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Revising your Enterprise Learning Strategy: It Starts with Commitment


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As a $1 billion growth company, AthenaHealth had grown rapidly over a relatively short period. As a result, their learning and development department was faced with new challenges related to leadership commitment, employee engagement and scalability to support the organization’s pace of change. During this spotlight webinar, AthenaHealth’s chief learning officer, Karen Hebert-Maccaro, shares how she stewarded the organization into the next phase of their enterprisewide learning strategy, through senior leadership commitment and the development of tailored learning experiences for each employee.

During this spotlight webinar, viewers will learn:

•How AthenaHealth took a contemporary approach in developing their learning strategy.
•Lessons learned as the organization underwent a significant change modernizing the L&D department and introducing a learner-centric culture.
•The risks and rewards in overhauling your organization’s learning strategy.

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Revising your Enterprise Learning Strategy: It Starts with Commitment

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  5. 5. #CLOwebinar Sponsored by         Karen  Hebert-­‐Maccaro       Chief  Learning  Officer   athenahealth   Revising  your  Enterprise  Learning   Strategy:  It  Starts  with   Commitment  
  6. 6. Bringing Learning to the Learners athenahealth’s approach to the modern learner Karen Hebert-Maccaro, Chief Learning Officer
  7. 7. How Do We Learn? Daily Monthly Quarterly Yearly SELF-DIRECTEDL&DLED Web Search Weekly Peer Interactions Articles & Blogs Videos Books & eBooks Apps Online Networks Webcasts & Webinars In-person Networking Online Courses Podcasts & Audio Books Live Classes (outside of work) Coaching & Mentoring Conference & Trade Shows Instructor-led Classes eLearning Courses Degreed, How the Workforce Learns in 2016 7
  8. 8. A Shifting L&D Landscape “Corporate learning departments are changing from education providers to content curators and experience facilitators, developing innovative platforms that turn employee learning and development into a self-driven pursuit.” 8 February  2016  Deloi?e  University  Press  (h?ps://dupress.deloi?­‐ us-­‐en/focus/human-­‐capital-­‐trends/2016/fostering-­‐culture-­‐of-­‐learning-­‐for-­‐ employees.html)  
  9. 9. Our Challenge People Development Portfolio virtual learning, JIT learning and on- demand learning was lacking…but within reach 9
  10. 10. Our Solution: The Learning Ecosystem 10 What is a learning ecosystem?
  11. 11. Learning Tracks 11 Let’s take a look at an athenaU track A track delivers learning on a single topic via multiple modalities. What is it?
  12. 12. Examples of Modalities 12 Wait. Modalities? Yes, the method in which learning is delivered.
  13. 13. Tracks Continued 13 Back to the track athenaU curates modalities on a single topic and arranges them within a track. The track is created so that the learner can consume any modality at any point in time. How does it work?
  14. 14. The “System” 14 Let’s add more tracks As athenaU creates tracks on various topics, some tracks may overlap one another. For example, a Communications track may include “stops” that are also included in a Managing People & Others track. Now what?
  15. 15. Defining the Ecosystem 15 athenaU’s learning ecosystem is an environment designed for the learner, filled with created and curated content on various topics and delivered via multiple modalities.
  16. 16. Outcomes 16 1.  Track Launches 2. JIT Learning Embraced 3. Leaders Engaged 4. Balance of modality shifting
  17. 17. Lessons Learned 1.  Start with the culture 2.  Communicate with stakeholders across the organization 3.  Launch a high-profile pilot project 4.  Promote, promote, promote and promote again 5.  Solicit feedback, revise and re-launch 6.  Be ready for some bumps along the “tracks” 17
  18. 18. Thank You. Questions? 18
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