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Social media strategies for libraries poster


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Poster presented at NCLA 2013

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Social media strategies for libraries poster

  1. 1. Planning the #Hashtag, in, & Post: Social Media Strategies for Libraries Success with Social Media Facebook Developing a social media strategy for your library will help you succeed in utilizing various tools to effectively promote your services, events, & resources. Success in social media involves identifying, targeting, & engaging your audience, as well as assessing your results. Ultimate Social Branding Twitter # Research which social media tools appeal to your audience Think Ethically Networked Microblogging # Tailor your social media profiles to your institution # Link your profiles for visibility, consistency, & accessibility # Post, tweet, & pin frequently to maintain strong, engaged Follow Us Irma Minerva Jackson Library active Facebook users 1 If you are wondering when & where assessment fits into social media strategy, ask yourself: Do you understand enough about social media & the various tools?  YouTube Viral Video Sharing 80 re-pins 1 190,000,000 OVER Liane Elias billion #Assessment #Measures #ROI Interactive Visual Bookmarking Strategies Nataly Blas Pinterest relationships # Create a written social media strategy that includes goals, tactics, & assessment measures  Do you know which platforms your patrons are using the most?  Do you need to develop a social media strategy or plan?  How will you measure your social media success? of Pinterest pins are 2 Instagram Social Image Capturing 1 55 3 is #1media 1 5 tweets per second contain a online activity social Vine link Vine Creative Video Crafting Remember to develop library goals that are measurable & 4 to assess at every stage of your social media implementation 1 1 2 3 4 Know Your Audience Tailor with Tools Assess to Impress