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How to create a social media strategy


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This was my deck for #iBlog11

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How to create a social media strategy

  1. 1. Twitter: @CarloPGonzales #CarloSpeaks2015 #iBlog11 How to create a social media strategy
  2. 2. • A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. Strategy is defined as…
  3. 3. • Determine your point A. • What key performance indicators do you use? • What tactics and initiatives have you employed? Situational Analysis
  4. 4. • Craft a GOAL STATEMENT. • Follow the S.M.A.R.T format. • What do you want to happen? Determining your goals
  5. 5. • Lead generation • Loyalty and retention • Brand awareness Examples of goals
  6. 6. S.M.A.R.T stands for
  7. 7. • Key performance indicators let you know if you’re achieving your goals. • Determine which key performance indicators are aligned with your goal. Determine key performance indicators and metrics
  8. 8. • Reach • Relevance • Resonance 3 Rs of Social media
  9. 9. • Initiatives (also called tactics) are part of the overall strategy in reaching a goal. Initiatives and implementation
  10. 10. • Content creation • Content curation • Chat ups • Influencer outreach Examples of initiatives
  11. 11. • This involves listing down the tools you need to measure your progress. Control and measurement
  12. 12. • Google Analytics • Facebook Insights • Twitter Analytics Control and measurement
  13. 13. Social media management plan