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  1. 1. Photo by CoolBieRe ™ Enhancing Competitiveness and Attractiveness of Rural Sustainable tourism through Digital Storytelling Final Conference December 2011 Trentino Italy 1Rural and sustainable: A type of tourism that’s on the “long tale” which means it’s not receiving the mainstream tourist likemass destinations do. Initiatives in this sector are often less: equipped, organized, online wired, little advanced and capitalpowerful, their their urban/commercial/larger scale counterparts.And than to take into account sustainable tourism is still only 7% of the global tourism market.
  2. 2. 2How can storytelling be relevant in strengthening the position of smaller scaled rural tourism? And bring more capital into stimulate development of the sector.
  3. 3. Listen to the voice of villages 3The project has a powerful name: listen to the voice of villages. But in order to hear them, you need to speak. And whenyou speak.. how are your going to make sure people are listening?
  4. 4. Shout out loud? By Jerry Ting 4Imagine your an agriturismo. You could invest in your marketing. But your resources are limited.
  5. 5. Shout different? By Jerry Ting 5You have a fantastic story, but it remains the best kept secret of the region.
  6. 6. Let others shout? By Damian Davalos 6you can stimulate affiliates to promote you, but how?
  7. 7. Shout together? 7You combine powers: create an group, cooperation or association.
  8. 8. But who will hear you? By Nikographer [Jon] 8But there is so much noise these days. And less attention. Who will hear you?
  9. 9. How to stand out? 9How to stand out the crowd? How to distinguish yourself?
  10. 10. Caspar Diederik 10My name is Caspar Diederik. I’m the co-founder of StoryTravelers. I’m specialized in finding stories, translate them into visualdigital stories that travel throughout the internet to attract travelers.
  11. 11. 38% of total travel sales occur online, compared with 6% for retail 90% of the major travel brands report that social media was a top destination site The average online consumer visits 20 sites before making a Source: travel purchase Travolution Oct 2011 11I’ll start with the DIGITAL of Digital Storytelling.Just a quick overview of the latest numbers of significance in the land of online travel, derived from a global research ofthe global online travelmarket conducted by Travolution. No news, but maybe a wake upcall urging the online strongpresence of whoever wants get a slice of the online travel pie.38% of total travel sales occur online, compared with 6% for retail. Make yourself easy traceable and bookable online.Sounds superfluous, but still many rural destinations leave their to wish for and are not even easy to book. Connect topartners, bookingsites, touroperators and other affiliates, THAT ALREADY HAVE ESTABLISHED NETWORKS.90% of the major travel brands report that social media was a top destination site after visiting their site. So you mighthave a great site, but without being part of the conversation online your nowhere.The average online consumer visits 20 sites before making a travel purchase. Suppose you’re lucky to be on one ofthese 20 sites. Then still little chance this person chooses you? What makes them choose for you?
  12. 12. Get connected 12Get your infrastructure sorted. People search, get inpired, recommend and book online, more and more. This trend isexpected to continue increasing dramatically in the next few years.Connecting to networks that are already established is a must to connect with the outer world.
  13. 13. WHY SHOULD PEOPLE COME AND VISIT YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE? 13Suppose you’ve done all that. You’re now have a great site, you’re wired, active on social and connected to affiliates.You’ve developed your infrastructure. But now the content! So the big question remains: “WHY SHOULD PEOPLECOME AND VISIT YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE?”Did you know that most places don’t even have a decent answer on that? Try and ask it yourself.
  14. 14. NO! Not because people are intrigued by your ads, cheap offers, photos of empty rooms, the idea of just another place. 14Have you noticed that 9 out of 10 hotels, do NOT share interesting stories? No? just a little test. Go to google: type in“Hotel” combined with the place you were born: then take the last digit of you age (I’m 32 so I take 2) and go to thecorresponding googlepage and take the last link of the page. Find the site of the first hotel mentioned. Is there a storythat inspres you. I bet not. But it shouldn’t be that difficult, should it?
  15. 15. YES! Because people are intrigued by your WOW story,that triggers the wish to come and live that uniqueexperience themselves. 15
  16. 16. Stories RULE 16A good story might be the most powerful potential that you have. Now it only needs to be told.
  17. 17. 66% are influenced by user reviews 72% of social media users access social networking sites while they are travelling, 52% of Facebook users said their friends’ photos Source: inspired their holiday Travolution Oct 2011 1766% are influenced by user reviews. Though, reviews are often not stories, but mentions about the clean bathroom or thedog that barked annoyingly at night. These details are not making your place unique, but get mentioned because there mightbe nothing else worthwhile telling. So MAKE SURE guest writes about their story, because there’s is no other thing top ofmind!72% of social media users access social networking sites while they are travelling, according to Tripl, the social travel serviceRemember many travelers don’t book their complete trip on advance but rely on information and inspiriation on the go.Travelers acces their mobile, google and surf to find their next spot. You’d better be there.52% of Facebook users said their friends’ photos inspired their holiday choice and travel plans, according to Tripl:So the better stories your guests find the more interesting will their visual stories on Facebook will be.
  18. 18. Why Stories Work 18What is all this buzz about storytelling? Haven’t we been doing that for ages?Yes! and that’s exactly why it’s so powerful. It’s in our system, we know it we love it. The only thing that has changeddramatically is how a story reaches us and how us and how a story is told.
  19. 19. They engage people, bring understanding They can evolve 19Stories make people understand your place or idea because a story is like experiencing your own life. So a story enablesyou to give meaning to what happens and how elements relates to one another.
  20. 20. ..trigger emotion and intrigue 20Because we humans are empatic (also a lot to say we’re NOT, but that’s another discussion.) Let’s say our ability toempathize makes us able to identify with a story and experience our emotions getting triggered.
  21. 21. ..have a theme, plot, characters, action ..and when meaningful, they are memorable 21Try to memorize 5 random chosen objects and see if you remeber them next week. You’ll see that it way more difficultthan memorize the 5 places you visited on your last trip. Because every single object now has a connection and followsthe chronological story in which the trip unfolded.
  22. 22. When stories work? Simple Idea Unexpectedness Concreteness Credibility Emotion Story Source: Made to Stick Chip and Dan Heath 22• Simple — find the core of any idea• Unexpected — grab peoples attention by surprising them• Concrete — make sure an idea can be grasped and remembered later• Credible — give an idea believability• Emotional — help people see the importance of an idea• Stories — empower people to use an idea through narrative
  23. 23. When stories work? Simple Idea Unexpectedness Concreteness Credibility Emotion Story Source: Made to Stick Chip and Dan Heath 23From Made to Stick: Chip and Dan Heath: The books outline follows the acronym "SUCCES"
  24. 24. An example of a surprising story: POMODORI a Biological Tomatoes that grow on classical music. 24Here an example of a story that I made at an old sicilian defense castle turned into a pleasant oase of wine and dining. Idiscovered the story by chance wandering oround the premises. They appeared togrow their pomodori tomatoes onclassical music. See for yourself if you can apply the S.U.C.C.E.S. factors.
  25. 25. Fattoria La Vialla 25La vialla, a vivid example of rural storytelling. Succesful, fully booked and expanding their services throughout europe: theirwebshop of typical products does magic. On their home page you immediately get a grasp of their world. By the simple useof an overview picture. From here you can dive deeper into the experience. For instance they have a CO2 balance meter tomonitor their emission/ compensation balance of carbondioxide and the way they manage that.
  26. 26. They live their story and carry it out 26The Fattoria is a Meta story where you can dive into different experiences through videos. From the production of pecorino tohow they cultivate biological crops.
  27. 27. Talk value: make others share your story 27Although they carry out their story very well themselves, it remains to others having the conversation. They only provide for areason to conversate: talk value.
  28. 28. Practical tips 28Ok. But concretely. What can I do to start today?
  29. 29. Tips: Staff, Visitors, Locals, Local touroperators are your storytellers: facilitate them Give a reason to talk aboutFind &OfferStories to guests 29Staff, Visitors, Locals, Local touroperators are your storytellers: listen to them and facilitate them to carry it out!Reckognize your stories. Ask different eyes to back you up, as you might have become blind for what’s actually so specialabout your place.Offer stories! Turn your stories into an experience. Maybe it’s your old neighbour that could do a workshop of how tomake beer of grassrootEquip, Empower, help and reward people share their story. See what happens if you give someone a camera.
  30. 30. Connect stories 30Last but not least:Work together: Connect stories! Your story is not isolated, but connected with otherss. It is part of a meta story, a worldwith a lot of entry points. A story of an significant other can lead to your story.A platform or cooperation is a must. Don’t do it alone
  31. 31. Multi Region Level Valley           Village Home 31People don’t travel 1000 k because you serve nice pasta or a great garden. People travel 1000 km to dive into a world ofstories. So connect to more geographical levels than the gate of your front door. The beautiful old pasta factory 50k’s away isalso part of your world.
  32. 32. Get wired now! Find for WOW stories Visualize and Digitalize them Engage your storytellers Link and Work together Look further than your front gate 32Get wired now!Find for WOW storiesVisualize and Digitalize themEngage your storytellersLink and Work togetherLook further than your front gate
  33. 33. +39 3281 274 737 33