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Presentation for Canadian Marketing Association on location. Some super videos below, speaker notes to come when I'm less sleepy.

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Location Matters

  1. 1. Location MattersThe 3 Big Questions
  2. 2. I work here.
  3. 3. The basics•  Location matters•  For us or against us•  Elements of location•  The Effect on Experience
  4. 4. Location is a matter for billboards.
  5. 5. One that allows an advertiser to sendadvertisements or other information to a mobile device based on its physical location. Location Based Services
  6. 6. 1,000,000,000 Check-ins
  7. 7. Perhaps, we’ve missed the point.
  8. 8. We spend all this time thinking about cities in terms of their local details, their restaurants andmuseums and weather. I had this hunch that there was something more, that every city was also shaped by a set of hidden laws. Geoffrey West, Theoretical Physicist
  9. 9. Peoples movements appeared to follow a mathematical pattern. The scientists said that, with enough information about past movements, they could forecast someones future whereabouts with 93.6% accuracy.The pattern held true whether people stayed closeto home or traveled widely, and wasnt affected by the phone users age or gender. Robert Lee Holtz
  10. 10. 3X as many smartphones are being activated every minutearound the world than there are babies being born
  11. 11. 22% of smartphone ownershave changed their mind in the store due to their mobile phone. Google Ipsos Study of Hong Kong Smartphone Users, September 2011
  12. 12. Question #1Are we removing a barrier or getting someone to stick around?
  13. 13. Location issomething to overcome.
  14. 14. The obstacle of location.
  15. 15. Location issomething to celebrate.
  16. 16. Consumers are telling us that they prize drama over utility, scarcity over ubiquity, novelty over the guaranteed sameness of the national brand. They want brands that are porous to the world, that integrate with the world. They are prepared to embrace brands that take a little more effort,especially if that effort rewards them with something that is exciting and rare. Grant McCracken, Anthropologist
  17. 17. Question #2What elements of location matter most?
  18. 18. If only location was so simple. Location isn’t a single variable, but a combination of several factors.Place Proximity Time Context Digital Exhaust
  19. 19. Place Altering the experiencebased upon your physical location
  20. 20. SF Park
  21. 21. Tesco
  22. 22. The Fun Theory
  23. 23. ProximityAltering the experience by including those around you.
  24. 24. Communities and Networks. Communities present easier entry points foradvertisers, often more so than friend networks. Graph via Abhinav Singh
  25. 25. Proximity has power –the biggest influenceson your behavior turn out to be where youare and whom you are with. Yakob and Gehrt, MDC Partners, kbs&p
  26. 26. Blendr is a social networking experience unlike any other. Using your mobile device’s location-basedtechnology, you can connect with others nearby withsimilar interests, hobbies, profession and much more. Discover the world around you: make friends, and build connections and explore your surroundings. Blendr makes it easy to take that first step.
  27. 27. Grindr
  28. 28. FriendThem
  29. 29. Neighborgoods
  30. 30. Whip Car
  31. 31. Time Altering the experiencebased on when you’re there.
  32. 32. Explore 9/11
  33. 33. Museum of London // Street Museum
  34. 34. Audi Frustration Index
  35. 35. Google Flu Trends
  36. 36. Context Altering the experience byplaying with the environment.
  37. 37. Indifference for the people we create things for and the reality of their daily lives is not just foolish, its wrong. Dieter Rams
  38. 38. Joshua Bell
  39. 39. RecipePad
  40. 40. TabbedOut
  41. 41. RunPee
  42. 42. Digital ExhaustAltering the experience by making data visible.
  43. 43. Tidy Street
  44. 44. Bundle
  45. 45. DontEat.at
  46. 46. Question #3What should the experience be like?
  47. 47. The Brand“Branding helps people make quick,easy, intuitive and confident purchasedecisions. Without thinking about themthat much. Or worrying about theprice. Or the quality. Or thecompetitive offers that might beavailable.” – Martin Weigel
  48. 48. No one is going to pick up your product and try it if they dont want to buy into the experience. Stanley Hainsworth, Founder, Tether Inc.
  49. 49. The Difficulty of Doing
  50. 50. If agencies want to think more like tech startups,they might focus less on clever storytelling and more on utility. Adam Glickman, Founder, the IdeaLists
  51. 51. The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you, and they can’t believe you if they don’t know what you’re saying, and they can’t know what you’re saying if theydon’t listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’renot interesting, and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly. Bill Bernbach
  52. 52. Because thats what we need to add to so many things, to give them that extra necessary magic. A pretending layer. So its not just a useful or beautiful or functionalobject - its got some little nod to who were pretending to be when were using it. Russell Davies
  53. 53. The Framing Layer
  54. 54. Nokia Drive Time
  55. 55. Zombies Run
  56. 56. Finding purpose. "I think many people assume, wrongly, that acompany exists simply to make money. While this is an important result of a companys existence, wehave to go deeper and find the real reasons for our being.” David Packard
  57. 57. Ask yourself this: How aWhat cause are you brand actsa credible voice for? How a brand talks What a brand feels is important What a brand rallies the community around Why a brand does it
  58. 58. Where am I? What is Why do I your care?purpose? Unique Mobile Opportunity
  59. 59. "You learn to like the excitement of mild, ongoing risk taking…Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, but its the creation of possibility.”Brad Blanton, Founder of Radical Honesty
  60. 60. Thanks. You can find me on the internet.Paul McEnanyDirector of Strategy at Twist Imageheehawmarketing.com // @paulmcenanyCredit to:Jennifer Powell, Brandi Zebrak, Corey LitvakJudy and the Investors Group teamFlickr: Gilderic, Duchamp, Vamitos, Manitoba Maps, Fridastenberg,Beth19, mateugrin, cdm