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Social Communications: Delivering Winning Internal Communications Programs With Intranet 2.0


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In this co-presented webinar, David Duschene of Insidedge provides insight on how the right mix of social media tools can improve employee engagement when they're used strategically. Julian Mills of Prescient Digital Media then shares real world case studies of organizations who have delivered these strategies using Intranet 2.0 technology, and presents a methodology for planning and measuring for social communication success.

View the webinar video here:

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Social Communications: Delivering Winning Internal Communications Programs With Intranet 2.0

  1. 1. Social Communications Delivering winning internal communications programs with Intranet 2.0 Dave Duschene, Insidedge Watch the webinar Julian Mills, Prescient Digital Media video instead April 8, 2010
  2. 2. Presenters Julian Mills Vice President, Client Development Prescient Digital Media Dave Duschene Executive Vice President Insidedge Strictly Confidential © 2009 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution 2
  3. 3. Today‟s discussion ■ The business drivers for intranet 2.0 ■ A framework for evaluating best fit social media technologies ■ How technology can help or hinder employee engagement ■ Using storytelling in the digital age ■ Key metrics for planning and evaluating success
  4. 4. The power of web 2.0 ■ Promote networks of relationships ■ Transforms users into publishers ■ Discuss, share & collaborate ■ From one to many many to many
  5. 5. Social media‟s impact 75% of Americans use social technology (Forrester) 66% of the global intranet population visits social networks (Nielsen) 1,382% monthly growth rate of Twitter users from Jan. to Feb. 2009 5 billion minutes spent on Facebook every day
  6. 6. Who is using social media?
  7. 7. Expectation 93% Of social media users believe a company should have a social media presence (Nielsen, 2009)
  8. 8. Sure, communicating at work has changed
  9. 9. And you feel it‟s time to go “2.0” ■ People seem to dig your intranet ■ The CEO is hip to it – she‟s on Facebook … ■ Employees already are building their own wikis and team sites ■ Everybody else is doing it ■ Plus, we got a lot we need to say!
  10. 10. That‟s all good, but keep this in mind: While It doesn‟t So you should technology increase the proceed with offers new capacity to caution – and ways to share receive info a plan info
  11. 11. Same Road New Rules Employees need certain We must have discipline to information to do their jobs prioritize information Employees want to share New tools make it easer to their opinions & be heard give employees a voice Managers are the most Easier to equip managers as credible communicators communicators – do it! People want information in Use all the tools at your different ways disposal … wisely
  12. 12. Think how people filter info Stuff you want • When‟s my next raise? them to have • What‟s the competition • How can I advance? doing? • What „s expected of me? • Our mission • Who‟s coming? Who‟s • What‟s going on with my • Our performance going? Who got promoted? team? • Our strategy • What‟s going on in our • Is my job safe? industry? • Our goals • Our expectations Stuff they All the other want stuff Diminishing attention span
  13. 13. Are you piling on? ■ Read this email! ■ Go to that meeting! ■ Take this training course! ■ Dial into this call! ■ Fill out those forms! ■ Check out this blog! ■ Respond to this survey!
  14. 14. Instead, help people sort it out Nice to know … Pay in your attention own time sooner than later Absolutely, positively need to know “What Matters?”
  15. 15. What kind of communicator will your company be?
  16. 16. “2.0” communications defined Traditional 2.0 Communication Communication Voice Executives, Managers Employees Understanding of Basis Executive agenda employee needs & wants Employee Structured Spontaneous Involvement Top-down, two-way Process second Two-way, always Corporate Posture Go out to employees Invite employees in Meetings, newsletters, Blogs, wikis, dialog- Tools static intranet pages creating media Both Have Merits
  17. 17. Always remember: Tools are a vehicle, not a story.
  18. 18. High tech shouldn‟t replace high touch  New channels and technologies can allow for more tailored, two-way discussions with employees  Don‟t just repurpose offline materials  Integration works: digital channels are most effective in concert with offline media and in- person interaction  Don‟t let automation replace interaction!
  19. 19. So … 2.0 or not 2.0? Things to consider: ■ Are my employees online at work? To what degree? ■ Who are my employees? Young? Aging? Blue or white collar? Retirees? New hires? Families? ■ Am I reaching all of my audiences?
  20. 20. So… 2.0 or not 2.0? ■ How many languages do my employees speak? ■ What will my employees need to do with the information I provide them?  Have I asked my people what they want?  What is my budget? What are my existing resources?  What‟s the appetite for change?
  21. 21. Going 2.0? Some stuff we believe 1 Set ground 2Listen! rules. 3 Partner with IT. 5 Retain some 4 Get the boss old school. on board.
  22. 22. Blog deployment Intranet 2.0 Global Study 2010, Preliminary Data Up 10% 50% 15% enterprise deployment 35% limited of those surveyed have deployed blogs deployment 7% have no plans Strictly Confidential © 2009 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution 2222+
  23. 23. Strictly Confidential © 2009 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution
  24. 24. Employee social networking Intranet 2.0 Global Study 2010, Preliminary Data Up 20% 23% 11% enterprise deployment 12% limited of those surveyed use employee social networking deployment 22% have no plans Strictly Confidential © 2010 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution 2525+
  25. 25. Risk will be top of mind
  26. 26. People make mistakes
  27. 27. Demand 39% of employers younger than 25 would consider leaving their jobs if their company banned tools such as Facebook. Telindus Social Media Study, 2008 Strictly Confidential © 2010 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution
  28. 28. Peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing Source: Newsgator
  29. 29. Communexions
  30. 30. Planning for intranet 2.0 ■ An intranet is a process, not an event o Confirm the need and value • Know how to measure within your business o It‟s not “shoot, ready, aim” • Start with a metrics-driven plan • Support with strategy and governance o Ongoing maintencance • You can‟t miss what you can‟t measure Strictly Confidential © 2009 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution 31
  31. 31. Intranet Methodology STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Strictly Confidential © 2009 Prescient Digital Media Not For Distribution 32
  32. 32. Personas 33
  33. 33. Use Cases 34
  34. 34. Think about people, not technology • Conversation not shouting • How engaged are people in the conversation? • Who is leading the people? 35
  35. 35. Thank you! www.