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Field Study 2


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this was my output @nvsubambang

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Field Study 2

  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I want to thank all my friends and my classmates who were always there for assistance and for the brilliant ideas they shared to make this portfolio. They were always giving me pieces of advices which can improve my skills in creating such work. Above all, to our Almighty God, for giving me strength, good health and knowledge in making this portfolio.
  2. 2. This portfolio is dedicated to my classmates and my friends who contributed lot of ideas for this portfolio. This is also for my parents: Mr. Catchero S. Paran and Mrs. Eva D. Paran, and my brothers and sister Dianne, Deo, Darel, and Dominic. They inspire me and give me courage in accomplishing this portfolio.
  3. 3.  After making the observations on every designated room, there are many experiences you acquire and there things you learn from it. As you observe the teaching-learning process occurring inside the classroom, you notice that there are methods and strategies used to handle teaching-learning process. After this, you now reflect on your present observations and give insights for you to check yourself whether you learned something from it or not.  This will serve as my time machine which will let me go through the times I spent with the different kinds of learners and this will show how much I learned upon observing them.
  4. 4. Name Darwin Pollek Paran Age 18 Birthday June 10, 1993 Birthplace Lupa, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya Status Single Religion Evangelical Nationality Filipino Parents: Father Catchero S. Paran Occupation farming, driving Mother Eva D. Paran Occupation housekeeping, farming
  5. 5. Educational Background Elementary Lupa Elementary School High School Kasibu National Agricultural School Hobbies reading fictional books, opening facebook accounts, yahoo answers and watching sci-fi movies Ambition to become a successful teacher on a university
  7. 7. This is the commonly used type of instructional material. Every lesson is printed on the manila paper instead of writing it on the board.
  8. 8. These are one of the compact discs used for viewing purposes in History classes. They are used inside the Audio Visual room of Laboratory School.
  9. 9. This are coins used during discussions on the History subjects. These are useful for the students to have actual experience on the subject.
  10. 10. These are one of the available teaching aids in the school. These are used in presenting topics in the form of pictorial representations.
  12. 12. This is the Bulletin Board Display of the Laboratory School as celebration for the Nutrition Month.
  13. 13. There are many ways to deliver instruction from the teacher or facilitator to the students. This includes the use of effective instructional materials which can enhance the delivery as well as learning itself. Teachers should always remember the importance of variance of instructional materials to increase motivation among learners to go with the lesson. These materials should serve as a contributory factor for meaningful learning experience rather than just a variance. In using assessment tools, teachers should see to it that the assessment tools used are meant to measure what is intended to be measured. It should be planned, structured, and systematized in accordance with the objectives of the lesson.
  14. 14. Example is noisiness wherein you can hardly deal with the students. It sometimes consume the patience of a teacher but with an effective strategy in talking to them you can surely convince them to go with you without making some trouble at all.