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Media Marketing Days 2011


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Slides to the Guest Lecture at Karel De Grote Hogeschool (Antwerp)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Media Marketing Days 2011

  1. 1. the future of advertising Argus  Labs  bvba  Ÿ  Sint-­‐Michielstraat  9  Ÿ  2000  Antwerp  Ÿ  Belgium  Phone  +32  3  369  96  96  Ÿ  Fax  +32  3  369  95  95  Ÿ  Ÿ  @arguslabs  
  2. 2. My name is…! »  Founder: Argus Labs, The Depot, Finobi, Avydian Cyber Defense »  Blog: »  Skills: Technology, PSYOPS, Social »  Background: Secret »  Beliefs: Transhumanist Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  3. 3. And I’ll be talking to you about! » (R)evolutions: Be aware of what’s happening now » The Next Wave: Some emerging topics » Mobile » Social » Engagement » How this impacts you: Change or die » QuestionsMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  4. 4. Signs on the wall
  5. 5. Global drivers »  System collapses. Traditional mechanisms don’t work no more. »  Startup economy. Traditional channels are too expensive, encouraging out of the box thinking and virally distributing creativity in the crowd. »  Social networks bring down governments.Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  6. 6. Global drivers »  Information society and data-driven economies. »  Age of robotics, augmented reality, nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence and a whole lot of magic.Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  7. 7. Before we begin
  8. 8. New ways. New lingo. New risks.! »  Traditional Marketing Conversational Marketing! »  Consumer Brand Ambassador / Fans! »  Loyalty Engagement! »  Mistakes propagate faster then ever before. There is no incident, there is only disaster!! »  Be honest! One lie and you’re out.!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  9. 9. First make a good brand! »  A good brand can benefit, a bad brand will die for sure »  So build a good (“hero”) brand first, then build your channel: Game" Name" Examples  ?   Fame" Claim"Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  10. 10. Are you sure about your brand ?! »  Are you really sure you are doing something special ? »  Does this mean something to someone else besides you (and preferably to a whole lot of people) ? »  Is your name in line with that special thing you do ? »  Are you easy to recognize, and do you look / smell / feel / sound different from anyone else ? »  Did you find the right words for your story ?Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  11. 11. Future Trends
  12. 12. #1 The future for mobile will be the future of everything Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  13. 13. It all began here! »  Magic ! Star Trek anyone ?! »  The feature/smart phone is a 37% CAGR market opportunity! »  The hardware is cool, but the apps are driving growth!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  14. 14. Cool stuff: the world in your pocket !! »  Your best friend and personal tour guide in your pocket.! »  Many sensors that register nearly everything.! »  Location, location, location (or isn’t it?)!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  15. 15. Cool stuff: augmented reality! »  Linking mobile/online with the offline world! »  The best opportunity for integrated advertising! »  Rapidly increasing even in B2B applications!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  16. 16. Advertising in the stores is ‘strange’!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  17. 17. "The future of mobile advertising isPush Pull Profiled. Relevant. On Demand.
  18. 18. Mobile advertising is experimenting! »  More interactivity and "apps as ads.” »  Deals and rewards, not just empty pitches (e.g. Skiip, Groupon Now). »  Companies using cool mobile products to reach consumers directly, instead of ads (e.g. Nike+)Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  19. 19. Mobile advertising is experimenting! »  Ads helping save you money on mobile gadgets or services themselves (e.g. Kindle Special Offer) »  Mobile ads linking up with mobile payments to "close the loop.” Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  20. 20. The future of everything! »  The real revolution lies ‘beyond the smart phone’ »  Connected devices will exceed 2 billion devices by 2020 »  The smart phone is your wallet, your identity, your car keys, house keys, social life and much more.Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  21. 21. The future of everything! »  The next few years will be about thinking of the phone as a networked sensor »  Sensors will be everywhere; everything will be recorded and searchable, in real-time. The idea of privacy will become a quaint idea embraced by older generationsMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  22. 22. The future of everything! »  Our mobile device will be our primary computer »  The future of online is offline. Tap on a mobile phone, and like magic a bridge springs up between the interactive world and the real worldMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  23. 23. The future of everything! »  It becomes an extension of your mind -- and the ability to interact with the device without even looking at it will be the key focus of a lot of hardware innovationsMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  24. 24. Mobile App Store Advertising will quickly become inefficient, as will iAd based campaigns. Smart Phones will become extensions of our personality, and will be using intelligent sensors to trigger profiled advertising to come to us as suggestions. Let’s use the Smart Phone as a rich data-source and delivery device for highly profiled and relevant pull-advertisements.Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  25. 25. #2 Smart advertising is part of a social ecosystem!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  26. 26. Yay, the Internet got social!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  27. 27. Current situation is noisy! »  Social networks and search engines What to ea present options. They do not provide t? inspiration. Wh o to meet? »  Current consumer tools are built to find Who am I ? n? what you are looking for. They do not Where to have fu help you discover new things or What deals? What do I want ? relationships. What to buy? »  What you like today, you might not like tomorrow. Social networks do not What party? reflect who you really are. »  Noise!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  28. 28. Advertising vs. Discovery! »  The emotional score of being advertised (interruption marketing) or being the one that discovered something cool (serendipitous). »  Traditional advertising is search-based (with limited profiling). »  Future advertising will be discovery-based (with advanced profiling).Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  29. 29. No cure for banner blindness!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  30. 30. Effective advertising is integrated!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  31. 31. So, don’t we need something else ?! »  An implicit social network that lives on your smartphone. »  An assistant that constantly learns who There is a delicious Sush you are and provides you with relevant i bar just around the corner suggestions and inspiration that fits offering a 25% discount your lifestyle. on your first time visit. »  Helps you make decisions in your daily serendipitous moments. »  Is fun to use!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  32. 32. Explicit vs. Implicit Networks! »  E-Mail! »  Facebook! »  Twitter! »  Foursquare! »  Last.FM! »  …!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  33. 33. The  purpose  of  adver@sing   is  to  persuade  people  to  buy  Persuade you to need something. To select a product. To buy it. To share and buy more of it."
  34. 34. Closing the (purchase) loop! Man,  I  a Let’s  se Hmm,  w m  hung arch     hat   ry   for  food choose to       ?   I  want  to  eat   1  billion  results  returned   And  bu Now  what?   y  myse Lack  of a  meal! lf    inspira Gon     McDo  i t  is!   Let’s  go  t McDon he     alds!   Get  a  discount  or   loyalty  card  Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  35. 35. Your daunting challenges! •  We need to find a way to make a consumer discover a product, rather than interupt-advertising a product •  We need to find a way to make your friends propose you stuff •  We need to come up with an intelligent agent that becomes your lifestyle agent and proposes you only relevant products and deals in real-time •  We need to find a way to make you engage with brands and productsMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  36. 36. What we’ve learned about consumers! •  Consumers gravitate to what they like, and when they like it they share it •  So we need to identify what consumers like: –  They most likely don’t know themselvesMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  37. 37. Consumers need inspiration!! Intentions Desire Ideas s Ecosystem  of  inspira@on   discovery  con@nuum   Translate   to  keyword(s)   Search  Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  38. 38. Yes. You can search for vague ideas and conceptsSearch = Dead Social inspiration discovery is the future !
  39. 39. Mobile + Social + LocationSensors  and  Data   Implicit  Networks   Geocoding  &  Data   " =" good profiling/mining
  40. 40. " Think of future social nets asBig Mother Not big brother
  41. 41. Profile-driven advertising!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  42. 42. Social Networks will evolve into dynamic Implicit Affinity Networks (IAN) where consumers will be AI profiled with a much higher accuracy. As a side-effect, consumers will be encouraged to discover new items (“brands), that are relevant and exciting to them by means of integrated advertising. Social Network Analysis (SNA) will be an emerging discipline for brand marketing and advertising to measure performance and manage social networking potential (or referred to as influence).Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  43. 43. #3 The world will become a gamified placeMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  44. 44. Gamification 101! »  It’s not about playing games »  Applied theories in game theory and game based marketing! »  It’s the result of three generations of game playing audiences: »  Use game thinking to do problem solving »  Use game mechanics to engage usersMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  45. 45. Theme and fun are not correlated! »  Conclusion: theme is a lure! »  Real conclusion: you can make anything fun !!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  46. 46. The spoonful of sugar approach! »  Marry Poppins:“If I make the medicine sweet enough, it won’t taste as medicine”!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  47. 47. Actually, it’s a loyalty (sugar) program! Tangible goods! Cash Incentives! Loyalty Systems! Virtual Rewards! 1800s 1930s 1980s 2000s (“buy 10, get 1 free”)Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  48. 48. Loyalty status is now a public process! »  Loyalty systems obscure redemption value: it’s about status! »  Loyalty mechanics were meant to engage with a brand, only very poorly! »  It was private! »  It was random, and not a process (“who understands word of mouth marketing”??) »  It was costly! »  Social media have turned this into a process that is public at a (near) zero-cost! »  Every decision is now publicMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  49. 49. What is status worth ?! 100.000 EUR 75.000 EUR »  They don’t play for cash. So, what do they play for ?!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  50. 50. The gamification loop! Win  Condi@ons   Challenges   Leaderboards   Point  System   Badges   Social  Networking  Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  51. 51. The unique character of games! »  Remember #1: Users naturally gravitate towards activities that has the biggest reward! »  Remember #2: Games are designed to engage the player with the highest reward GAME   Unforced  Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  52. 52. Essential characters in a social game! »  Bartle’s Player Types Achiever" Socializer" Explorer" Killer"Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  53. 53. Beware of disincentives! »  Bad leaderboards can scare aware users !! »  We all played game-machines at least once in our lives (and got discouraged) »  Good leaderboards:! »  You find yourself in the middle (friends below and above) »  Exception: Top 20 when you are in the absolute Top 20Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  54. 54. So, how to engage people ?! STATUS! …   …   ACCESS! …   …   POWER! …   …   STUFF! …   …  Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  55. 55. So, how to engage people ?!Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  56. 56. Game Based Marketing (“Gamification”) is an extremely powerful mechanic in bootstrapping a brand engaged community. If not, the most powerful. CTR/CPM/… are becoming obsolete and inefficient metrics. New metrics must be sought after to measure user engagement.Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  57. 57. Impact on you
  58. 58. Essential skills for a Marketeer 2.0! » You need to know business economics. » Foresee and experiment with technology. Be a geek, embrace singularity and see technology as a way to support and leverage creativity. » Show an entrepreneurial attitude. Stay foolish, stay hungry. Nurture creativityMedia  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  59. 59. Essential skills for a Marketeer 2.0! » Learn about game theory, as humans are ‘program driven’, not channel driven. » Data mining and data modeling basics.Media  Marke@ng  Days  2011  
  60. 60. Questions