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Headhunting in Recruitment

  • This is a good explanation of how a headhunter works to hire the top performers in an industry. Recruitment agencies are another type of external recruitment which place people in vacancies, but there are a lot of differences between how both types of firm work. We've made a presentation about it here:
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  • Head-hunting convincing the person to join your organisation.
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Recruitment - Headhunting

  1. 1. Headhunting in Recruitment
  2. 2. Recruitment has become most demanding profession in today’s changed global scenario. It’s notall about talking to the candidates and mass mailing through job boards. It’s more aboutresearching; companies, business market, competitors, people. Head hunting is a veryspecialized area of recruitment of sourcing high profiles without dependency on job boards andemployees seeking employment. It involves hunting candidates through direct contact, personalmeetings, attending seminars and industrial exhibitions etc. It is the most effective method ofsourcing and placing candidates of top positions who might be not looking for a job change.Strong network, good references and long relationship with the candidates are the mostimportant part for successful head hunting.Generally, recruiters at corporate companies take too long time to place senior positions for theroles as they lack head hunting skills because these hard to find candidates are not so easilyavailable on job boards as well as on social sites, recruiters have to search these talents andconvince them to join their organization that requires strong convincing skills. When normalrecruiters fail to recruit such candidates it is the headhunters who approach these successfulcandidates through head hunting techniques and pick up good candidates for the roles. Greatconvincing, creative talking and constant communication are essential to maintain a goodrelationship with the candidates so as to build strong wide network and thereby increasing theiridentity with the candidates.
  3. 3. Companies empanel Headhunting firms to find best talents who can improve the quality ofthe work, build their business , develop new and maintain existing clients.Unlike normal recruitment, Headhunting companies target people who are working intop similar companies, get reference from them and develop a wide network. They do lot ofresearch online as well as offline to hunt the best candidates for the roles. They find andattract best suitable candidates for the companies without advertising on newspaper andeven on job portals. With well maintained headhunted database through references andnetwork, headhunting companies develop continuous relationship with employees and fillthe post with rich source of candidates for client.Why Hire A Headhunting Company
  4. 4. What are HeadhuntersHeadhunters are the recruiters who understand the client business, their requirements,research the market place that include targeting relevant companies, gathering information,collect pools of candidates and find suitable person for the role. Unlike recruiters,headhunters from technical background or specialized area with vast knowledge are strongenough to take up the telephonic round for the candidates. They target passive candidatesexplain them the client business in brief, have a personal discussion and convince them tobecome open minded for a career change.Remember, all Headhunters are Recruiters but all Recruiters are not Headhunters.
  5. 5. What are the challenges Headhunters face?● Most of the companies do not share job description with headhunters, whichwill be a challenge especially when they talk to successful candidates who aren’tlooking for a change.● Successful people are those who are well settled and they do not want to changetheir current job. Contacting with such candidates requires a great sensitivity toconvince them to take up the new opportunities.
  6. 6. What skills are needed for Headhunters?
  7. 7. ● Business Economy● Technology, Products and their applications● Market Research Skills● Networking Skills● Convincing Skills● Continuous relationship with the clients andcandidates.
  8. 8. How do Headhunters hunt for passive candidates?
  9. 9. Recruiting through HeadhuntingHeadhuntingPersonal Blogs and Websites Seminars, events, & meetingsReferences & Networks
  10. 10. How do Headhunters establish relationship with candidates?
  11. 11. Meetings with senior professionals inseminars and forums
  12. 12. Frequent talk and seeking references from placed candidates
  13. 13. Methods of name gathering
  14. 14. Internal Database1.Headhunted database2.Placed employees3.References from placed candidatesExternal Database1. Personal websites and blogs2.Candidates from targeted companies3.References from identified candidatesNetworking2. Establishing relationship with the candidates1. Frequent talk & seeking references from the candidatesCandidates Database
  15. 15. Talent Mapping Source
  16. 16. ClientUnderstanding Client BusinessMapping Target CompaniesProfile HuntingPre-screening of CandidatesRegular Follow up after JoiningConfirmation of JoiningManage Candidate Resignation ProcessManage Client InterviewsScheduling of Shortlisted CandidatesUnderstanding of Requirements
  17. 17. Benefits of using Headhunting Services● Quality ProfilesSpeed and Flexibility●Cost Reduction●Business Growth●
  18. 18. Headhunters are the only one’s who can fill rich source of candidatesfor your roles.
  19. 19. A headhunting company