only conect to their social networks, it also creates a virtual community within the Xbox system, in which users compete or take part in events. RELEVANT? Game platforms are not only for freaks now. Recent studies show that 89% of all people are (at least light) gamers and gamers can change the world!
  9. 9. EXAMPLE FOR: Mix of real world and virtual world WHAT? Tagging the real world WHY? The real world has an additional layer! Augmented reality allows us to leave information on things and locations, for others to be found with their portable device and used. RELEVANT? Huge potential for quickly being adapted be the mass market as extremely helpful!
  10. 10. EXAMPLE FOR: Mix of real world and virtual world WHAT? Geo Localization WHY? Incredible: Today we know exactly WHERE our customers are. Marketing needs to get relevant on this extremely precise level. Foursquare is one possibility, Pepsi rewards presence! RELEVANT? This is where brands can reward loyalty. It is the closest form of interaction. And a valued one, don’t miss the opportunity!
  11. 11. Consumers want to become a part of the brand they like, and they expect the same from the brands. They now have to define a role, they want to play in the lives of their consumers!
  14. 14. EXAMPLE FOR: Playing a role in consumers’ lives WHAT? The Coca Cola Social Media Case WHY? A 124yo company employs 30 staff to run the « Open Happiness » initiative and reaches 7,3M Facebook fans and more than 5.000 mentions per day! RELEVANT? Oh yes! Studies say that once you have made someone befriend you on Facebook, 97% will buy your brand, and 96% will recommend you to a friend! (“Feed” Report)
  15. 15. EXAMPLE FOR: Playing a role in consumers’ lives WHAT? The Levi Strauss Braddock, P.A. Idea, “We are all workers” WHY? Now that’s engagement! Levi Strauss adopts a small U.S. village, once rich and cozy, now poor and left behind, to help the “workers” who live there, build a better future. RELEVANT? A real engagement that creates real value, also creates PR and content for a very long time. Doing good is so efficient!
  16. 16. A new world, marketers have learn and to adapt to because It’s an opportunity
  17. 17. 2 That means for us advertisers and agencies that consumers influence all we do today: Products by input for innovation, service through demanding real utility, communication through participation and social media.
  19. 19. PRODUCT
  20. 20. PRODUCT / INNOVATION Marketing departments own consumer insights, and consumer insights are the most valuable goods for progress and innovation within a company – may that be insights that help to improve a product or launch a new one, or a service offer or a line diversification or a way to produce it, etc. Marketers need to take consumers opinions serious and need to give them the tools they need to express themselves.
  21. 21. EXAMPLE FOR: Marketing Collaboration WHAT? MyStarbucks Idea WHY? Starbucks is a brand who shows that they are really interested in their customers’ opinions and wishes. More than just monitoring external platforms, they create an own channel for people to express themselves. And they love it. RELEVANT? Absolutely. One of the best ways to get inspirations for products, services and communication. A huge 24/7 focus group!
  22. 22. EXAMPLE FOR: Social Media Monitoring WHAT? The Domino’s Pizza “ The Pizza Turnaround” Project WHY? Impressive movement of a company agreeing that their product is miserable. But as impressive to see how they used this to relaunch themselves together with the consumers. RELEVANT? Yes. Foremost the part to listen to the people out there and what they say about your brand; and then to doing the right reaction.
  23. 23. PRODUCT / PERSONALISATION Giving the consumer control over the product design / features itself can be the highest honor, delivering the highest grade of identification with the product and the brand.
  24. 24. EXAMPLE FOR: Product Personalization WHAT? Kinder puts a photo of your child onto its’ packaging, M&Ms writes personal messages on candy WHY? A nice and easy way to let the consumers integrate themselves onto the product, e.g. as a present. RELEVANT? People like to make things theirs. If changing the product itself is too difficult, changing the pack
  25. 25. EXAMPLE FOR: Product Personalization WHAT? NikeID Shoe personalizer WHY? Nike was a pioneer in personalization, styled and ordered online. They keep on being pioneer in this area by e.g; launching a mobile app which creates a shoe design according to a picture taken. RELEVANT? This example shows that personalization can be a source for inspiration. My world has influence on the things I see, like and buy.
  26. 26. EXAMPLE FOR: Product Personalization WHAT? muesli mixer WHY? An example within CPW’s business. Mymuesli offers a simple to use online mixer, to create your own muesli, containing only things you like most. RELEVANT? The success of the little startup and the buzz they created show that such an engagement is rewarded. Could be relevant in niche markets, that need more precise treatment.
  27. 27. SERVICE
  28. 28. SERVICE/ UTILITY How can a brand become part if its consumers’ lives? By building content and tools that are anchored in the brand and of great daily use. Great tools can become part of the product or even new products.
  29. 29. EXAMPLE FOR: Utility Online Tool WHAT? Bugaboo, a manufacturer of strollers for babies, offers a map of places where you can easily walk with a stroller … WHY? Sometimes utilities are not so difficult to find. This is an additional service, communication at the same time, entertainment and fun. RELEVANT? This is easy to do, and has high value. Concentrate on what your competence is, get a content partner and create such an offer!
  30. 30. EXAMPLE FOR: Utility Mobile Tools WHAT? Dunkin Donuts lets you take orders from your colleagues, Tide gives you immediate tips how to get rid of stains and IKEA gives games to the kids while the parents shop. WHY? Mobile is the only current way to have practical helpers always by my side. Thing a bit outside of the box (IKEA), look for a real insight (DD) or be there when needed (Tide) and consumers will value your proposition. RELEVANT? Thing like these are easy to test and can deliver real value for money if they strike a nerve!
  32. 32. COMMUNICATION / CONVERGENCE Just as consumers mix real life and virtual life, marketers have to be able to play the same game. Social, website, mobile, event, product, POS, and you name it – they all have to play together!
  33. 33. EXAMPLE FOR: 360° WHAT? The launch of adidas new MEGA shoes. A nice mix of virtual and real life to assure a great impact of the new product. WHY? 360 is the best way to really be where your customers are. The advertising is about a MEGA diner that has been recreated as a walk-in replica at the Lollapalooza music festival that is strongly mediated by MTV. RELEVANT? To meet people where they are and to have a great impact in terms of visibility
  34. 34. EXAMPLE FOR: Mobile Promotions WHAT? Celio* “Soldes Mobiles”: They show a 2D giant code on the facade of its’ shop. Clients who flash the code with their mobile receive a message they can show at the cashier to get another10% discount on their buy. WHY? Now that’s engagement! Levi Strauss adopts a small U.S. village, once rich and cozy, now poor and left behind, to help the “workers” who live there, build a better future. RELEVANT? A real engagement that creates real value, also creates PR and content for a very long time. Doing good is so efficient!
  35. 35. COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL Everything is social, as has always been. Today consumers are constantly slightly connected – one result: we use the phone less and less, not to disturb. Another one: Brands need to learn how to integrate in these lives, to play a role. The opportunity for the brand: amplify the impact of your communication
  36. 36. EXAMPLE FOR: Viral Idea WHAT? Microsoft Germany launches a viral movie for their product MS Project 2010. WHY? If you can think of something, you can plan it, and then do it. The weirdest project is shown in the video which spread: 500k views and various TV reports. RELEVANT? For certain products and certain target groups recommended. Development cheap, but success unpredictable.
  37. 37. EXAMPLE FOR: Social Promotion WHAT? Easy Jet paper plane “tell your friend and get a discount” idea – done online and in real life. WHY? Sure, discounts is why the people take part – but they are not afraid to talk to their friends about it and make free advertising for the brand. RELEVANT? Absolutely, to be considered with campaign developments.
  38. 38. EXAMPLE FOR: Multi Platform WHAT? Skittles has completely abandoned the concept of an own website and spread their content where it was hosted best: Videos on YouTube, pictures on Flickr, info on Wikipedia, Community ion Facebook. Their universe shrank to a little box, as social space navigation engine, following the consumer. WHY? Some brands don’t need an own website. Content is the king – and that should live where the content users are. RELEVANT? Highly – rethink your web model!
  39. 39. 3 Recommendations
  40. 40. MAJOR CHALLENGE Consumers  influence  product,  service  and  communica>on.   Allow  your  clients  to  become  part  of  your  brand.   Life  today  is  a  mix  of  Real  and  Virtual  World.   We  have  to  become  part  of  that  life.  
  41. 41. Three areas to get active in: CONTACT MEDIAMIX CONTENT
  42. 42. How? CONTACT By  «  contact  »  we  mean:     Opening  your  brand  up  towards  the  consumer,  get  in   touch,  do  «open  door  days  »  24  hours  a  day.   Through:   -­‐  Collabora=on  Pla?orms   24/7  Focus  groups  to  get  insights  on  products,  services  and  communica>on   -­‐  Social  Media  Monitoring   To  find  out  who  talks  where  and  how  about  your  brands   To  engage  where  the  people  are  with  them,  by  giving  informa>on,  content,   benefits  or  doing  real  commitment  programs  with  them   And  to  react  openly  to  cri>que   -­‐  Personalisa=on   Invite  people  to  ul>mately  become  part  of  the  brand  
  43. 43. What? CONTENT By  «  content  »  we  mean:     Offering  different  kind  of  addi=onal  benefits  besides   your  products.   Through:   -­‐  Services     a  true  customer  u>lity  delivering  added  value  in  everyday  life   -­‐  Entertainment   Important:  Entertainment  is  also  a  real  u>lity!  And  it  is  relevant  for  all  age   groups.  This  can  contain  all  seen  trends  like  gaming,  mobile,  Augmented   Reality  
  44. 44. Where? MEDIAMIX By  «  mediamix  »  we  mean:     Get  used  to  the  consumers’  way  to  use  media  and   disrespect  borders!  There  are  more  op=ons  for  a   mediaplan  than  ever.   Through:   -­‐  Mul=-­‐Pla?orm   Most  of  us  wouldn’t  naturally  go  a  product’s  website.  Think  of  crea>ng  a   Mul>  PlaVorm  to  meet  people  where  they  are:  in  real  life  and  in  virtual  to   have  a  great  impact.  Think  first  about  content,  then  where  to  put  it  and  then   if  you  really  need  an  own  website.   -­‐  360°/365d   drive  communica>on  and  ac>va>on  ideas  across  all  types  of  media,  including   online,  mobile,  event,  POS  and  viral,  and  engage  daily!  
  45. 45. 4 Thank You.