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Amparo's portfolio

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThis portfolio presents the implementation of somepedagogical strategies and its effect on students´,attitudes, behaviors, and learning styles. Mystudents belong to second, and fifth grade atBosanova school which is a public institutionlocated in the seventh zone of Bogota. Thepresentation also describes the impact that thoseexperiences have had on the student’s learningprocesses.My observations showed the essential role that goodclassroom management takes in generating asuccessful learning process.Experience has demonstrated that consistency andrepetition are key elements in the improvement ofour students´behavours and ways of learning.
  3. 3. Accomodations in my classroomThe implementation of the newstrategies was developed withsecond and fifth graders whoseages range between 7 and 12years old.It is important to mention that one ofthe grades in which I haveexperienced more difficulties is thesecond grade. That has happenedas a result of many difficultsituations learners live at home.The total of students is 43 and thatcondition makes difficult togenerate a personalized work withkids.Now I am going to describe each ofthe new classroom strategies thathave allowed me to generate asafe environment and a betteratmosphere to learn.
  4. 4. Mapping out the classroomOrganizing my classroom by makingteam groups has been an amazingexperience to develop cooperative andcollaborative work among students.
  5. 5. Building good relationsand connection with students Establishing deals with students in relationto discipline and the improvement of badbehaviors have brought a new atmosphereto my class.Children are more disposed to listen andparticipate. It is really important to raisestudent’s voices in our classrooms. Sometimes it is difficult to establish goodcommunication channels with students.Maybe because they feel embarrassedabout expressing something or because wedont open the spaces to do it. That’s thereason why I decided to put in theclassroom a box for students to expressopinions, contributions, suggestions thatallow us to grow as an educationalcommunity. It has been interesting what Ihave found about personal problems andsuggestions about homework.
  6. 6. Behavour ManagementEstablishing Rules and regulationsIt is relevant to remain students continuously about the rules totake in to account in the classes. That’s why I decided towrite them and to read the each time students break them. Ialso have posted the commands and the request for helpingss to use them in the class.
  7. 7. Calling students’ attention andrespecting others’ work A method that has been successful for calling student’sattention has been the implementation of a symbol. This is a“paleta” which has the word and symbol about silence. Oncestudents observe me that I am showing them, most of themtry to stop talking. I always was worried about the fact that students interruptother’s activities by asking permission for going to thebathroom. Well, the implementation of a bathroom tab hasbeen a good opportunity for them to satisfy a need withoutgenerating noise and interruptions.
  8. 8. Improving behaviorsand Valuing the others’ participation Currently I am trying to implement the behavior traffic light.Students have shown interest towards this initiative. I hopethat it will help me to improve some students bad behaviors. As a way to respect each student turn, I decided toincorporate the red and green symbol. Students have shown agood attitude and respect towards this strategy
  9. 9. Applying emotional intelligence andrestorative practicesin my classroom Providing spaces in which students can express what they feeland specially when they apologize or express forgiveness is aninteresting way to promote a a well living togetherenvironment. Lastly I have had to do that because somestudents have insulted or bit others without taking intoaccount respect principles, Little by little students have understood that the best way toovercome the problems is by talking and establishingdialogues.
  10. 10. Motivating my students As a way to motivate students I decided to give prices to thebest students of the week in term of academic effort andclassroom behavior. The results have been excellent. Studentshave felt motivated to participate. Another good practice to motive students is let them tointeract with realia. It they develop hand on activities andhave the chance to manipulate, they are going to be moreinterested.
  11. 11. Doing Brain gym in my classesAnother good strategy is asking students to followinstruction inside and outside the classroom. Theprinciples of consistency and repetition I havediscovered that learner retain better the informationI have provided. It also has allowed me to developbrain gym exercises and it is incredible howstudents lose their stress and their anxiety.
  12. 12. Stimulating cognitive processesCreating mind maps based on the readingsand activities to synthesize and summarizeinformation represents a good way tostimulate cognitive processes and getconcepts easily.
  13. 13. Peer feedback andteacher supportPromoting peer feedback in the classroom is relevant to buildlearning communities. It allows students to interact and learncooperativelyI am providing more time to those students that I identified withanxiety and those who require more time to finish theactivities I ask them to doDefinitely, it is relevant to do adjustments that allow to enrichour teaching practices and that promote an involvingeducation.
  14. 14. Conscious DisciplineA very good way to promote something thatI have called collective conscious disciplineis by developing Lines up. This has been aninnovative initiative that we haveimplemented in English at Bosanova. Thishas been an opportunity to say a prayer,listen to instructions, doing reflections andlearning English in an enjoyable way.
  15. 15. Developing team workwith colleaguesI know that it has been so difficult to develop teamwork with my colleagues. However I have tried todo my best since I consider that if we want topromote that in our students we have to be the firstexample of that.
  16. 16. “Anything we teach with passion isgoing to impact students learning”Charlotte Samper
  17. 17. Thanks dear professor Charlotte for teaching me newand excellent ways to improve my classroommanagement.Thanks to you ,Now I am a better teacherThank you so much!!!!Sincerely: Amparo Onatra and students fromColegio Bosanova