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Intervento di Luca Giuratrabocchetta (Country Manager, Google Enterprise Italia) al seminario "Professional Social Network, Business e Carriera" di Fondazione CUOA e Federmanager

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Networked life...Network Enterprise

  1. 1. Networked life...Network EnterpriseLuca GiuratrabocchettaCountry Manager, Google Enterprise ItaliaProfessional Social Networks, Business e CarrieraFondazione CUOAAltavilla Vicentina, 16 Novembre 2011
  2. 2. AgendaDi che parliamo?○ Un caso reale di utilizzo di Professional Networks sul web○ Google per lEnterprise○ Levoluzione del mondo ICT verso la Network Enterprise○ Google e il mondo Social Pro mot e
  3. 3. Luca GiuratrabocchttaChi era costui?
  4. 4. People and Businesses are increasingly connectedover 4.6b mobile subscribers over 1.7b people worldwide with over 14% of all new handsets sold (67% population) internet access worldwide in 2009 were smart (25% population) phones
  5. 5. Internet is at the heart of our daily lives Research Socialising Entertainmentover 3.6b over 800m people visit social over 1bsearches conducted per day networking sites worldwide videos streamed on YouTube everyday
  6. 6. Enterprise view...
  7. 7. Google Mission 40% of all information sits behind the companies firewalls Web Video Books News Contenuti Enterprise Organize all ALL the worlds information and make them universally accessible and useful
  8. 8. Organise & Manage the worlds Information...not only Search Search / Display YouTube Mobile Enterprise Advertising Advertising
  9. 9. Organise & Manage the World’s Business Information
  10. 10. Internet as the Business Platform 2010s Internet as the Business Platform 1956: 5MB Hard Drive for IBM 305 RAMAC System
  11. 11. Business have made this transition before... ● High quality, reliable power ● Unreliable power output ● No hassles, just plug in ● Companies needed Energy Departments and ● Very low cost per kWk Chief Energy Officers ● High cost per kWh
  12. 12. The Future of Work. Today!
  13. 13. The R-Evolution 1990s: The Desktop Internet 2000s: Social Media & The Mobile Internet “ Internet technologies make working as a team, synchronized to a shared goal, easier and more productive than ever. ”
  14. 14. “ There will be an increasing proportion of work undertaken by mobile IT nomads resourced by telecomputing, a set of distributed workspaces and non-standard work arrangements. ” People@Work/2020, Australian Human Resource Institute, 2010“ Studies show telecommuting can help businesses cut real-estate costs 20% and payroll 10%. The Way We’ll Work,, 2011 ”
  15. 15. The R-Evolution “ Nearly 85% of new jobs created between 1998 and 2006 involved complex "knowledge work" like problem-solving and concocting corporate strategy. ” “ The only reason to go to work, I think, is to do work. Its too expensive a trip if all you want to do is hang out… …Work will mean managing a tribe, creating a movement and operating in teams to change the world. ”
  16. 16. The Evolution of work: IT is a follower or the engine? Introduction of The Rise of the Individual The Empowerment of Bureaucratic IT Worker the Productive Team Formal Hierarchy Informal Advice Network Informal Social NetworkDifferentiation through Differentiation through Differentiation through the power of process power of controlling power of speed, agility information and innovation Informal Networks: The Company Behind the Chart, Krackhardt & Hanson
  17. 17. Teams, Not Individuals. Networks, not job roleIndividual productivity does not drive a company’s success
  18. 18. Work in Networks, Manage TribesThe networked Enterprise is rasing and will succeed in the marketplace 30 30 % % 20 Speed of access to Speed of access to % knowledge Internal Experts Employee Satisfaction 10 % Revenue -10% Operating Costs “ A new class of company is emerging - one that uses collaborative technologies intensively to connect the internal efforts of employees and to extend the organisation’s reach to customers, partners and suppliers. We call this new kind of company the networked enterprise. ” The Rise of The Networked Enterprise Dec. 2010
  19. 19. Only PossibleCollaboration - Group Productivity21st Century In The Cloud. survival of the adapters... 2 1. Edit your documents and 3. Translate your document spreadsheets on your 2. Chat within a document and into any of 40+ languages mobile device or tablet know who’s there with you. 4. Create and send custom survey to 5. Turn image files with text into colleagues in Google spreadsheets editable Docs using OCR
  20. 20. How Social are you...
  21. 21. off to a great start40M people joined3.7B photos uploaded1M sites added the +1 button5B +1 impressions/day
  22. 22. Google+ : real life sharing, rethought for the webcircles hangouts mobileshare what matters say hello, share what’swith the people who face-to-face- around when you’rematter most to-face on the go
  23. 23. introducing, you in the real world, people interact with businesses every day. google+ brings those rich relationships online.○ start real conversations○ inspire your customers to recommend new ones○ Boost the performance of your ads across the web
  24. 24. built (also) for businessGoogle+ Your Business ripples pages analytics Cr e r ea hangouts su te ea search Pro a M mo nd te circles Sh are +1 button direct connect g+ icon social extensions
  25. 25. Grazie! lucagiura@google.com