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The Evolution of HR: Is Recruiting HR Too?


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Sarah Brennan, Principal Consultant, Talent Acquisition at Cornerstone OnDemand, provides easy-to-understand insights on:
o Evolution of the role of recruiting in business from reactive to strategic partners
o How a unified approach to looking at talent acquisition can benefit core HR and business drivers
o The impact employment branding and candidate experience have on influencing employee engagement and retention (and vice versa)

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The Evolution of HR: Is Recruiting HR Too?

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  8. 8. Sarah Brennan Principal Consultant, Talent Acquisition HR: Is Recruiting HR too?
  9. 9. Sarah is a 15 year HR industry veteran specializing in recruitment and growth. In her role at Cornerstone OnDemand, she works with internal and external teams providing thought leadership, advisory services and strategy planning to help organizations connect their Talent Acquisition to business drivers. Today’s Speaker 9 Sarah Brennan Principal Consultant, Talent Acquisition
  10. 10. Is Recruiting Part of HR? (It all depends who you ask!)
  11. 11. Work has Changed 11 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW
  12. 12. The Future of Workforce is Fundamentally Different 12 Technology Native Expectation of Information Globalized Reach
  13. 13. The Feedback Impact • 30 Million Users • 10 Million Reviews • 540,000 Companies • 190 Countries
  14. 14. 14 Decide to consider looking for a new role Ask around for options Filter thru my opinions & perceptions Check out a few career sites Read job descriptions & postings Check out Glassdoor CLICK “APPLY”
  15. 15. From Personnel Departments to Talent Acquisition Teams
  16. 16. • Develop an employment brand and make it easy to apply. • Be proactive at identifying needs, availability and creating pipelines of talent • Adopt consumer style strategy for marketing and engagement – talent shortages for good candidates never go away • Look at position & candidates for skill sets vs titles Talent Acquisition Goals Have CHanged 16 Sourcing Recruiting Employment Branding Candidate Experience
  17. 17. Today’s Recruiting Departments Changed Employment Branding Expert Sourcing Team Recruiting Coordinators Recruiters Onboarding Coordinator Recruitment Analytics Diversity Specialist Campus Recruiting Team
  18. 18. • Talent Acquisition professionals are not always “HR” professionals. • Look at consumer marketing trends as closely as HR trends • Are development and business focused • Talent Acquisition professionals are as likely to work in sales or marketing as HR as their next moves Recruiting Professionals Have Changed
  19. 19. Why the Gap?
  21. 21. Sourcing Employment Branding Recruiting Strategy
  22. 22. Where do you start? 22
  23. 23. Unified Talent Management Isn’t just for the Future. They are the current for future looking companies..
  24. 24. Is your talent acquisition strategy aligned to market demands?
  26. 26. Is your talent acquisition strategy aligned to your business strategy?
  27. 27. Talent Management
  28. 28. • Engage & recruit from current & former talent starting Day1 • Make it easy for employees to know where their future is in your organization. • Identify skills gaps on teams as well as worker interest to develop talent internally to meet needs for growth • Feedback, Feedback, Feedback Talent Management 28 Re-Recruiting Succession Planning Employee Engagement Rewarding Team Building
  29. 29. 120% more likely to want to make an impact 33% more likely to want challenging work Passive Candidates are: Source: LinkedIn
  30. 30. Learning
  31. 31. • Self directed learning opportunities • MOBILE Training • Have core training programs on things like Technology to help older workers • Allow workers to develop their own ascension plans to work off for training • Strong mentorship programs with retiring workforce – including interesting job share arrangements Developing Talent 31 Learning Social Collaboration Mentorship Personal Development
  32. 32. 17% less likely to need skill development opportunities Passive Candidates are: Source: LinkedIn
  33. 33. Retention
  34. 34. • Find who is vulnerable to attrition – Watch trends with certain roles, departments and leaders • Create a culture of retention – referrals, engagement, retirement mentor programs • Identify high potential workers and fast track them • Understand WHY people leave and WHO is successful and partner with Talent Acquisition Talent Retention 34 Retain Talent Internal Referrals Hi-Po Identification Create Fans
  35. 35. 56% more likely to want a corporate culture that fits their personality Passive Candidates are: Source: LinkedIn
  36. 36. Beyond HR
  37. 37. Your Employment Brand and Corporate Brand are Linked.
  38. 38. Companies with a bad reputation will spend 10% more per hire. If you have 10,000 employees that can be as much as 7.6 Million to make up for a poor employment brand. According to Harvard Business Review…
  39. 39. Strong employment brands drive 2x as many qualified applications and leads to a 50% decrease in cost per hireSource: LinkedIn & Glassdoor
  40. 40. Other considerations to keep in mind • Engagement • Retention/Turnover • Growth • Customer Satisfaction • Profitability • Consumer Brand Issues Are all impacted by issues in hiring and recruiting
  41. 41. Yes, Recruiting is HR too. (With maybe a bit of Marketing mixed in!)
  42. 42. Questions?
  43. 43. Thank You! Sarah Brennan Principal Consultant, Talent Acquisition @imsosarah
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