6 executing a social crm strategy


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SocialCRM microsite - Executing a social CRM strategy

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6 executing a social crm strategy

  1. 1. Touchstone CRM Success Cycle: Executing a Social CRM Strategy
  2. 2. CRM Success Cycle: Strategy, Execution & Results TouchstoneCRMSuccessCycle©
  3. 3. Social Media Challenges 10% 14% 15% 16% 19% 19% 19% 20% 23% 27% 28% 30% 36% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% Employee concern over privacy Lack of employee participation Lack of analytics Tracking cross-channel interactions Lack of support Lack of skills Industry regulation Not realizing ROI Public concern over privacy Lack of strategy Negative brand exposure Monitoring employees’ social media use Establishing ROI strategy Source:IBM-FromsocialmediatosocialCRM
  4. 4. From Social Media Projects to Social CRM Strategy 1. Social media projects •Silo’d initiatives •Project-level objectives •Few guidelines •No governance •Metrics, if any, at project-level 2. Social media programs •Multiple initiatives within a function •Defined mission •Guidelines, processes, policies •Governance •Shared metrics •Shared insights 3. Social CRM strategy •Network of social media programs, across customer-facing functions •Integration with CRM and other business strategies •Integrated insights to improve customer experience •Development of new models for customer engagement Project-level sponsorship Executive sponsorship Source:IBM-FromsocialmediatosocialCRM
  5. 5. Elements of a Social Business Strategy Planning Presence Engagement Formalised Strategic Converged Listen & Learn Stake Our claim Dialog Deepens Relationships Organise For Scale Become A Social Business Business Is Social Goals • Understand how customers use social channels • Prioritise strategic goals where social can have the most impact • Amplify existing efforts • Encourage sharing • Drive consideration to purchase • Provide direct support • Internal employee engagement • Set governance for social • Create discipline & process • Strategic business goals • Scale across business units • Moves into HR, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain • C-level involvement • Social drives transformation • Integrates social philosophy into all aspects of the enterprise Metrics • Mentions • Sentiment • Share of voice • Fans, followers, shares • Brand metrics • Traffic • Path to purchase • Lower support costs • Customer satisfaction • Process efficiency • Link to department • Business goals & ROI • Enterprise metrics like Net Promoter, LTV • Deep analytics tied to functions and lines of business • Insights lead to adaptive & predictive strategies Initiatives • Listening / monitoring • Internal audits • Pilot • Social content • Risk management • Training • Campaigns long term programs • Social support • Communities • Create centre of excellence • SMMS to scale employees • Social part of planning process • Redefine processes • One strategy managed through disparate but complementary teams and efforts Organisation &Resources • Monitoring platform • Part-time headcount • Agency support • Dedicated manager • Content management • Social strategist • Small dedicated team • SMMS • Staffing up • CoE investment • COE co- ordinates hubs • Dedicated spoke headcount • Social is everyone’s responsibility Attribution:AltimeterGroup
  6. 6. Strategic Planning Framework People Creators Critics Collectors Joiners Spectators Inactives Objectives Listen Talk Energise Support Embrace Strategy Customer Journeys Touchpoints & Processes Metrics Technology Business Outcome Increase revenues, reduce costs, enhance the brand, Increase customer satisfaction etc. Source: Bernoff & Li
  7. 7. Social Business Strategy Success Factors Social Business Business Goal Definition Strategy first, technology later Long Term Vision To Become A Social Business Key Executive Support Initiate Roadmap Outside-in Thinking Process Discipline Ongoing Education Staffing & Culture Attribution: Derived from original work by Altimeter
  8. 8. CRM Success Cycle: Strategy, Execution & Results TouchstoneCRMSuccessCycle©
  9. 9. Touchstone Foundation Services Business Case Development & Review Outcomes & Benefits RisksROI Validation Recommendations Requirements & Scope High Level Design Project PlanningReadiness Assessment