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Ushahidi esri juliana


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Slides from Juliana Rotich Keynote at the ESRI Education Conference in San Diego July 21st 2012

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

Ushahidi esri juliana

  1. 1. RealtimeCrowdmapping The World
  2. 2. Ushahidi = TestimonyBorn out of the post-election violence in Kenya in2008, used to map reports of violence and peaceefforts throughout the country. TV was realtime fail.
  3. 3. What is Ushahidi? Open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. We build tools for democratizing information, increasing transparency and lowering the barriers for individuals to share their stories.Platform Community Movement
  4. 4. Prototype 1 "Ushahidi", which means "testimony" in Swahili, was a mashup that was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenyaafter post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008.
  5. 5. Citizen reporting is about people telling stories oftheir location. And of finallyhaving a say in what stories get told about their location Wambura Kimunyu
  6. 6. We build tools for democratizinginformation, increasing transparency andlowering the barriers for individuals to sharetheir stories.We’re a disruptive organization that iswilling to take risks in the pursuit of changingthe traditional way that information flows inthe world.openness | innovation | community
  7. 7. Quote“We are undergoing a major technology paradigm shift. Citizens that were once only passive recipients of information, are now contributors to the story. In the case of crisis mapping, its the people on the ground that best know the local situation. Enabling a two-way conversation between affected communities and support groups can allow a faster, more effective response.The key point is that affected groups have a voice, we only need to listen.” -Dale Zak, Ushahidi mobile developer
  8. 8. It takes a team
  9. 9. 3 Days
  10. 10. 3 Days3 Hours
  11. 11. 3 Days3 Hours3 Minutes
  12. 12. Disaster ResponseMarch 2011 - 4,000+ reports, 144,974 views January 2010 - 3,584 reports, 500,000 viewsMonitor fallout of tsunami and nuclear crisis Allowed Haitians to report location and needs
  13. 13. Election Monitoring September 2011- 238 reports August 2010 - 1525 reports, 20,000 viewsAllow citizen reporting during election, radio ads with Monitor Kenya referendum election SMS short code number
  14. 14. Citizen Journalism December 2010 - 319 reports, 156,859 views May 2010 - 3397 reports, 406,715 viewsHelp bring awareness to sexual harassment in Egypt Document human and ecological impact of the oil spill
  15. 15. Community Use By the City / For the City (NYC)Integration of social media into placemaking practices, Fix Your Street (Dublin, Ireland) which are community centered, encouraging public South Dublin County Council takes reports about participation, collaboration and transparency. road conditions, litter and drainage.
  16. 16. Participatory Mapping cc Flickr: junipermarie/
  17. 17. MapKibera
  18. 18. Collective context for empoweringcommunities, including marginalized ones.
  19. 19. Collaborative Problem Solving
  20. 20. Citizen Science
  21. 21. photo by Olga Werby
  22. 22. WaterTracker.afPhoto by Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation (SWSS) Project
  23. 23. Lessons Crowdsourcing platform must be easy to deploy, intuitive to use, simple to localize and customize “A map is only asuseful as the process and people to make it happen.”-George Chamales, Konpa Group
  24. 24. Walled Gardens & Black Outs
  25. 25. Cost of Connecting -Tim Parsonson Teraco
  26. 26. Cost of Connecting 2009 2011 340Gb/s 34000Gb/s$4000 MB/s per $200 MB/s per month month < $100 MB/s per Future month -Tim Parsonson Teraco
  27. 27. cc Steve Vosloo Shuttleworth Foundation
  28. 28. Data Needs Relevance Drive demand - bring people to the data Close the feedback loop Perhaps it’s good to have the infrastructure of feedback loops just a bitvisible now, before they disappear into our environments altogether, so thatthey can serve as a subtle reminder that we have something to change, that we can do better—and that the tools for doing better are rapidly, finally, turning up all around us. Thomas Goetz, Wired.
  29. 29. Next...
  30. 30. Static Search Results Dynamic Real-timeGeographic Data
  31. 31. Volunteers Activists Public / Victims Government PolicyFundersDonors Responders Public / Public / News NewsProducers Advertisers Consumers
  32. 32. User Centric Geo
  33. 33. Mobile Free and open source SMS gateway for AndroidWhitelabeling of Android and iOS apps
  34. 34. Crowdsourcing & IOT
  35. 35. Internet Of Things Cc MIT Senseable Lab
  36. 36. @towerbridge Cc flickr Arlaski
  37. 37. - Adam Greenfeld
  38. 38. We have a Problem We are pummeled by information 250 million Tweets/dayHow do we find the one important drop of info?
  39. 39. “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” - Clay Shirky
  40. 40. It’s hard to makesense ofa lot of real-timeinformationin short periods oftime.
  41. 41. Real-time information.
  42. 42. Real-time information. Processed into a river.
  43. 43. Real-time information. Processed into a river. Filtered by the crowd.
  44. 44. Real-time information. Processed into a river. Filtered by the crowd. Visualized & organized.
  45. 45. From This To This
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Online, Mobile, Offline...
  48. 48. Capacity building inLiberiaA sister facility to theiHub, iLab Liberia fills ahuge gap in Monrovia’stech space for trainingand use by local techguys and the NGOcommunity
  49. 49. Ushahidi & the iHubrepresent a new KenyaNearly self-sustaining,the iHub has been amassive success forUshahidi, plus theKenyan tech community5000+ members120+ events
  50. 50. Changing the wayinformation flows in the world
  51. 51. Ushahidi to ArcGIS Plugin
  52. 52. Join the community...Developers Mappers TestersTranslators Deployers Partners
  53. 53. Thank you! @ushahidi