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Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. When blogging became big it seemed to be the holy grale to just reach out to the top bloggers and let them spread the messages that were not listened to anymore on traditional channels, coming from the brands. Today it is clear that this is neither in the interest of the bloggers nor their readers, thus also not in the interest of those brands. In the new world brands become media, which creates the need for content. Now we need to reach out to the right people that know how to do the right kind of content for our people and we need to present win/win concepts for cooperations. FullSIX has developed this unique approach to identify, categorize and select key influencers and we are full of ideas of what to do with the guys we’ll find !POVINFLUENCERS© FullSIX GmbH 2012 – Strictly Confidential – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or diffusion without written authorization
  2. 2. 2 LIVE TEST MARKETS ONLINEWE TESTED THE CONCRETE EXAMPLE OF THE « MOUNTAINBIKE » SCENE. INFLUENCERS:IN OUR TERMS MTB COULD BE A « PLAYGROUND » FOR THE BRAND, WHERE ALL CONTENT IS BASED IN. 1st step: Identify, categorize and select, 2nd develop approaches, 3rd reach out and discuss GERMANY FRANCE PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHERS: big and small online and print magazines rule the scene. 1st step mapping, 2nd develop approaches, 3rd get in touch and discuss 2"
  4. 4. our approach: we bring together the best in two departments, that cannot imagine to not be working together anymore: search and research go hand in hand here and in many other projects at FullSIX. NOVALEM is our internal global search specialist, OTO our own research institute – and together they do this: they analyse the search behaviour around your brand and playground and use the gained knowledge to identify influencers in online research (as in e-reputation) ! SEARCHRESEARCH 4"
  5. 5. OUR APPROACH Identification of the main searched key words associated to your brand and playground Search those terms on Google blogs, YouTube, Twitter and others (if available) Consideration and reading of XXX search results Selection of potential influencer profiles out of those XXX resultsIn-depth research on each profile (digital presence, activity, influence, network, interactivity etc)
  6. 6. EXAMPLE: TYPOLOGIESIN THE MOUNTAINBIKE MARKET IN FRANCE THESE COULD BE THE MAIN 4 KINDS OF INFLUENCER PROFILES WE’D FIND.THE BASIS FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL INFLUENCER MAPPING. Practising amateurs Artistic and technical support These people are lovers of extreme sports in Cameramen, photographs, producers, film general and practise several of them at an editors... The artistic and technical support amateur level. around bikers are also lovers of the discipline Mountain biking in particular is their passion. and enjoy promoting it via photos and They are promoters of a lifestyle : riding and videos. enjoying in the nature. Semi-professionals / professionals Sport communities («champions») Most of the times, they are created by These sportsmen/women practise mountain groups of friends having the same passion biking at a higher level and have already for mountain biking. These sport taken part in competitions, where they have communities often have webzines to won prices. These people benefit from a promote the practise of the sport. better visibility thanks to their popularity.
  7. 7. EXAMPLE: DETAILED INFLUENCER PROFILESPER DEFINED CATEGORY WE DEEP DIVE INTO THE SEARCH RESULTS AND ENRICH WITH FINDINGS ON THOSE PEOPLE’SONLINE PRESENCE AND IMPACT, HERE THE “PRACTISING AMATEURS” Olivier Riou French 17 Blog – 4725 visits Vimeo - 28 videos uploaded – 474 likes – 80 followings You Tube – 15 videos uploaded – 64 subscribers – 87.993 views Contact : Description : passionate about trial biking and photos/ videos Julia Revitt English Blog – 10 articles per month on average Twitter - 281 followers - 34 tweets per week on average Facebook - 76 friends Vimeo - 5 videos uploaded – 16 likes – 9 followings Contact : direct message on her blog Verbatim : “I love trail running and mountain biking in the Alps. I have spent many summers under the blue alpine skies enjoying my passion for outdoor life, fitness and wellbeing. I spend my winters in the UK earning enough money for the next trip abroad. I am a nomad!”
  8. 8. EXAMPLE: DETAILED INFLUENCER PROFILESPER DEFINED CATEGORY WE DEEP DIVE INTO THE SEARCH RESULTS AND ENRICH WITH FINDINGS ON THOSE PEOPLE’SONLINE PRESENCE AND IMPACT, HERE THE “(SEMI) PROFESSIONALS” Phil Smage American Twitter – 1.178 followers - 16 tweets per week on average Facebook – 467 friends Own personal website Contact : Description professional extreme athlete with a variety of skills. Specializing in Trials, Endurocross and Snowskating. Hans Rey Swiss 46 Twitter – 8.017 followers - 16 tweets per week on average Facebook – 4.240 friends Own personal website Contact : Description : multiple Trials National and World Champion, Hans is one of the pioneers of Trials and Extreme Mountain Biking.
  9. 9. EXAMPLE: DETAILED INFLUENCER PROFILESPER DEFINED CATEGORY WE DEEP DIVE INTO THE SEARCH RESULTS AND ENRICH WITH FINDINGS ON THOSE PEOPLE’SONLINE PRESENCE AND IMPACT, HERE THE “ARTISTIC AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT” Mathias Garcia / Life Style 974 French Blog – 31 articles per month on average Vimeo - 60 videos uploaded – 4 likes – 2 followings You Tube – 15 videos uploaded – 64 subscribers – 87.993 views Contact : direct message on his blog Description : creator of, extreme sports amateur, real mountain biking fan. Video editor and director, cameraman, Mathias films everything he likes to transcribe emotions living in the sport. Bull Park Prod French Facebook – 188 friends Vimeo – 7 videos uploaded – 4 likes – 2 followings You Tube – 5 videos uploaded – 3 subscribers – 1.828 views Contact : Description : Cameraman, editor, shaper. Production of movies, podcasts, adverts.
  10. 10. EXAMPLE: DETAILED INFLUENCER PROFILESPER DEFINED CATEGORY WE DEEP DIVE INTO THE SEARCH RESULTS AND ENRICH WITH FINDINGS ON THOSE PEOPLE’SONLINE PRESENCE AND IMPACT, HERE THE “SPORTS COMMUNITIES” VTT Attitude French Twitter – 591 followers – 7 tweets per week on average Facebook– 2.427 friends Vimeo - 7 videos uploaded – 12 likes – 11 followings Own personal website Contact : direct message on the website Description : at the beginning it was a platform to share videos and photos between friends. And over the years, it became an independent webzine gathering all news, photos and videos related to mountain bike. Espace Trial French Facebook – 174 friends Vimeo – 6 videos uploaded You Tube – 15 videos uploaded – 10 subscribers – 61.557 views Own personal website Contact : Description : This association of four friends aims at promoting bike and trial mountain biking.
  11. 11. EXAMPLE: CLASSIFICATION OUTPUT (EXTRACT) THIS IS JUST A SHORT PART OF THE COMPLETE LIST WE’D WORK WITH TO FILL IN ALL KINDS OF FINDINGS YOU2TUBE BLOG TWITTER Mean2 Mean2 Mean2 number22of2 Mean2 Number2of2 number2of2 number2of2 Number2of2 Followers/2 You2Tube2 Nomber2of2 Number2 articles2per2 Twitter2 Number2of2 number2of2 Name Nationality Age Profile videos2 Blog comments2 "likes"2over2 visits2(if2info2 followings2 channel subscribers of2views month2over2 account followers tweets2per2 upladed over2the2last2 the2last252 is2available) ratio the2last232 week 52articles articles months Artistic2and2technical2Bull2Park2Prod French 30 l parkJ 5 3 1828 J J J J J J J J supportAnthony2 Artistic2and2technical2 Canadian 33 westvi si on 21 125 972071 J J J J J J J J JKupnicki2 support American J l l i ngTi meWi thUTUBE 119 3715 2452748 http://www.ragebi 2 0 n/a n/a J J J J supportOlivier2Riou French 17 Practising2amateur al 87993 15 64 http://fan2tri al .bl 0 0 n/a 4725 J J J JNathalie2 Swiss 21 Practising2amateur J J J J http://www.nathal i ezenkl og/ n/a 1 0 n/a J J J JZenklusenJulia2Revitt English J Practising2amateur J J J J http://fi ndyourbal 10 n/a n/a n/a https://twi i arevi tt 281 3,02 34Bartek2 J J Practising2amateur J J J J J J J J J https://twi 74 0,27 1PomaranskiThierry2Merlette2via2le2 French J Practising2amateur J J J J http://mtbtri al3 ub.canal bl l e/353347/i ndex.html cl 0 4 n/a https://twi ette 0 0 JMontauban2trial2club Practising2amateur2/2Mathias2Garcia French J Artistic2and2technical2 J J J J http://www.l i festyl JsommesJnous/ 31 0 n/a n/a J J J J supportPerrine2 SemiJprofesional2/2 Belgian 18 netri al 2 31 10725 J J J J J J J J JDevahive profesional SemiJprofesional2/2Jerome2Chapuis French 22 ssari omontal ban 21 51 101662 http://www.jeromechapui 3 0 0 n/a J J J J profesionalBruno2Janin2 SemiJprofesional2/2 French 22 J J J J(Acrobike) profesionalAurélien2 SemiJprofesional2/2 French 23 16 54 103864 J J J J J J J J JFontenoy profesionalandreu2 SemiJprofesional2/2 Spanish 23 J J J J http://www.andreul og/ n/a 0 0 n/a https://twi acondegu 1848 51,3 0lacondeguy profesionalDarren2 SemiJprofesional2/2 Canadian 31 J J J J http://iamspeci al i ty/ri der/darrenJberrecl oth#/bl og https://twi oth/ 1 n/a n/a n/a 6487 4,81 12Berrecloth profesional SemiJprofesional2/2Hans2Rey Swiss 46 J J J J J J J J J https://twi 8017 62,15 16 profesional SemiJprofesional2/2Phil2Smage American J J J J J J J J J J https://twi cal 1178 3,95 20 French 24 Sport2community 15 10 J J J J J J J J JAcrobike French J Sport2community 1796 3 0 J J J J J https://twi ke 75 1,17 0VTT2attitude French J Sport2community J J J J J J J J J https://twi tude 591 5,01 7 11"
  12. 12. HOW TO CHOOSE THE MOST RELEVANT-  Digital coverage (is the profile present on the various available networks)-  Audience: nb of followers nb of fans nb of views-  Affinity with the playgroundAnd then?-  Use the categories to develop PR plan and content plan-  We generally see 2 approaches here: COLLABORATION and ATTRACTION ! //"page"12"
  13. 13. COLLABORATIONGIVING BLOGGERS A BROADER AUDIENCE-  It is always in the interest of a blogger to try to increase the number of visists on his page – win readers, enlarge the network.-  Your platform can easily play this role for them by integrating blogger content in the wholes of the own content plan-  Plus linking back to the authors’ blogs 13"
  14. 14. ATTRACTINGGIVING BLOGGERS AN OPEN PLATFORM-  Identifying, mapping and approaching is one possibility to reach out to influencers-  Another would be to create something so attractive to them, that they come to you automatically-  This could be social platform that is open for « everyone » to join in-  In order to fulfil the private objectives,-  And so helping you to fill the gaps, by delivering content that you could use elsewhere-  Examples ! 14"
  15. 15. MERCEDES BENZSOCIAL PUBLISHSocial Publish is theplatform where brandedcontent and bloggercontent are supposed toshare the same space.That’s how they want tocreate networks,represent openness andtransparency, offerdialogues and take downinformation barriers.The content feeds arecurated, but once theblog is listed, the contentis displayed equallypresented as the brandowned content. 15"
  16. 16. REUTERS.COMSOCIAL PULSE Social Pulse is a social media hub from reuters. They collect feeds from stakeholders who is following (Twitter, blogs, etc.) and simply display them on this page. 16"
  17. 17. ACTIVATIONSEXAMPLE IDEA OF BLOGGER INITIATIVES -  Offer bloggers the possibility to curate channels inside your platforms, and present them personally for the time that they are doing this job 17"
  20. 20. PUBLISHERSCOMPETITION OR FRIEND?Your strategy:-  Either you have no idea where your content comes from (big gaps in the content plan, like wholes in a pair of jeans) and you want it from these publishers, or-  You have content and want them to publish it, like a new(er) kind of advertising ?Situation of publishers:-  They are looking for alternative revenue streams,-  As advertising cannot be the only one anymore-  Content is rarely paid for, they have tried and many have failed-  So they might be interested in doing the same thing as you, like content distribution… and, aren’t you on the way to become a publisheryourself? Damn, that smells like competition! 20"
  21. 21. PUBLISHERS2 WAYS TO GET IT GOINGHow to use publishers to increase the amount ofcontent and the number of user visiting yourplatforms? – without being competitors.1.  Different kind of content2.  Cooperation with publishers ! 21"
  22. 22. DIFFERENTIATIONDON’T DO THE SAME THINGS FOR THE SAME TARGET D BROA CE IENYou are a brand. And in 99% of all cases what AUDyou’ll do will be marketing (well, if you’re notRedBull so to say …). Your platform has muchmore potential to be a mass media brand thanany specialized publisher. EDUCATIOConcentrate on the broader public and make Nspecialized publishers your partners. You are theentrance into their universe, when fans want todig deeper. They leave your core and arrive intheirs.No more competition but co-existence. Andeveryone has its part in the game. PARTNER N ER PART 22"
  23. 23. PUBLISHER COOPERATIONEXAMPLESituation:Big publishers today are in a better position as you– asthey have collected content since years, editors workingfor them and communities attached. You don’t have thatcontent, yet (or have you?). YOUProblem:If they just gave their content to you, they’d help a newcompetitor grow.Solution:Instead of nourishing the fear of competition, combine thestrengths of both parties in something new.Example mountainbike:The publisher puts in the professional and very detailedbike review that leaves no question open, and you as abrand with experience in film (you did TV spots once,right?) add a state of the art film, shot with the same bike, PUBLISHERshowing it in action. WIN/WIN 23"
  24. 24. © FullSIX GmbH 2012 – Strictly Confidential – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or diffusion without written authorization WHAT DO YOU THINK? THAT’S IT FOR NOW. MARKETING IN SYNCHRONIZED THE DIGITAL AGE
  25. 25. 25"