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7 Lessons Learned in Hacking the Facebook Platform from @ankurnagpal



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7 Lessons Learned in Hacking the Facebook Platform from @ankurnagpal

  1. Hacking the Facebook Platform: My 7 Favorite Growth Hacks
  2. A talk by @ankurnagpal
  3. I built everything you probably hated on the Facebook platform.
  4. Here are my seven favorite hacks.
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  6. Let’s get started.
  7. 1" Friends with Benefits
  8. How many Facebook friends do you have?
  9. How many Facebook friends do you care about?
  10. Yet most friend inviters sort friends alphabetically
  11. We can do better
  12. We can sort by proximity of friendship (most number of common photo tags, profile interaction, NOT number of mutual friends)
  13. Or the target demographic for your product?
  14. Or by the smartphone they use? (A beer if you figure this out)
  15. How well does it work?
  16. Increased the percentage of invitations accepted 3x by targeting gifts only to friends with lots of shared photos.
  17. Isn’t that easier (and less spammy) than getting people to send 3x as many requests?
  18. 2" Artificial Scarcity
  19. Want to increase the value of anything?
  20. Want to increase the value of anything? Make it scarce.
  21. Send All Your Friends a Hug!
  22. Send All Your Friends a Hug! vs. You Can Send 12 More Hugs Today.
  23. What if they still don’t believe you?
  24. Progress bar it.
  25. You have sent 75% of your available gifts for the day.
  26. Making the number of friend invites scarce led to more invites being sent.
  27. What else can artificial scarcity be applied to? (other than economic monopolies)
  28. You can only spend $10 today.
  29. You have spent 75% of your budget today.
  30. The best (and fucked up) part?
  31. You do not have to enforce the limit.
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  34. 3" You
  35. This works on platforms that have a profile page and home page that aggregates profile updates.
  36. My Profile: Before Ankur sent Jamie a flying kiss. Send a Flying Kiss
  37. My Ex GFs Newsfeed: Before Ankur sent Jamie a flying kiss. Send a Flying Kiss
  38. Replace the target with “you” and let the human ego do the rest.
  39. My Profile: After Ankur sent you a flying kiss. Send a Flying Kiss
  40. My Ex GFs Newsfeed: After Ankur sent you a flying kiss. Send a Flying Kiss
  41. Inability to understand social media + The human ego =
  42. 4" Multiple Points of Entry
  43. The Story of Brainfall
  44. “Brainfall Personality Quizzes” was the first quiz app on Facebook.... and they had better content.
  45. Yet we had 10x the traffic that Brainfall did in a matter of days. Why?
  46. We broke our quizzes into their own independent applications.
  47. Examples: How Good a Lover Are You? What Color Are You? Dr. Phil’s Personality Test* * Hello lawyers, No affiliation with Dr. Phil
  48. Not just personality quizzes.
  49. Free Gifts versus Send Your Friends a Hug Send Your Friends Bible Verses Send Your Friends Diwali Cracker*
  50. Works even better on mobile because of search-based discovery.
  51. TV Show Quote Game versus Seinfeld Quote Trivia Game Family Guy Quote Game Breaking Bad TV Show Quotes
  52. 5" Now With UserGenerated Content
  53. Multiple points of entry is super powerful but tedious to maintain.
  54. Solution: Have users generate your multiple points of entry.
  55. Example: Udemy
  56. Example:
  57. Example: CrowdTilt
  58. Now back to silly Facebook gifts.
  59. My Solution: Gift Application Creator.
  60. Each user could create an independent gift application with no more than a gift name and image.
  61. Results: +10,000+ applications created + More traffic than Linkedin, New York Times and Yelp for a month. + Viral applications that I would not have dreamt about.
  62. The most popular applications were an unidentifiable Russian word, friendship bracelets, blessings from God and flaming bags of poop.
  63. The downside?
  64. The downside? Penises.
  65. The downside? Penises. Lots of penises.
  66. 6" A Pac-Man Story
  67. Everyone in growth talks about the importance of data.
  68. Test. Measure. Optimize. Rinse. Repeat.
  69. Except data no longer distinguishes you from the competition. Everyone measures everything.
  70. The Data Trap: A tendency to optimize towards the local maxima.
  71. Solution: Try weird shit. Often.
  72. After getting bored of optimizing feed stories, I decided to reward whoever brought in the most new people to my Pac-Man game....
  73. Turns out gamers LOVED the idea of a $2,000 replica Pac-Man machine:
  74. Result Thousands of new users.
  75. Result Top two users ended up in an adbuying battle against their referral link.
  76. Takeaway Replicating this probably won’t work. Trying crazy shit will... sometimes.
  77. 7" The Blacklist of Doom
  78. OH: Don’t worry about your competition.
  79. Sadly That does NOT apply to growth. Growth channels saturate.
  80. My 30-Minute Solution Find the Facebook user ID of 2-3 employees at every company you are concerned about.
  81. Step 2 Add them to a “blacklist”
  82. Now follow the pseudocode: If (Current User is a Friend of Anyone on the Blacklist) <hide growth feature>
  83. BOOM. Thousands of potential competitors blocked.
  84. Want to get video analysis of this deck for $1? Click this screen and use the code “SLIDESHAREONE” Learn
  85. Talk to me @ankurnagpal